More Shit Jews Own (and Ruin)


Are you a basketball fan, especially pro basketball? Would it surprise you that very short, big beaked people own most of it?

The Complete Infestation of the NBA by Jews gives us a look into ownership of NBA teams. Somewhat dated (Dec 25, 2011), they list the owners that are Jews and the few that are not.


The NBA is a modern day joke, and a bad Jewish schtick too. Hardly anyone even cares about who is playing or who wins anymore. Free agency has ruined the entire sport. Players are drafted straight from the nursery after birth by greedy Jewish owners who cannot wait until the players to get a diploma or degree so Jewish owners can stuff their overflowing pockets with another few million bucks. They use their power over us through the worship of money (what I call moneyism or talismanic black magick). They say that the NBA is synonymous with Christmas. Actually that isn’t far from the truth. Both of them are huge consumer affairs. The problem is that while Americans are consuming crap we are also being consumed by them.

Here is the list of the Jewish owners of NBA franchises:

Atlanta Hawks – Michael Gearon Jr 2004
Boston Celtics – H. Irving Grousbeck, Wycliffe Grousbeck, Stephen Pagliuca, The Abbey Group    2002
Chicago Bulls – Jerry Reinsdorf 1985
Cleveland Cavaliers – Dan Gilbert, Gary Gilbert, Dan Katzman, Usher Raymond, Gordon Gund 2005
Dallas Mavericks – Mark Cuban 2000
Denver Nuggets – Stan Kroenke 2000
Detroit Pistons – Tom Gores 2011
Golden State Warriors – Peter Guber, Joe Lacob 2010
Houston Rockets – Leslie Alexander     1993
Indiana Pacers – Herbert Simon     1983
Los Angeles Clippers – Donald Sterling     1981
Los Angeles Lakers  – Jerry Buss     1979
Memphis Grizzlies – Michael Heisley 2000
Miami Heat – Micky Arison 1995
Milwaukee Bucks – Herb Kohl 1985
Minnesota Timberwolves – Glen Taylor 1995 ???
New Jersey Nets – Mikhail Prokhorov, Bruce Ratner, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter 2010
New Orleans Hornets – Dell Demps GM (NBA looking for buyer)
New York Knicks – James Dolan 1997
Orlando Magic – Richard DeVos 1991
Philadelphia 76ers – Ed Snider 1996
Phoenix Suns – Robert Sarver 2004
Portland Trail Blazers – Paul Allen 1988

I could not find any info to substantiate the Jewishness of the four owners below but cowardly crypto-Jews are everywhere so it doesn’t mean they aren’t. Many times they change their names or even occasionally breed with Gentiles to throw us off the scent.

Sacramento Kings – Joe Maloof, Gavin Maloof, Phil Maloof, George J. Maloof, Jr., Adrienne Maloof-Nassif, Robin E. Hernreich 1998
Oklahoma City Thunder – Clayton Bennett 2006
Toronto Raptors – Richard Peddie 1998
Washington Wizards  – Ted Leonsis 2010 (Greek but could still be a Jew)

That means only the Charlotte Bobcats, owned by Michale [sp] Jordan, the Utah Jazz, owned by Mormon Greg Miller, and the San Antonio Spurs, owned by Peter Holt, are definitely not completely dominated by Jews. Of course I would be remiss to omit the head honcho parasite himself the NBA commissioner David Stern. That means there are 30 teams in the NBA and 23 of them definitely with Jewish owners or GMs. Jews are 2-3% of the American population. Anyone think that’s a bit out of whack?


DC Dave shared the following when I presented this information to him (he is a basketball player, coach, and fan):

The article doesn’t go nearly far enough in explaining how they’ve ruined the game.  The season is way too long, they play too many games per week, and even the game, itself, is too long, at 48 minutes vs. 40 minutes for the college game and 32 minutes for high school.  The NBA players consequently play with little intensity and there are far too many injuries, all on account of the greed of the owners. Why should we not be surprised?
The commissioner mentioned in the article, David Stern, was despised by everyone.  He has now retired.  The current commissioner is Adam Silver.

You can look to almost every facet of American life and find Jews owning and/or controlling it. Finance, Sports, history, Government, (specifically presidential administrations and congress), society, foreign aid, Religion, Slavery and racism, music, media, the web and much, much, more, including the genocide of the white race). They try to hide this fact or call people anti-Semitic when it is pointed out, but don’t you wonder how less than 2% of the US population (Jews) can have so much influence and control over all these components of our lives?

Is that ok with you?


h/t race rules (

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4 thoughts on “More Shit Jews Own (and Ruin)

  1. DC Dave is spot on. This beloved game is completely in ruins and we know what is at the center of it all. Donald Sterling who was “relieved” of his ownership after a racist rant was video taped and leaked shows the true nature of this beast that consumes everything in it’s past. Nothing in mainstream media linked Mr. Sterling to his Jewishness. He was just lumped in with all the other “evil white men” of advanced middle age…..(Ugly Little Troll is my nickname for him!) It was made into a white black issue and another tally mark against the rest of us crackers by proxy. It was even so bad that I read some comments on blog pages by his tribe that they wished to “Un Jew” him….That one made me laugh! Ah but all is not lost in Matzo land as the new owner of the Clippers is…..(.well….how in the world with only 2% of a population to draw from you would end up with back to back Jewish owners of this team?????) Steve Ballmer is not only Jewish but the RICHEST OWNER OF A SPORTS TEAM PERIOD……AT A MERE 22.5 BILLION………


  2. I haven’t watched bakkaball since Larry Bird retired and that won’t be changing anytime soon.
    When Brady and Manning retire that will be the end of the PC No Fun League for me and I have watched that since being in the womb.


  3. Some interesting items here >>>

    Revilo P. Oliver, a classics professor at the University of Illinois for many years, who held many prestigious public positions until his honesty made him ineligible for them.
    His classic essay, “The Jewish Strategy”, describes in depressing detail this sociological scourge that has plagued the world for centuries, and continues to lead us down the path to oblivion today. (Many of Dr. Oliver’s essays can be found today in the archives of the now-defunct Liberty Bell magazine < >).

    “Our major vice of old, as of today, is parasitism. We are a people of vultures living on the labor and good nature of the rest of the world. It is my belief, that nothing the Jew does in America is essential to it’s welfare. On the contrary, a great deal of what the American Jew does is in subversion to America’s best interests.” Samuel Roth

    “America is full of businesses bearing old Christian names, but which are really owned and run by Jews. Most of them have been acquired in the manner I have just described, the way the Jew creates something out of nothing (slow strangling). The Jew, better than anyone else in the world knows how to dispossess the poor and the members of the middle classes. To fit this case, the old P.T. Barnum adage needs only a little changing. A gentile enters business every minute, with two Jews waiting to take him out of it.” …”There is not a single instance when the Jews have not fully deserved the bitter fruit of the fury of their persecutors… We come to the nations pretending to escape percecution, we {Jews} are the most deadly persecuters in all of the annals of man.” from Jewish writer, publisher and entrepreneur Samuel Roth, in “Jews Must Live” NY, NY: The Golden Hind Press, Inc., 1934 pp. 64-65.

    Roth wrote of how the Germans thought they could cast off the power of Jewish financiers that had ruled them for two centuries, and how they paid a horrible price for believing that they could do so. Oliver condensed the plot down to: …”The Jews, through their control of the press and of numerous hirelings, of whom Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt are merely the most loathsome specimens, stampeded great hordes of crazed Aryans from Britain, France and the United States into Germany to commit outrages that forever forfeited their claim to be civilized men, thus giving to the world an unforgettable lesson of what happens to Aryan dogs who dare to disobey their divinely appointed masters.

    Don Quixotes was Revilo P. Oliver, a classics professor at the University of Illinois for many years, who held many prestigious public positions until his honesty made him ineligible for them.
    His classic essay, “The Jewish Strategy”, describes in depressing detail this sociological scourge that has plagued the world for centuries, and continues to lead us down the path to oblivion today. (Many of Dr. Oliver’s essays can be found today in the archives of the now-defunct Liberty Bell magazine


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