The Gay Attack On Religion

I mentioned aspects of the gay agenda regarding destruction of traditional families, negative (sickening) influences on children, and the tearing down of decent society, in general. But there is an aspect I didn’t get in to specifically, which is the attack on religious values and symbols, making a mockery of God and believers (except Islam, for some strange reason).


Get your baby Jesus butt plug here- only $30

Notice how Divine Interventions purposely makes blasphemous dildos mocking all major religions except Islam. It’s easy to taunt people that you don’t actually fear. I’ll start to respect them on the day they make a Mohammed the Penetrator dildo or Anal Probe Allah.

Believe me, that is not the worst shown in the group of pictures at the zombietime blog focusing on the 2007 San Francisco Folsom Street Fair (please beware that the images are truly disgusting). There are fags jerking off and sucking other fags in the open. There are dominatrixes beating men’s asses until they bleed. Freaks in latex and rubber suits. But primarily, it is a celebration of all things disgustingly faggoty (all brought to you by Miller Beer, no less)..


Rolling back the prices on religious dildos and butt plugs

Back in the retail area, the Divine Interventions sex toy company was having a big sale on Jesus dildos, or “Jackhammer Jesus” as they call it.

Disturbingly, there are reports of children present, in eye shot of orgies and repellent acts most decent adults would recoil from. A set of twins were brought to this event by their two “loving” gay fathers:

Two-year-olds Zola and Veronica Kruschel waddled through Folsom Street Fair amidst strangers in fishnets and leather crotch pouches, semi and fully nude men.

The twin girls who were also dressed for the event wore identical lace blouses, floral bonnets and black leather collars purchased from a pet store.

Fathers Gary Beuschel and John Kruse watched over them closely. They were proud to show the twins off.

“They will see more than the kids with moms and dads in Iowa,” said Beuschel, who wanted to expose his children to San Francisco’s diverse community. “Every parent has to decide for themselves what is right for them. And I respect that. And we decided that this is right for our children.”

Beuschel and his girls were at the 22nd Folsom Street Fair, an annual leather event in San Francisco’s South of Market district, which showcased outrageous costumes, fetish attire, and a community obsessed with bondage, whipping, and spanking.

Yes, they were proud to show off their twins and present to them what they deem is “right” for their girls. Can you imagine what these girls will turn in to once they grow up? Listen to this Radio 3Fourteen interview with Dawn Stefanowicz to find out how little girls are affected when raised by gay parents as they reach adulthood.



Buddha, Mary and Jesus — and in the foreground is either the Grim Reaper or Judas, who gets this description: “Our Boy sold Jesus for thirty silver pieces, and we’re selling him for even less! Imagine if he could fuck the Son of God what he could do to you!”

Now, just because I have the audacity to share these pictures (truly the tamest of the entire group), I would be called a racist or gay-basher or intolerant or whatever bad word that they use to usher in people’s emotional responses against me, while supporting such degeneracy and religious humiliation. I am sick and tired of having people paint all gays as decent when the actual decent ones do nothing to stop these sorts of deplorable assaults on virtue (yes, there are some reasonable gay people that would never hurt a fly or promote such behavior as seen at that street fair). We should hear from them. But we should not be afraid to point out the many sick bastards that permeate the group.

You can see what Zombie calls his “G-Rated” version of pictures here (all taken within about 45 minutes). I wouldn’t call them G rated, but simply a freak show with hundreds of thousands of people walking the “fair”, watching such perversion. Next time you talk with your decent gay friend, ask him/her about how they feel about this sort of stuff.

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10 thoughts on “The Gay Attack On Religion

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  2. The baby-goober-sucking rabbis mock Judaism into the crapper all on on their own. They push the dildos and butt-plugs on the goyim. The Muslim homos probably have them too (the Jesus ones, NOT the Mohammed ones, they could get lashed a hundred times or even stoned to death for that) but they hide them in a closet

    These homos would not dare make a Mohammed butt-plug because right after they make the first mold they’ll be targeted for murder just like Salman Rushdie and that Dutch guy. They’ll have to have concealed carry along with it to prevent being killed by Muslims. Muslims don’t fuck around. You’ll never see Ron Jeremy pimping Muslim women in a porn flick. And Christians didn’t used to fuck around either a few short decades ago. I know, for a fact, if they did this in some parts of Russia or Armenia, they would get their asses kicked so fast, they wouldn’t know what hit them.

    Negentropic Chronicles – Episode 2 –

    [audio src="" /]

    Alternate Link for the first Pod, since the ones posted before are all dead and Kiwi6 is having endless hardware problems they haven’t fixed:

    [audio src="" /]


  3. I thought things couldn’t get lower….I was wrong…..aren’t there any responsible adults concerned with children attending such satanic programming? The gay “community” is less a “community” and more a militant band of dysfunctional sexaholics incapable of discretion and defiantly disrespectful of the moral values and integrity generated by adherence to Christian principles.


  4. Things really, really got low. Why doesn’t any sane, responsible person just start a petition to ban these? Why doesn’t the Vatican do something? The answer: The Jews’ programming of us is so deep, we accept this as normal. The answer to the Vatican question: The new Pope is a Marxist, New World Pope. He is a Jewish agent sent to undermine the holiness of the Vatican.

    On the subject of the Muslims, they are already rather mocked by the Jews(spreading the “fact” that Islam=terrorism, genociding Palestinians and taking their land, Mohammed cartoons, etc.), so the Jews most likely think that they’ll just keep the Islam=evil fable alive while attacking the Christians by using such blasphemous things and acts such as the above mentioned “Jesus dildo”. Ugh.


  5. I think the Jews’ Fag Agenda would feature Islamic toys but for the fact that the vendors probably know that they might face violent attacks by Muslims if word got out.


  6. And, yes, Bman, the decent gays, like the “good” jews, are silent. And we’re supposed to to tip toe around and make sure our speech doesn’t hurt their feelings.


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