The Jew In The Confederate Woodpile


The Inevitable Jew in the Woodpile

51BnT9PtJFL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_One doesn’t have to look far to see the Jew in the woodpile of American history, always playing one side against the other, with shekels in mind. The same is true with the Confederacy, where Judah Benjamin was a Rothschild crony Senator, later becoming Secretary of War and Secretary of State for the Confederacy. Of course, you won’t learn much about this from official historian sources, because after the Jews destroy, they cover up their complicity.

Like today and under many, if not all Presidents and high officials, he was a “trusted” adviser to Jefferson Davis (Davis’ “Pet Jew”), even though the Confederate Generals hated him and he is suspected of intentionally hindering various crucial moments that were key to southern victory (which would have led to finalization of secession, not a take-over of the Union… the actual intent of “civil wars”).

Judah Benjamin: The Big Jew Of The Confederacy by Mike King at Tomato Bubble is a great resource to understand how a Jew became so influential in the Confederacy.

That in mind, let’ take a closer look at the shady Mr. Benjamin. Outwardly, the esteemed Jefferson Davis is the ‘top dog’ of the South – the President of the Confederate States of America. But behind the scenes, Judah Benjamin, with his European connections, ‘gift of gab’ and impressive intellect is, in the grand scheme of things, more powerful than Davis. What the banking agent Alexander Hamilton had been to George Washington, the trusted Benjamin is to Davis, and then some. Like Hamilton, Benjamin was also born a British subject (West Indies). There is simply no exaggerating the influence of Judah Benjamin.

We argue back and forth about white people being slave owners when the truth is that very few whites (less than 5%) owned slaves, whereas around 40% of Jews owned slaves. And even though black folk erroneously lump Jews into the white folk category, the Jews do not do so themselves. They contend to be distinct from whites with their leaders insisting that they keep a separation, even when getting sperm for sterile couples (saying that white and/or Gentile sperm leads to “traits of cruelty” and “barbaric offspring” depriving the Jews’ propensity to be “merciful, shy, and charitable”).

As with all Jews, Benjamin’s activities led to failure in many ways. And, as with all Jews, when the going got rough, the criminal left the scene to let the southerners suffer:

As the south collapses, Benjamin stays in the home of a Jewish merchant in South Carolina while final surrender 614QfuXZkzL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_negotiations drag on. Here, Benjamin abandons President Davis’s plan to fight on, telling him that the cause is hopeless. When negotiations fail, Benjamin remains part of the group around Davis that moves on with the President.

At one point, Benjamin (under suspicion for involvement in Lincoln’s assassination) tells Davis that he needs to separate from the Presidential party temporarily, and go to the Bahamas to be able to send instructions to foreign agents. He reassures Davis that he will rejoin him in Texas.  According to historian William C. Davis, “the pragmatic Secretary of State almost certainly never had any intention of returning to the South once gone”(here)

When he bades Postmaster Reagan goodbye, the Postmaster asks where Benjamin is going. Benjamin replies: “To the farthest place from the United States, if it takes me to the middle of China.” (here)

While other Confederate leaders, including the trusting fool Jefferson Davis, are being jailed and abused, Benjamin arrives in London before traveling to Paris – where his wife and daughter had been sent to live years before the war had even started.  Benjamin then moves back to England and will enjoy a very profitable career and “second life” as an attorney, until his death in 1884.

His deed was done and the colluder showed us that all Jews are the same: Traitors, cowards and con men.

If black folk want to know who their enemy is, it is the Jew (not white folk). And if you don’t believe me, understand that it was white folk who ended slavery. It wasn’t black folk or Jews since both still employ slavery to this day.


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4 thoughts on “The Jew In The Confederate Woodpile

  1. Judah Benjamin was also implicated in the missing Confederate gold, which went missing about the same time he hot-footed it to England.
    He’d make a good Federal Reserve chairman!


  2. For what it is worth, from reading about his personal life on Wikipedia and looking at his photo, I think there might be something to the rumors that he was homosexual, not that there’s anything wrong with that.


  3. Another Jew to keep your eye on in the history books was August Belmont in the north. He was the main Rothschild agent in the US who became chairman of the Democratic Party during the Civil War. He married the daughter of Admiral Perry, who opened up Japan to the West in 1854. Also take note that the [Jews’] “Communist Manifesto” was published in 1848, plenty of time for the Jews to use it as a template for the post Civil War “Reconstruction” assault upon white Southerners.

    Jesus and Hitler Told the Truth about the Jews; the Jews are Devils — Real Ones!


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