Politically Correct Dukes of Hazzard

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27 thoughts on “Politically Correct Dukes of Hazzard

  1. I wrestle with how best to get through the thick netting, the bullet-proof hoods people wear around their minds, hidden from plain view, until you ask them a salient question. Like, “What about WTC 7? That building collapsed on September 11 with NOTHING but — possibly — office fires blazing (set by whom? one wonders).” A surprisingly large percentage of people still do not know about WTC 7, nevermind the “gold-related” WTC 6 destruction. The “PC Dukes of Hazzard” — I never watched the show itself — signals HOW BEST TO GET THROUGH! Humor, satire, farce, stereotypes that do not offend — BRILLIANT!!!


  2. Very funny video, but we’d better laugh while we can. Pretty soon humor will be legislated into Politically Correct laws and the slightest offensive snort or giggle will clap your backside into jail.


    • Only if you want to! Let’s make it otherwise!!! Let’s get together, right now! Come on, people, love one another!
      If we do not, then, of course, the darkest predictions will come true.
      Let’s stop this Doom & Gloom at the doorstep of our minds, think positively, righteously, Christ-like — and, then, as we ask, so shall we receive. Do unto others as we would have others do unto us. Golden Rule, right? Turn your cheek, love your enemy, should GOD present HIM/HER SELF as your apparent “enemy” of the moment.
      Time to get straight with one’s Self before venturing out telling others what’s so.
      If we can love one another, those like minded and friendly, then we can extend the same courtesy to others not so nice. I work on this every day. Harder discipline than even “kundalini yoga”. And if you have ever encountered a good brand of kundalini yoga (check out Yogi Bhajan [now deceased] and his “off-spring” — powerful teachers taught by a powerful teacher (we have one in Grass Valley, CA worth plugging into!!)) — then you know what a REALLY steep hill (1) Love GOD and (2) Love your neighbor as your SELF can possibly be!!
      If we do not learn to love our SELF, we can never really love anything or anyone.
      Yogi Bhajan reputedly (reliably) said, “If you do not see GOD in all, you do not see GOD at all.”

      Blessings to all on this site and linked sites — you all rank highest in my pantheon of the WWW!



        • The old tru-ism that you can’t love another if you don’t love yourself is, in my opinion, new age hogwash.

          ‘New age folks and spiritual seekers are, unfortunately, easy prey for manipulators and power mongers.’ Bin there, done that, hasn’t cost me any money, just thinking skills. May I add, they are all giving their power away. I’m not against powerful teachers as long as you keep your own council , don’t turn into road-kill spiritually due to one of the so-called masters and join a cult. Especially one of the Sikh-Indian kind out of one of the drought ridden California valleys.


          Watch out, BMan, for the subversion by the rainbow coloured, trying to do-gooders posing as lovey-dovey members of our society. Because that is not what we are dealing with. It’s the attempt of dis-empowerment of the individual so he obeys and kow-tows.


          • As reported to us today, Master Jesus also caught flak for his teachings. Some of us appreciate flak, that’s when we know we have arrived over a target. Your comment seems to me that of a troll. Your “handle” — MachtNichts — reminds me of this:

            Clemens Wilhelm’s “MACHT NICHTS” is an ambiguous German word play:
            you can read it as a pacification:“It’s no so bad, it doesn’t matter“,
            or you can read it „as an order: „Don’t do anything! Remain passive!”.
            MACHT NICHTS has appeared in different shapes since 2008: free badges, a spot on an LED-Screen, a billboard in public space, and an airplane banner flight over Berlin. On the 1st of March 2014, Clemens Wilhelm gave a MACHT NICHTS badge to German chancelor Angela Merkel as a present.

            YOU WROTE: The old tru-ism that you can’t love another if you don’t love yourself is, in my opinion, new age hogwash.
            MY RESPONSE: LOVE is the commandment. Love GOD, love your neighbor as yourself. That’s not “new age”, unless you consider the Master Jesus “new age”. Depending on how you think, maybe Jesus is “new age”. Certainly one sect disapproved of his innovation!

            YOU WROTE: ‘New age folks and spiritual seekers are, unfortunately, easy prey for manipulators and power mongers.’ Bin there, done that, hasn’t cost me any money, just thinking skills. May I add, they are all giving their power away. I’m not against powerful teachers as long as you keep your own council , don’t turn into road-kill spiritually due to one of the so-called masters and join a cult. Especially one of the Sikh-Indian kind out of one of the drought ridden California valleys.
            MY RESPONSE: I have studied under several powerful teachers during my 68 years. Not one escaped the wrath and vindictiveness of disaffected students, people aiming to bring them down, one way or the other — including hanging them to die on a cross. There is a simple guidance: By their fruits shall ye know them. You and everyone else can check on the fruits of Yogi Bhajan’s labors over decades. I have. As sweet and nourishing as a Georgia peach, friend! Kundalini yoga is not for everyone — heck, my old bones can’t take most of the vigorous exercises! AND, the teachers YB trained produce some of the best music I have ever heard. That’s real fruit to my mind.

            YOU WROTE: Watch out, BMan, for the subversion by the rainbow coloured, trying to do-gooders posing as lovey-dovey members of our society. Because that is not what we are dealing with. It’s the attempt of dis-empowerment of the individual so he obeys and kow-tows.
            MY RESPONSE: I know that Bman can take care of himself. Me, I do have to conclude you be a troll.

            Go, with the grace of GOD.


            • From my studies, Jesus appears to be a myth.


              “Jesus” preaches turn the other cheek, love your enemies, do good to those that harm you, if a man steals your cloak, give him your coat, as well, give all you have away and follow me, the meek shall inherit the earth, etc. etc. It’s a religion of weakness and has taught most Christians that it is wrong to stand up to those that threaten you harm and just take it and forgive them. The Old Testament, written by jews, shows just how murderous and deadly this chosen group really is.

              I wouldn’t be surprised if it was written by the Jews to weaken us so we can be more easily destroyed. I take MACHT NICHTS words as fair warning. This is the German English meaning of his handle:

              “Macht nichts!
              Sie hören nicht zu, aber das macht nichts, ich werde fortfahren.
              You are not listening but never mind, I shall carry on.”

              Sounds to me like you pick and choose your definitions. He doesn’t sound like a pacifist to me.

              I’m one year younger than you, Alan. I don’t believe in any God. What god would chose one race of people over the rest of his creation????? They’re going to KILL US, Alan! Don’t you get it????


              • @cartiermccloud, 20July15, 1013 hours (as posted)
                Father Paul — perhaps, based on my extensive posting before, you now know of the (purported!) existence of this man who, in my opinion, deserves a capital “T” for Teacher, no myth here! GOOGLE HOOM, Blighton, etc. — loved to say “ANYTHING believed is a LIE.” The words believe and belief embed the word LIE. You do not want to believe, rely on belief, about anything! Whether religion or putting your foot forward on a minefield someone told you they cleared an hour ago, you want to test, verify, validate, and otherwise experience the Trugh of the matter. Else, all bets off!
                “Believing in GOD”, “believing in NO GOD”, believing in a multitude of “gods”, all the same. A LIE.
                Not because there IS no “GOD”, or there are no “gods”. Just because the act of believing gets you NOWHERE fast.
                Experience is the key. There are some spiritual disciplines (if you can tolerate the adjective I use) that can provide, relatively quickly and efficiently, sufficient experience to encourage you onto a path that may lead you where you really want to go. Right now, in this group, I do not have a sense of your having minds open to these views, which may seem “alternative”, “new age”, “religious”, “towel-wrapped Sikh-Indian BS”.
                Let me leave you and others following this thread with a couple of deep assertions.
                You are not your body.
                You are not your mind.
                If you are not your body or your mind, what are you?

                And on and on. Bless you all, I love you. Thanks you allowing me to share.



                • I take exception to the idea that believing is predicated on a lie. Perhaps when including an object while using the word (and even then, I don’t fully agree). I use the word often, as in I believe I am correct when discussing the historical accuracy of the Confederate flag. When I am talking about myself, or a furrowed out position I have, there is no lie involved. It indicates confidence in an assertion, but open to correction if proved wrong. And even if proved wrong, that does not necessarily prove a lie was involved.

                  The Father Paul fellow has some buzz words and nice sounding bites. Maybe some are true in ways, but in other ways it sounds like candy to the ears. The question must be asked: is the guy honest and genuine? That answer/decision is up to the individual asking the question (I don’t have an answer yet).


            • MN is a long time commenter here, so troll doesn’t describe her. I think the two of you may get along with each other with time, but she minces no words (but I think that you can handle it). I always find her input enlightening.


              • Awww shucks BMan, why did you have to give my gender away? It was kinda cool being referred to as male. And aren’t we being told it doesn’t matter these days anyways? Whatever tickles your fancy? 🙂


                • I’m sorry for spilling the beans. Personally, I have a great deal of respect for real women, especially if they are like you.


          • Well said, sir. The new age is another jew manipulation sucking in the young, lonely and foolish. It’s not that we lack love, we lack the ability to recognize the enemy and finish him off. After all, that’s what they plan for us.

            What’s love got to do with it? (sorry, how could I resist??)


            • Sigh. Time to retrieve from the archive early albums of The Beatles. All you need is love, bumpa-de-bum-de-bum. Love to you all!


                • You paint with a broad brush, sir or madam — or inbetween, for, even in Bman’s domain, we must maintain a modicum of PC, correct? I “worried” about love? No, I don’t worry about love, or whether Jesus is a myth, or even the existence of GOD. I am that I am. IT is what IT is. Ours is a life of adventure and discovery and growth. I do suggest this (not original with me!): First, extract the beam in your own eye, then tackle the motes you perceive in others’ eyes. 10-4. Thanks for replying to my posts!


            • Love is not a Jewish inclination, especially regarding their religion. It seems to me that dire hatred is what rules them. I have yet had a dialogue or interaction with a Jew that felt “loving”.

              Whether Jesus was real or not, at least he spoke of love in many forms. He also was anti-Talmudic, as am I. He would be more of my ally than any Jew I ever met or interacted with.

              That’s something, isn’t it?


          • Thank you, MN. My own spiritual proclivities are not likely similar to Alan’s (or yours, for that matter). I am not really interested in yoga or lovey-dovey talk (although I wish it were true). But seeing the world as it appears shows me it isn’t. New Age things do not attract me, for the very reasons that you allude to. Interesting, yes…

            To me, Alan’s comments are welcomed but that doesn’t mean I will start wearing a turban tomorrow.


            Wouldn’t it be nice if love ruled?


    • Channeling old hippie mentality, attempted to order some historically symbolic stickers. Seemed every company on internet was “out-of-stock”, except one. Took three weeks to reach my neck-of-the-woods in NW GA ’cause order was filled and shipped from ESTONIA! Speaks volumes, doesn’t it?


      • Yes it does; I ordered a Rebel Flag women’s t-shirt from Amazon after I heard stores were refusing to sell the flags. I got it, but when I tried to order it again the next day, OUT OF STOCK. Haha! They can change history but they can never erase the truth. That’s why sites like this are so important to read and pass around.


  3. How do you love those that would slaughter you, not because you believe in Jesus, but simply because you are ??? Quite possible because you are Human and they are Neanderthal ???

    Rahm Emanuel’s brother behind the Obamacare is not only a believer in Dr. Kervorkian’s movement, he’s a founding member and his belief goes much much farther……..forced euthanasia.

    He would put your aging parents and grandparents in a jar. His “tribe” believes in religious blood sacrifice…..and is the very reason no peace nor peace treaties will ever exist in the mideast.

    Now, let’s hear how you love a Neanderthal such as he ???


    • To Mikhail July 20, 2015 at 10:45 pm and anyone else interested in this line of inquiry.

      I spoke below, in response to another posting, that I had had several powerful teachers. One, Rev. Blighton (Father Paul) — acknowledged as an adept even by those who would label the Order he co-founded in San Francisco (HOOM, with a rabbi, a Sufi master, a Zen master, and and others, all of whom saw a need for a nonsectarian, nondenominational Christian Order) as a CULT — had some pithy teachings that warrant your attention and consideration, if you have the space in Mind to do so.

      HOOM stands for “Holy Order of MANS”. “MANS” was a set of letters standing for strivings of vowed members of the Order: Mysterium Agape Nous Sophia. I understand from master teachers in that order that the HOOM is no longer “manifest” on this (physical) plane — way above my spiritual paygrade to interpret for me or you! Suffice it to say, I no longer associate with HOOM and you cannot become a vowed member today.

      Nonetheless, good words live on — from both rock bands and spiritual guides! “What’s love got to do with it?!” One of Father Paul’s astoundingly direct and challenging teachings, which I personally cherish and take to heart literally to this day: LOVE IS THE CHANNEL THROUGH WHICH POWER MOVES. (Father Paul tended to speak in capital letters.)

      As Yogi Bhajan later taught somewhat obtusely, “Love is not dove.” (Yogi Bhajan did raise his voice and speak in capital letters, too, though not for this, that I know.) Love is not dove? What???!? ANSWER: There is no “lovey-dovey” about spiritual power, friends! Yes, your power is a function of your capacity, ability to Love. You want power? Love your SELF — GOD and neighbor. I would happily write up a more formal posting for B’man’s site or other place. In the meantime, please consider this a serious response to your replies to my posts.

      We grew up in a culture, attended an educational system, got brainwashed by cartoon shows, which depicted relationships among (animals) people that, today, to me, seem despicable; comedy shows with canned laughter, which trained us when to laugh; movies that plant nasty seeds of future desecration for our acceptance; etc. Father Paul (remember him?) also taught about “Mass Mind” and how to protect your consciousness from unwanted influence. Recognize: Some of the adverse, harmful influences today, you want! Because you got programmed, to one degree or another, by whomever! You and I and every other like-minded person seeks FREEDOM from programming.

      Therefore, we being truly an irreligious bunch (seems to me, anyway, though we be spiritual in our own ways), another teacher you might consider plugging into is Jon Rappoport. JR (no. not THAT one! He does not live in Dallas) seems to me non-religious and very savvy about mental programming, the importance of preserving and conserving your individuality. Here’s an except from one of his recent posting. I encourage you to check it out.

      July 21, 2015

      “At ground level, Earth Civilization is turning into an all-encompassing protection racket. The absolute need for protection is being peddled by our august leaders and experts…and of course they say the only way to accomplish safety is through collectivism. ‘We’re all in the same nest, and job number one is guarding it. This job takes precedence over any other activity.’ The watchword is sacrifice. Give up your future for the sake of the Whole. Be proud you are choosing to become a politically correct social construct that eagerly responds to instruction about the needs of the group. Wear your collectivist badge with honor and pride. Re-create yourself as a member of The Group.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)
      This isn’t a minor investigation.
      It goes to the heart of what an individual is.
      The perception that the individual is small and cannot overcome the expanding System of Control—that conclusion is only a piece of the story.
      We are also talking about the individual’s defection away from his own power. He chooses to defect.
      As a substitute for his own resources, he might well adopt a mystical belief in so-called collective consciousness as the only source of power.
      In the West, the early Roman Church sold this mystical Unity with great effect. The deception continues to this day. It is reborn in various forms, most notably as “the universe”—the idea that the universe is making benevolent decisions for all of us, and we can tune into these guidelines and thus achieve greater life.
      Then we give up true individuality, consider it a lost cause and a delusion based on sheer ego.
      This is premier, prime-cut, class-A mind control.
      We’re talking about theater here. The individual’s reinvention of himself in the role of advocate for the “greater good.”
      Consciousness wants to create new consciousness, and it can. Imagination is how it does it. If there were some ultimate state of consciousness, imagination would always be able to play another card and take it further.
      In any arena of life, and especially when it comes to mind, perception, power, empathy, and so on, there is always a status quo. It’s merely the place where a person says, “Well, that’s enough. I’ll settle for what I have. I’ll stop here.”
      Sooner or later, this leads to boredom, frustration, problems, and conflict. It leads to a decline.
      Imagination, which knows no bounds, is the source for the most adventurous explorations. It can have great impact on the material world, of course, but one mustn’t therefore conclude it is composed of matter or energy. Imagination is non-material. To think otherwise winds you up in using some version of physics to depict imagination—and then you are imposing limits on it. This is an error. Imagination doesn’t obey any laws of physics.
      If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we’ve flattered reality enough. It doesn’t need any more. Imagination creates new realities.

      Best I can do for now. I have to go out and earn some of those “fiat dollars” produced from nothing and with interest attached by you know whom.

      I look forward to joining you, if I can pass muster with you. Remember that game? The group would form a circle, holding hands, and you had to break into the circle. Tells you a lot about the “outsider”, how he approaches this task.




  4. Dear Alan, FYI (for your information), my moniker – MachtNichts – is a short form of ‘Es macht nichts.’ It doesn’t matter. There really is nothing ambiguous about it. cartiermccloud has it right.
    On the other hand, Macht as a noun means power or might and nichts means nothing which pretty much cancels each other out. But, anyway you slice it, it doesn’t matter.

    May the force be with you!


    • Your knowledge of German exceeds mine by a power of 10 or more, no doubt, gracious lady. As I provided a link to others who have engaged this ambiguous phrase (ambiguous in German!), one can also entertain the idea of “do nothing” as well. Your gender and your declared meaning of your screen name revealed, we can certainly move on!! May the Force be with us all!


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