Absence of Conscience by John Kaminski


Wonder no longer why the fatuous white race is being destroyed

By John Kaminski



It occurred to me the other day when I heard some paid off shill politician refer to Iran as the leading exporter of terror in the Middle East what a baldfaced lie that was. It was so typical of what Americans tell the world, and tell each other, as they live in their fictitious view of reality in which they — while committing an endless series of audacious and despicable crimes — consider themselves the heroes and everybody else outlaws.

In fact, as the rest of the world already knows, the exact opposite is true. And Americans, brainwashed by the twisted luxury and meaningless diversions that have become of prime importance to them, have become too stupid to know the difference.

The Iranians are called exporters of terror by bloodthirsty Americans because they continue to staunchly defend the downtrodden Palestinians, who are the principal victims of the constant diabolical terror of the Jew perverts who have stolen their land, slaughtered their people and through the help of warped American media — totally owned by Jews — convinced much of the world that Jews are the victims and the Palestinians are the terrorists — when in fact the reverse is true.

In every country on Earth, the Jews — made invincible by the lobotomized Americans who do their dirty work — are saboteurs and terrorists. Just as they are in America, the indigenous inhabitants of every country are their victims.

Muammar Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein were extremely good to their people but mischaracterized as evil tyrants by the Jewish media monolith that dominates practically all the nations of the world. Now both Libya and Iraq are essentially failed states, beset by constant violence instigated by the Jews arms dealers who feed the egos and wallets of petty criminals and get them to fight each other so they won’t turn on the Jews who manipulate them like puppets.

The cynical ransacking of other Islamic countries such as Syria and Yemen are more of the same, demonstrations of the Jewish will to simply murder all the Muslims in the world, as Eustace Mullins predicted a half century ago. And after the Muslims are gone, the whites will follow, leaving the rest of the paupers of the world the prickly choice of becoming either farm animals or corpses.

As all of the countries of the world are now falling like dominoes to the worldwide Jewish financial scams (which never would have happened had Hitler won World War II), the most significant swindle of all in recent years has to be the theft of Ukraine by Jewish terrorists posing as Nazis and based in Washington. Never has there been a more blatant exhibition of butchery and mass murder blamed on the victims (unless you count the daily activity in Gaza), or a more brazen example of Washington and its truculent allies lying about everything and inverting the truth.

In fact, the Americans and Jews are the terrorists, and those who are branded terrorists — with the exception of those stateless criminals who are hired by the Jewmericans to betray their own neighbors — are the victims. Iraq and Iran never have been and never will be security threats to the United States.

Any future attack blamed on them will have been terror proxies run by the FBI and Mossad, just like the 9/11 caper.

That’s why Guantanamo was such a joke. It was the Jews and the Americans who concocted the whole al-Qaeda ruse to begin with so that none of the people incarcerated in the Cuban gulag could possibly have been guilty of anything except being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And our country sent these innocent patsies all over the world to be tortured, knowing full well that they could not have been guilty of anything, because the 9/11 fiasco and the wars that followed were all set up by the same pompous politicians who claimed to be the victims of these contrived and artificial terror attacks. This is the kind of mindless sadism that Jews have infected the U.S. with.

“They hate our freedoms,” intoned George W. Bush amid the wreckage of the Twin Towers. This was the quintessential epitaph for America in the 21st century: utterly disingenuous, absolutely false and totally insincere and irrelevant.

Fifteen years later we are confronted by the surreal specter of cardboard cutout candidates prattling on about nothing of substance, uttering only insipid improvisations on the lies that have been told creating this artificial reality that has trapped us all containing nothing about honesty and integrity but only the new necessities of how much our lives and our freedom we must give up in order to allow our so-called government to keep on killing.

A maverick billionaire emerges as the best hope for the little guy? What a perfect inversion of reality by the Jews who control everything!

Hindsight is always disturbingly clear, but perhaps we should have known that as our government constantly lied to everyone from the Indians to the Iranians about what we were doing that they eventually would start lying to us about what they were doing and what we were actually going to get out of it.

Americans are about to confront the rubble caused by the superficial and shameless lies they have in their willing ignorance endorsed. Total destruction of their culture resulting in either starvation or death by diseases caused by their government-approved diets and inventions comprise our certain and ominous future.

Ultimately, the only reward for evil is more evil.

The real answer is this.

Jews should not be allowed citizenship in any country, nor should they be able to possess money of any type. More importantly they should not be allowed to reproduce so that the entire perverted line will eventually die out and be forgotten by the annals of human history. As punishment for what they have done to the world for thousands of years, they should be lawfully consigned to the role of eternal penitent, forever condemned to wandering the world as beggars, able to survive only for such rewards they might reap doing good deeds for others.

As that eventuality seems most unlikely in this present insane age, I think the best we can expect is to be terminated with extreme and agonizing prejudice, for standing in the way of this frightening concept called the Jewish new era of peace.

For not understanding what they were doing to us all these years, it is a reward we shall richly deserve. Think of it the next time you observe that, almost as far back as you can see, the person standing next to and advising the President of the United States is a dual-citizen Israeli-American.

And as with the 9/11 report that was produced by Jews that contained not a whiff of truth about what actually happened, your death will be reported as the elimination of a potential or actual terrorist who was standing in the way of the progress of the beloved New World Order.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.





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36 thoughts on “Absence of Conscience by John Kaminski

  1. I agree very, very strongly with Mr. Kaminski. The Jews should not even be allowed into any country or any position of influence. Look at what Satan’s children(the Jews)have done. They have dumbed down so many people to the truth that people now cannot think and will only blindly follow.

    The Jews just want us to to their dirty work. Once our usefulness is gone, they’ll kill us. And then, what will happen? I’ll get assassinated by a coward? My family gets gassed? Whatever these Jews want to do with us, it’s always never been good.

    This race is so evil and parasitic that they shouldn’t even be allowed to exist in the first place. Agree with you there, Mr. Kaminski. Then again if they win, they’ll kike themselves to death!


  2. Kaminsky watches too much Jewish television. It gives him a self-destructive mindset. Yes, the Jews are devils. Yes, the Jews are the cause of all of our troubles. But Kaminsky gives too much blame to us, the victims of the Jews. There is no blame when you believe the lying and deceiving Jews. The only blame in in knowing that you are being defrauded and then doing nothing about it — except complain. The Jews actually have only two powers — money and lies. So, tell the Truth about them at every opportunity and take your money out of the banks; refused to use credit cards and pay all bills with money orders — as Step Number One.

    You don’t have to be a victim. Go on the offensive. “Hang the bankers and save the nations.”


  3. What about the vile propaganda about Russia? All the Bolsheviks were tribe members and their true believer disciples are now ruining Amerikwanstain the United States of Zimbabwe in the second Bolshevik revolution. The glorious each according to his needs workers of the world unite utopia is in the next five year plan comrade just turn in your guns and all private property for the good of the collective.
    Isn’t it ironic that Russia will eventually go to war with the new soviet USSA.


  4. No need to worry about Iran. Dear Leader Messiah the Chicago Jesus has insured peace in our time with the Iran deal. Those evil mullahs saw the glow from the messiah’s halo and gave up.


  5. Banjjo said it right. Kaminski is expressing his own personal powerlessness in the face of jew evil. Although most of it sadly is true, by compiling the faults and failures into a dossier of American weakness, you actually perform a service for the jew. Think about it John.

    Now, Kaminski’s writing ability stands among the very best of so many other–voices of desperation. Let’s all get together and ask this fantastic writer for some ammunition and to aim his pen at the enemy jew’s tiny cold black heart. Tells us how strong and invincible were the men and women who got us this far this time around on Turtle Island. You’ve got your neck stuck out pretty far anyway John, why not use that power flowing through you to unite the brave and the excellent among us for the battle being brought against us. We’re out here John and in no small numbers. Give it your best shot, let the warrior in you speak. You’ve got the gift man.

    Use this favorite of mine for inspiration: http://der-stuermer.org/rockwellen.htm


  6. “Once—in the year of grace number one, I think—The Sibyl said, drunken without any drink, ‘Now everything goes wrong! Oh, woe! Decay! The world has never sunk so low! Rome sank to whoredom and became a stew, The Caesars become beasts, and God—a Jew!’ ”
    -Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

    “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world.” – Revelation 12:9

    “It is the first task of him who would save civilization—which requires saving the White man—to make White men supremely and totally conscious of RACE above all other allegiances… WHITE MAN! The same iron blood of your mighty ancestors flows in your veins! You have cringed long enough before pygmies! Now RISE! Defy the rats and vermin at your feet! Let them feel the toe and heel of your boot! Stamp them out!…Let us teach the traitors and rats and pygmies once more to cringe in terror in their huts and pray, “Lord save us from the FURY OF THE MEN OF THE NORTH!” -George Lincoln Rockwell


  7. I think we mostly have it backwards, most of us here. ‘Tain’t the “Jew”, not really. We ourselves do have many, many excuses. Core of the problem, in fact, ’tis hard to find ANYONE willing to take responsibility for ANYTHING! We know nothing of “personal and individual responsibility” for our own f____g experience!

    Think that harsh? Don’t we point a finger at moment’s notice at someone who did wrong? Ever point that finger back at your own nose? If you can’t take responsibility for your own experience, then how in GOD’s Name can you drop that heavy weight on another soul you do not even know?

    I do not say that those you might catch in your wide net as “Jew” do not deserve some tongue lashing or even more. In the poultry yard, one can find a nasty cock or an egg-eating hen; one dispenses of them as soon as one gets a positive ID. No way I’d kill my entire flock to punish the few.

    Just like “whites”, “blacks”, “asians”, and all the rest of how we divide up our human family — how can we honestly brand each and all individuals in the pens we put them as “bad”, “good”, or otherwise? We have to get off simple labelling, talking about vast groupings of people as “Iran”, “Israel”, Russia”, “Ukraine” — bullshit concepts, if you ask me. Thanks for asking, BTW!

    I leave you with this. I believe we have a War Against Humanity on-going, vicious, and uncompromising. I also believe that TPTB employ the Hegelian Dialectic (look it up and study!) to great advantage. The Confederate battle flag issue, tempest in teapot, gives you some idea how it works. Planned Parenthood seems more like David Icke’s definition of Problem-Reaction-Solution, for, I tell you, TPTB DID NOT SEE THAT ONE COMING, for sure! Study the MSM reaction (still on-going!), see who’s who at the zoo! Make a difference in your own domain, if you will and can!

    Blessings all, thanks for putting up with me.



    • Perhaps you are right, Good Sir. Perhaps there really is such a thing as a “good skunk”. After all, it is mere bigotry to be prejudiced against ALL skunks when only one or two skunks are at fault for shitting in your face with their ass-poison. Not all skunks are bad; some are good. Right? And we should raise our eyes to Heaven and say a prayer for all the “good rattlesnakes” in the world who have gotten some bad publicity by the bad rattlesnakes who have killed and poisoned people. Yes! We should blame ourselves for not being charitable enough toward skunks and rattle snakes and for being prejudiced against all skunks and rattle snakes because of the deeds of the few bad ones among them.

      And speaking of skunks and rattlesnakes, we must consider the Jews as equally maligned. Here is a video of a prejudiced and bigoted Black Man who is purposely proving that There is Not Such Thing as Good Jew.

      Why, I am totally outraged that this African-American can be so intelligent. I always thought black folks were stupid. Now, slap yourself upside the head, Kind Sir, and get some Common Sense in that noggin’ of yours.


      • I have known good skunks. One or two come around every other night, poke about in the chicken yard, scarf up the odd egg we neglected to pick, and make off to have babies and otherwise do what GOD intended skunks to do. Do you fault GOD for creating skunks, Banjo_Billy? I do not, and I do lose something to skunks every so often.

        Rattlesnakes, too, I’d include as a GOD-created creature. I recall an interesting experiment done in Florida. Researchers placed rubber replicas of (1) turtles or (2) snakes in the roadway. Motorists went out of their way to avoid turtles; motorists went out of their way to run over rubber snakes. Guess which group I bet you would have found yourself, Banjo_Billy? I have encountered rattlesnakes — earliest memory as a Boy Scout in mountains of West Virginia, sunning in the sunshine along our hiking trails. We let them go, be on your way, brother snake! Ever hear about or read about St. Francis, Banjo_Billy?

        Why become like those who hate you?


        • Yes, I understand your weakness and misplaced piety, Alan. This emotional disease also taints far too many alleged “Christians” so that they lose all of their God-Given-Good-Sense. Loving God does not mean that one should choose Death simply because one is not smart enough to avoid it. All of Mankind would, today, be extinct if our ancestors had attempted to show how holy and good they were by hugging Cave Bears, petting poison serpents and tickling saber-toothed tigers behind the ears. It isn’t Natural; and what isn’t natural, dies.

          All of God’s creatures without exception avoid poison snakes and skunks. But you insist, with your false ideas about God and His Creation, that Man should not use the Good Sense that God gave us but, instead, should foolishly do what even the dumbest of God’s Creatures avoids; that is, consorting with skunks and befriending rattlesnakes. Your “good skunks” only avoid eating the chickens and baby chicks, themselves, because they are safely in the coop for the night. Skunks are also the #2 carrier of rabies in North America, aren’t they cute? No, I do not fault God for creating skunks but I fault stupid people for getting close enough to skunks to catch rabies or get skunk-squirted. It isn’t the skunks fault that God also made idiots on two legs who catch rabies and get their chickens all eaten up just so that He can sort out the intelligent people from the morons.

          Yes, I know St. Francis very well. He and I used to tame wild birds so that they would perch on our fingers. And pat the deer who wandered about the mountainside. But I will tell you a secret about Francis — he never petted any skunks or rattle snakes. He was smarter than you.


      • If someone simply ignores a skunk and leaves it alone to do skunk things, they would not get sprayed in the face. Skunks are solitary and hardly ever amass (unlike the Jew). They are normally very quiet (unlike a loud mouth Jew). A skunk reacts to a true threat, Jews act out continuously. A skunk is a nuisance, but doesn’t plan our destruction like the Jews do.

        In other words, there are far more dangerous animals you could use to compare to a Jew.

        By the way, rattlesnakes don’t plan on killing humans like Jews do. Rattlsnakes are simply defending themselves or getting ready to eat. Jews are destroying their perceived enemy on purpose for vastly different reasons.


  8. Trying to downplay the ‘Jewish problem’? Hitler would not be proud of you. It’s amazing how much self-conceitedness there is among the white guys in regards to conquer Jew influence. Lies and money, eh? No problem, don’t use a bank and don’t believe their lies. Easy peasy lemon squeezy (urban dictionary).

    Kaminski is right, our friends have infiltrated most every aspect of our lives. Especially from the top down. Never mind your neighbourhood grocer (NY) trying to sell you crap for good money or the Jewish doctor who was taught to use his knowledge to kill the goyim (The Protocols). Hollywood and the lawyer profession also come to mind. So, Kaminski is one guy who has his facts straight, imo. You KKK people get out your 3D guns and start cleaning up at the top. Maybe the rest of the perpetrators will learn their lessons.

    John’s ‘absence of conscience’ I would replace with ‘absence of knowledge’ at least for the foot brigade.


    • Well met, again, ‘twould seem, MachtNichts. I wish I knew sword play, or rapier work, so I could use the proper lingo. Instead, I’ll choose logic.
      YOU WRITE: Trying to downplay the ‘Jewish problem’?
      I RESPOND: I have not stopped beating my wife, for I never ever started beating my wife.
      Do you have anything better than the mealy-mouthed, incoherent diatribe with which you followed such a silly question?
      Dear lady, I have sensibility, intelligence, and an intact mind. Treat me with respect, even if I am a “white goy”!


      • Short of sensibility, intelligence built upon false assumptions, a mind buttered and cooked with the fraud and lies of “Judeo-Christianity”, none of this really commands respect from those of us who actually know what a Jew is.

        Jesus and Hitler Told the Truth about the Jews; the Jews are Devils — Real Ones!

        Ah, but that is the biggest problem with Christians today — they don’t believe Jesus. They believe the lying Jews. And when you believe the lies of the Jews, what else can you do but fall into their traps and be their fool?


        • Use a brush too wide and large and you can cover yourself with paint, too. Let him (sigh! and her) without sin cast the first stone, I read somewhere. Love GOD, love your neighbor as your Self (great play on words, that), and love your enemies. I suspect you have a hard time with those commandments and teachings, Banjo_Billy.

          As I may have expressed in this domain previously, anything beLIEved is a lie, to my mind. I don’t advocate “beLIEving” in Jesus or any other thought or CONcept. I think, therefore I AM. I AM THAT I AM.

          The “Jews” as a term encompassing some subset of humanity did not exist at the time of Jesus, so I’ve read. The point is, barring shape-shifting reptilians and “bad ETs”, we find ourselves in this mess together. Be divided, get conquered. Pick your boogey-babies and hate away.

          I do not masquerade as any one other than my Self. I do not beLIEve in the Devil, the “Father of Lies”, and I do not hold “Jews” as “the enemy”. Cast out the beam in one’s own eye…


          • No, I don’t have difficulty with those recommendations. (They weren’t “commandments”). Most Christians don’t understand what Jesus taught simply because so much of it has been taken out of context. If I “command” you to “Love the sunshine with all your heart and mind and soul” while you are in the middle of getting a sunburn on the beach, the advice is not useful in your context of already having too much sunshine.

            In the same way, Jesus’ sayings occurred during specific times and in front of specific audiences. Jesus was preaching to the most evil creatures who had ever walked the earth — the Jews. They were full of hatred and animosity toward all who were not Jews, giving nothing but trouble to the people around them, including the Greeks and Romans. The Jews had falsified even the Hebrew Bible with their Talmudic lies, turning their own “Law” upside-down and backwards for their own profit. Hypocritical beyond measure, the rabbis and yeshiva students would practice all manner of masturbation, child molestation and sexual license and then stone to death some poor woman who had been accused. They would kill her to make themselves feel more “Righteous” — such hypocrites! Hatred of all of Mankind, has always been an attribute of the Jews.

            There is nothing your can teach me with your fake religiosity, Alan. But there is much that I can teach you. Read my book, “The Monsters of Babylon” and you will truly understand both Jesus and the demon Jews whom he preached against. http://www.bamboo-delight.com/item_13.htm

            Also, you seem to have a rather twisted Talmudic bent to your arguments, using the Father of Lies as your friend, will not advance you in the eyes of God and will make you only a fool in the eyes of Men.


            • Fair enough, Banjo_Billy. I shall obtain a copy of your “The Monsters from Babylon” and read it with interest. I shall also take my “twisted Talmudic bent” and my “fake religiosity” as you so characterize me — do you also think Jews hide under your bed?? — and proceed on my personal learning curve, ever always upwards! Until then, good day to you, too, sir!

              Let’s have a good, cold one sometime when we can both think clearly.

              Some revisionist historians assert, I note here, that so-named “Jews” did not emerge until well after Babylon and, indeed, well after your “preacher Jesus” died on the cross. Many here on this site may also subscribe to the notion that “Jesus” is a “myth”, borne of the Jews long after the birth of Christianity, well before the development of Churchianity. I assert that, if you have no “touchstone”, no anchor in the storm, no reference point you can hang on to as the magnetic pole shifts, the current changes, the reality you so firmly beLIEve in shape-shifts to bizarre , then you, dear soul, may find yourself adrift. When you find yourself adrift, call on me. I’d welcome you to port, to sit before a warm wood fire. Blessing upon you, Banjo_Billy!!


            • Banjo_Billy, your pdf of “The Monsters of Babylon” (p. 672 of 673) states that all footnote are located in Volume III, as yet not published to my knowledge. I got up to footnotes numbered in the 800s! Could you provide me the footnotes for “The Monsters of Babylon”. Careful reading requires references!


      • I’m sorry, Alan, but my earlier post was not meant for you. First of all, our comments showed up pretty much at the same time and I didn’t even have a chance to read yours. If I had directed it at you I would have used the ‘reply’ button, don’t you think? Why jump to hasty conclusions? Who the shoe fits, is all I can say.


        • Oh well! MachtNichts, fair lady — nicely posted. I do wear shoes that fit, unless, as now, I have a bout of gout, during which nothing fits, I get the fits, cranky and not so patient. I do sense little patience of those who post here on B’man’s site — are we all quick to quibble?

          MachtNichts, I still characterize your posting as I did, even now, had I NOT then thought you sent it to me!

          Consider the equally matched misjudgements of Mr. Banjo_Billy, who, far more than I, has the patience to write words to fill books hundreds of pages! And I do so look forward to reading what that patient, if seeming intolerant soul (at least for me!), has to say for himself.

          Anon, the days pass on, we shall yet get to know each other, anon.


    • I don’t know how many Jews there really are. I suspect that there are many more than the touted 2%. But nevertheless, I, too, hold as much blame towards white people for allowing the infiltration and destruction of our racial cohesiveness. White people are just as much to blame for what is happening because we let it happen. We were stupid enough and allowed our emotions and kindness be used by the Jew to destructive ends. Of course this does not absolve the criminals who are perpetuating the deeds against us. Far from it.

      There is one problem I have with Banjo Bill’s tactic, which is he insists on hanging every banker, Jew or not. His recourse is over-the-top, verging on criminal. This is why I have added him to the spam filter, because, frankly, I don’t need that here. Of course, I am posting his comments after review, but I cannot tolerate continued calls for murder.

      There are simpler ways to stop the onslaught. Instead of killing them, stop letting them manipulate us. Stop USING the banks they own. Find ways to change the usurious system. But it must be planned because we obviously only have that system available. It would have to be done in steps.

      Sure, take back all the ill gotten gains from the Jewish criminal bankers and imprison them (VideoRebel says this often). But to murder them all is such radical rhetoric that it borders on insanity. It also paints this place in a very negative light and may bring unwanted/unwarranted attention.


    Yahud (Aramaic) = corresponding to the Ancient Southern Kingdom and land area named after Yahudah a son of Jacob/Israel, – (incorrectly translated as Judea, or Judah in many English Bibles).

    Yahudain, Yahudean, Yahudyn, (like sounding) or Yahudim (Aramaic) = an inhabitant (of any race) living in the Southern Kingdom of Yahud, – (incorrectly translated as Jews, or sometimes Judeans, in many English Bibles).

    Yahudah (Hebrew) = “praised” a son of Jacob/Israel, or his descendants, – (incorrectly translated as Judah, Judah(s), Jew(s) in many English Bibles).

    Yahudi or Yahudy (like sounding) (Hebrew) = plural form of Yahudah, or descendants of, or pertaining to Yahudah, – (incorrectly translated as Jews, Jewish, or Judeans in many English Bibles).

    Iouda, or Ioudas (Greek) = Yahudah (Hebrew) a son of Jacob/Israel, or his descendants, the Southern Kingdom – (incorrectly translated as Judah, Judas, Jude, Jew or Jews, or the Southern Kingdom of Yahud in many English Bibles).

    Ioudaios (Greek) from Iouda = Yahudain, Yahud (Hebrew) context determines form, see above – (incorrectly translated Jew(s), Jewish, Judea in many English Bibles).

    Ioudaismos (Greek) = reference to the religion of the Yahudi, – (Incorrectly translated as Judaism in many English Bibles (from Jew-dah-ism, or Jew-ism).


    • As I explain in “The Sumerian Swindle”, the word “Hebrew” is derived from the Aramaic word “Apiru” which means “bandit and cut-throat.” The Hebrew bandits settled in the citadel city of “Urushalim”, that is, the City of Shalim, the demon of the dusk and of darkness. Later, this city name was pronounced as Jerusalem.

      See “How the Jews Betrayed Mankind” http://www.bamboo-delight.com/item_13.htm for a complete archaeological and historical explanation of Jews and where they were hatched.

      The modern Jews, such as this Shavitz schlameel, are forever trying to make their ancient evils acceptable to modern people with their creative re-writing of archaeological, historical and linguistic facts. We don’t derive our English name for “Jews” or “Judeans” from Aramaic because it is derived from the Roman Latin terms for those bandits and for that geographical area.

      The English language is unique in that it can make use of foreign names as well as transliterations of foreign names. There is no “mistranslation” of names for Jews, as this Jew claims. All that matters is what the names mean to us in modern times. Whether they were derived from Canaanite, Amorite, Egyptian, Phoenician, Greek. Latin or Aramaic, they all mean one thing in modern English — Jews. Don’t let the Jews deceive you; they are what Jesus said that they are. It is Jewish deceit for them to claim that our understanding of their origins is because “we” are using an “incorrect translation.” Thus, abracadabra, “we” are wrong about the Jews. Yes, they are clever devils but that doesn’t mean that we should be fooled by them.



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