Professional Victims


I am on the road and to pass some time, turned on the TV while preparing for the next day’s work and travel. As I was watching a segment on immigration it reminded me of a few people I have met over the years from other countries who are now quite successful here. I had a few thoughts I wanted to jot down to get your opinion on (add something in the comments area, if you have anything):

4ce3723ba6350802487796c020878390Why is it that people from countries like Vietnam, Korea, India, Pakistan, etc are able to legally immigrate here to the US and work their way up from the bottom with hard work? They scrimp and save money, many times supporting large families and end up living the “American Dream” (which is dying for many of us natives). Most of these people honor the chance to come here and generally do everything by the book. They work hard and apply themselves until they etch out a decent life (far better than where they came from).

To these people, coming here is a gift. But to the “professional victim” (the ones who constantly blame others, particularly “whitey” for their woes while gobbling up government handouts and other perks like undeserved quota systems, etc) living in America is some sort of curse. Because of “whitey’s oppression”, most black people with no education, poor work skills and socialization problems (many times due to their broken families), always have to start at the bottom. If they are lucky enough to have family to teach them to work hard and apply themselves, they will improve and get ahead. It’s the way the world works. Sometimes, the kid with no support makes it, but not very often. But I guarantee you that when they do, it is because of hard work. Its not because they listen to gangsta rap, get all tattooed up and sell rock on the street corner.5428f12c359c8a8a6d3b8964baf48a61

And, yes, I know many white people that fall into the gimmee-gimmee state of being, craving the latest gadget and $120/month cable bill, while slobbing up McDonald’s and all sorts of junk food that is killing them and making the medical monsters richer. They, too, are professional victims, but held to a different standard because whitey is so “privileged”, don’t ya know.

The fact is that most people in America are not rich or have a leg up on another (privileged), except for the Jews who network tribally and gain advantage via their monied and power connections. Other than some of the ultra religious types (which is not many), Jews seem to have all the money and are able to gain positions of influence far outnumbering their actual numbers in society.

538e967d9d6ccc8ca8feef8e7d9e0c9fPersonally, I grew up extremely poor, but my family eventually made it to middle class (which is obviously disappearing today). My mother was/is one of the hardest working people I ever knew. She taught me to be the same. Even though I have been beat down in life many times, I always find a way to get back up (Digger calls me a cat because I always land on my feet). Well, that doesn’t come from a victim mindset. It comes from how my Mother raised me to work hard and earn my keep.

To see the opposite extreme, just look at your President. He didn’t grow up poor. He had monied and powered connections. He didn’t work hard, if he actually worked at all. He wouldn’t have made it 15 minutes with me as a laborer working in 100 degree temps building dams and waterways when I was 17. Hell, fe4d8f8470281fcaff640c68163cc1e9for that matter, I doubt he can even mow grass, much less build and tend a garden. While he was playing basketball (and the older gay men), I was working three jobs through high school. I didn’t have rich grandparents or Jewish handlers to help me along. I wasn’t handed Ivy League college, I paid my own way.

But he is celebrated by blacks as something special because he was selected as President. No, he didn’t have to live off the government dole and be a “chump” actually working. Everything he has was given to him. But to promote him as something special is foolish. He is an anomaly from the black sector, even though, truthfully, he is half white and probably Jewish from his mother’s side.

In a nutshell, if you are a professional victim, you don’t have the abilities or guts to start from nothing and work c5fd4fe17871e53de5f81f6d8a9fb070hard. No, you’ve been told you are entitled to a certain amount of income and security. Why would you waste your time being a “chump”? “They” (meaning “whitey”) owes it to you.

And the cycle perpetuates, allowing even more illegals to come in, implementing various job depleting acts like TPP, forcing everyone into this professional victim mindset. At the same time, the professional victim is brainwashed to hate the people who built this country, who made it possible for them to game the system in the first place. On top of that, whites lose their wherewithal to push forward, work hard and pursue the dream, falling into the same trap of complacency.

Its a never ending spiral of degradation for everyone except those pulling the strings. And you know who pulls the strings, right?


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6 thoughts on “Professional Victims

  1. The blacks voted for Chicago Jesus for the color of his skin and they don’t care about the transformation into a third world shithole. That is a feature and not a bug to professional victims. When we are all living in poverty the glorious equality will finally be achieved.
    Anyone who thinks Barry from Hawaii had it rough going to a $20,000 a year private school while living with rich white bankers is damaged goods.
    The transformation into the United States of Zimbabwe is almost complete. The multiple times voting free shit army gibsmedat lofo voters and the Soros owned vote counting machines will insure that it comes to pass. Forward! The Great Leap Forward.


  2. Great article as usual.
    We already know how dumb most people are but here is more proof: Obama has celebrated 7 Passover Seders in the white house, including one on Easter Sunday. Yet some idiots imagine he is a Christian because of some press about a certain church visit. Nutandyahoo gave Obama a copy of the book of Esther on one of his visits to the JewSA to further “suggest” another genocide in Iran. The book of Esther, which “celebrates” a whore inducing a monarch to slaughter his own people is one of the few books of the Bible which makes no mention of God whatsoever. To be clear: no New Testament (that’s illegal in the land where Christ walked the earth, BTW), no OT, just the book of Esther.

    Obama is most certainly a Jew since there is no question that his mother was a Jew. The Jews all know he is a Jew.

    His father, on the other hand is of an Indonesian cult and not black, but Indonesian (not Soetoro or even Marshall Davis either)Check this out:

    . Google “Subud” or “Soebarkah”. The Jews and the CIA have had that country on lock for years. Obama looks like a clone of the guy. Genes will out. So we really have a gay Jewish president who is really Indonesian and the blacks think he’s great. They will believe anything, especially since they do not realize that the civil war was another opium war for the Jews and that the Jews controlled the entire slave trade (as they do today).


  3. Just in case anyone thinks that Obama “looks” black, check out his somewhat younger doppelganger in (surprise!) Indonesia:


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