The Growing List of Illnesses Cannabis Can Treat

Your body makes its own cannabinoids, similar to those found in marijuana, but in much smaller amounts. These endocannabinoids appear to perform signaling operations similar to your body’s neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and serotonin. Cannabinoid receptors can be found on cell membranes throughout your body — in fact, scientists now believe they may represent the most widespread receptor system.7

The fact that your body is replete with cannabinoid receptors, key to so many biological functions, is why there’s such enormous medical potential for cannabis. CBD may be the most potent and beneficial of the cannabinoids, particularly for tamping down an overactive immune system, as is the case with autoimmune disease. CBD also has antipsychotic properties but does not get you high.

The response of cancer patients to cannabis treatment is very encouraging. Not only does cannabis help with the unpleasant side effects of traditional chemotherapy (including pain, nausea, and insomnia), but the cannabis itself appears to be a natural chemotherapy agent. Over the past several years, dozens of studies point to marijuana’s effectiveness against many different types of cancer, including brain cancer, breast and prostate, lung, thyroid, colon, pituitary, melanoma, and leukemia. It fights cancer via at least two mechanisms, making it difficult for a cancer to grow and spread:

  1. Cannabis is pro-apoptotic, meaning it triggers apoptosis (cellular suicide) of cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells untouched
  2. Cannabis is anti-angiogenic, meaning it cuts off a tumor’s blood supply

This may explain why chronic pot smokers have such surprisingly low rates of lung and other cancers, especially when compared to cancer rates among tobacco smokers.8,9 In addition to cancer, cannabis has been found effective against an ever-growing list of illnesses. Research has been limited, but we may be turning the corner. It’s likely we’ll soon be expanding this list as the evolving political climate becomes more favorable to cannabis research.

Mental disorders, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), mood disorders, and Tourette’s syndrome Seizure disorders
Pain and insomnia Rheumatoid arthritis
Degenerative neurological disorders, dystonia, and tremor Heart disease
Multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune issues Autism
Parkinson’s disease Obesity
Cancer, numerous types Nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite



Originally published at Dr Mercola’s website


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6 thoughts on “The Growing List of Illnesses Cannabis Can Treat

  1. Seeing your work on the health benefits of cannabis has led me to develop a theory why it is illegal in many countries.

    Since cannabis can actually help reduce or even cure many illnesses such as cancer, and the Jews want to kill us through their medical mafia using poisons disguised as medicine, they made it illegal so we would have to go to the medical mafia for help when we catch these diseases, thus allowing them to put the poisons in our bodies. Also they don’t want us finding out about God’s gifts – His medicinal plants, such as the forementioned cannabis plant.

    I would go out and buy some blunt to smoke, but sadly it’s illegal in my country. Well my cancer risks are higher.


    • I agree. So, it probably wouldn’t surprise you that in Israel it is becoming mainstream and available at pharmacies. What is good for them is not good for the goyim.

      I must add that many proponents in the US are Jewish. It is one of the few points that we converge in agreement.


      • Another reason why not to trust these Jews, since many of the proponents in the US are Jewish.

        Honestly though, I never expected that cannabis would be popular in Israel. As you said, what is good for Jews is not good for the goyim. Thanks BMan.


  2. I earned the Ph.D. in Pharmacology. No, I can’t run a drug store. That’s what “pharmacists” do — or work in, at least.

    Before and after I received the degree formally (1976), I did postdoctoral work on THC as it affects the brain of rats (1975-1976). Sponsored (as I recall) by NIDrugAbuse — the National Institutes of Health agency dedicated (at that time, perhaps even now!) to finding every and anything wrong about any decent chemical like THC. Administering 10,000 times the “human dose” of THC to rats, I measured changes in concentrations of brain acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter in the hippocampus, a discrete part of the brain associated with, among a great many other things, with memory.

    Of note, pure “behaviorists” of the skinned (no — correct that, Skinnerian) kind do not even today admit to “memory” in rats — or any other “sub-human species”. Black box, x’s producing y’s, nothing inbetween we can discern, much less learn. But, like all good pundits, I digress with a purpose! Now, what was I writing about….Oh, yeah! Damn cannabinoids! For the record, jus’ kiddin’, of course.

    Some long time afterwards, after I had abandoned the Big Pharma dominated medical science called Pharmacology, I learned that someone discovered endocannabinoids. No surprise to me. Consider endorphines, if you will. Consider psychedelics. How possibly can MINUTE amounts of substances from plants, or pills, or blotter paper — a few dried mushrooms, for GOD’s sake, or a few dried cactus “buds” — create so much EFFECT in the vastly more massive human body?! The immeasurably complex brain of a human being (don’t forget the spinal cord, though, as instructed by what some of you dismiss out of hand, practices of kundalini yoga!).

    Must be those damn receptors, present from the get-go, from dim evolutionary (creation-wise) times, doncha think?!

    Good references to teachers of kundalini yogic practices upon request. Can’t get too much of good things, nowadays, I say.



  3. I suffer migraines from a traumatic brain injury and only cannabis (sativa or indica) can cure these headaches instantly.
    Sometimes the migraines come with violent vomiting which is also stopped by the cannabis.
    Sadly I live in a state where legalization will never happen and have to travel over 1000 miles to a Shangri-La state out West where it is legal to get my magic medicine.
    I take some triptan pills for the migraines and they work but it takes over an hour and if I take more than one in 24 hours it feels like I am having a heart attack.
    I am fully aware of how worthless the big pharma owned sickcare system is in the United States of Zimbabwe and don’t believe it will be legalized in more than a few states.


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