Ticking Bomb

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4 thoughts on “Ticking Bomb

  1. Great song and video, but that would be “lying in a ditch in the dark,” not “laying.” He needs to take my Royal Grammar Lesson at http://www.dcdave.com/poet13/040805.htm.

    I often wondered who was “laying” down beside “Annie” after John Denver dumped her, apparently having had his senses overfilled. Maybe she dumped him because she was allergic to the down. Ouch!


    • Wonder no more
      The King’s been laid to rest
      He had no clothes
      Laid down beside Annie
      Lay Deutschendorf, Henry John
      The world knew him as John Denver
      Now he just lies in the hearts of the crowd
      Who do remember him

      I agree it’s a great song and lyrics. Predictive programming? If so, keep your calm and carry on.


      • There is some irony in that so many of John Denver’s songs should invoke such a strong sense of place and of roots, when he, himself, growing up was such a quintessential rootless American military brat: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Denver. His songs were no more autobiographical than his stage name was real. Now I’m trying to decide if this is just what art is all about or what the fake MSM reality we live in is all about (which would lead us back to B’Man’s track. Are DCDave and Machnichts working together?).


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