How To Stroke a 12 Year Old Septuagenarian’s Ego

Respect Your Elders, Even While They Shit All Over You

The way I understand it now, no matter how much one communicates with a pompous septuagenarian trying to explain oneself, nothing really matters except their self-important ego. It is a high horse some of them ride, stomping all over the idea of respect and common decency. You see, I expect respectful dialogue when someone (of any age) addresses me, especially at my blog and most especially in emails. The comment rules here are very clear. But certain old farts on high horses don’t seem to give a rat’s ass about decency and/or respect, they just want their ego stroked and to stomp their feet and get their way (like a 12 year old).

Isn’t funny how they start reverting back to immature children as they grow old?

It doesn’t matter how much one has done to earn the respect I ask for. An old fart demands what he wants, to hell with their lack of tact and lack of etiquette. And its more than just common decency. When someone like me works hundreds of hours, improving an old fart’s work, providing a place for dialogue on that work, or HUNDREDS of hours devising videos of that work, none of that apparently earns me anything, much less esteem and/or decorum. No matter how many times that person calls me personally to review his research, or discuss his kids and friends, to tell me stories of his youth, girlfriends and wife, telling me jokes, forming a seeming friendship and what seemed like mutual respect and trust (enough to add me on his friends and family cellphone plan), you see… none of that is enough to be respected when that person sits himself so tall in the saddle of the Shetland pony of his mind.

So, I offer the following requested link in opposition to the Open Letter I posted as my last respectful obligation to a man who has dissed me with his haughty, egotistical attitude and childish demands. I hope he is happy now, because I sure as hell ain’t.

Thank you.

So Here’s What Gabe Was Talking About

I read Gabe’s tweet, where he said something like, “all of a sudden so many suspicions of what’s behind the anti-immigration push are suddenly confirmed.”

Like many of you, I was annoyed at Gabe. I am frequently annoyed at Gabe. If I didn’t like him so much, I’d hate Gabe.

But here’s what Gabe was reacting to. I just got a facefull of this crap myself:

The word “#cuckservative” is being used as a banner-of-convenience by a conglomeration of several types of people, who range from what I’d call mere nativists to actual, hard-core, Nazi-flag-in-their-twitter profile white supremacists.

Now, some using this term “#cuckservative” assure me that not all of the people using the term are white supremacists. I believe them, on general heuristic principle: I mean, collecting under any flag will be a whole host of different people, with a wide range of motives, some of them unobjectionable, some of them erroneous but not what you’d call condemnable, and some simply odious.

The claims range from “we shouldn’t give in to any claims of racism” to “racism is actually a positive and natural social good.”

So I’m not going to say that everyone using the term “#cuckservative” is a white supremacist. In fact, when I first saw it yesterday, I assumed it was a reference to the McConnell/Boehner wing of corporate cuckolds.

In fact, many people might think it means just that — and for them, it does. If that’s what you think it means, that’s what it means, for you.

However, it’s an objective fact that many using the term, and stinging social media like race-warring hornets, are indeed out and proud white supremacists, or at least the sorts of person who casually uses the word “muds” (as in “I’m not going to stand by and see my country polluted by muds” — that sort of thing) in the belief that this is a socially-acceptable shorthand for “anyone who isn’t a Scots-Irish-or-Germanic white person.”

So what Gabe was complaining about, so you know the context, is that these people have not only come out of the closets, but they have come out of the closets in force — that is, they are really swarming Twitter.

I don’t know how many there are — someone told me he’d blocked a bunch — but they are, as, ahem, racially-conscious folk tend to be, highly energetic about their views.

Now, again, I don’t want to claim that this is all people using the term, nor do I want to claim that the fact that the immigration-restrictionist camp has some actual out-and-proud Nazi-flag-displaying white supremacists among them, discredits that political idea. (Though, gotta admit, I feel a lot dirtier about being an immigration-restrictionist now than I did an hour ago.)


The above article can be read in its entirety at Ace of Spades HQ (


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