Science Shows Marijuana Is MUCH Safer Than Prescription Drugs

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Many prescription drugs are known to be dangerous. Pharmaceuticals in general are among the leading causes of death in the US, and some drugs have killed tens of thousands of individuals. The painkiller Vioxx is one classic example that killed over 60,000 before being pulled off the market. According to Dr. Margaret Gedde, MD, PhD, owner and founder of Gedde Whole Health and the Clinicians’ Institute of Cannabis Medicine, you don’t have to look far to find research confirming that cannabis is safer and less toxic than many prescription drugs.

This includes liver and kidney toxicity, gastrointestinal damage, nerve damage, and of course death. Moreover, cannabinoids often work when pharmaceutical drugs fail, so not only is cannabis safer but it’s typically more effective. Besides treating intractable seizures, one of the strongest areas of research regarding marijuana’s health benefits is pain control.

In 2010, the Center for Medical Cannabis Research (CMCR) released a report10 on 14 clinical studies about the use of marijuana for pain, most of which were FDA-approved, double-blind, and placebo-controlled. The report revealed that marijuana not only controls pain, but in many cases it does so better than pharmaceutical alternatives.

If you compare prescription painkillers (opiates) to marijuana, marijuana is much safer. Opioid painkillers can lead to slowed respiration and death if an excess is taken — and the risks are compounded if you add alcohol to the equation. By contrast, cannabis overdose cannot kill you because there are no cannabinoid receptors in your brain stem, the region of your brain that controls your heartbeat and respiration.

The statistics speak for themselves. In 2010, prescription painkillers were responsible for 16,600 deaths, and painkiller overdoses claimed more women’s lives than cocaine and heroine combined. In the CDC’s Public Health Reports study,11 prescription drugs were involved in fatal car crashes at three times the rate of marijuana. In states where medical marijuana is legal, overdose deaths from opioids like morphine, oxycodone, and heroin decreased by an average of 20 percent after one year, 25 percent after two years and up to 33 percent by years five and six.

As noted by Dr. Gedde:

“There’s an ongoing death rate from use of pain medications as prescribed. So, even as prescribed, they’re highly dangerous and they are open to abuse. As far as medications used in the pediatric population to control seizures, there are also severe toxicities to organs. Many of them are very sedating. The children become unable to function or really to interact because of the sedating effects. Other medications have a side effect of rage and behavioral problems.

Unprovoked rage is actually a known side effect of some of the anti-seizure medications. Cannabis and in particular cannabidiol has none of these issues. No toxicities. The main side effect of cannabidiol is sleepiness. As a child gets accustomed to it, that does wear off and the child can be very alert and functional on the cannabis oil once they have worked into the dosing. Once you put them against each other, there really is no comparison in terms of safety.”


originally published at Dr Mercola’s website

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6 thoughts on “Science Shows Marijuana Is MUCH Safer Than Prescription Drugs

  1. Scientists speak out against false cannabis claims

    Leading international scientific body reviews thirteen oft-repeated claims on cannabis use and regulation, finds that none are strongly supported by scientific evidence

    Toronto, Canada – Many scientists are increasingly frustrated by the disregard of scientific evidence on cannabis use and regulation. To set the record straight, the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy (ICSDP), a global network of scientists working on drug policy issues, released two groundbreaking reports today evaluating the strength of commonly heard cannabis claims.

    State of the Evidence: Cannabis Use and Regulation,” is a comprehensive overview of the scientific research on major claims made about cannabis. It is paired with a summary report, “Using Evidence to Talk About Cannabis,” which equips readers with evidence-based responses to the claims.


    • Hey, even SCIENTISTS are speaking out against false cannabis claims. So why doesn’t the government legalize cannabis when the proof is flying right in front of their eyes? They can’t let the goyim get hold of cannabis.

      What is good for Jews, is not good for the goyim.


  2. This Monday, 8/17, marks the 100th year anniversary of the “lynching” of Leo Frank, a magnificent exercise in justice. This article shows in detail how a massive conspiracy developed to clear the murdering pedophile Frank of charges. This is how the “jews” work; after all the Talmud clearly states raping and murdering goyim children is a deeply religious act-


  3. I grew up in a time when we would follow a hand-drawn map and drive out to the wilds of rural Illinois in search of “marijuana” left over from WWII days. By gosh, we found that patch or three! We’d see farmers pause in tractoring vast stretches of (corn?) fields, watch as we loaded tens of pounds of weed — at this time, more “weed” than anything you can now imagine — into the trunk of a 1960s Ford Falcon. We drove back to eastern Indiana, paranoid as hell. I can remember almost fainting when I went to put gas in my car — green stuff sticking through the back truck, plain as the nose on my face! Back then, “weed” did not have the stench it do today.

    I never was fond of “marijuana” in those early days — heck, why do you think people got taken buying parsley (green leafy material) for the same price? The high was CO and CO2, hypoxia, and the grand placebo effect, girls and boys! But we still had gay ol’ times, laughing, eating, and making up for stupidities we did with each other. And, yes, occasionally, someone brought “green leafy material” worth the stiff price of inhaling hot smoke and searing one’s lungs. GOD invented psychedelic pills for many reasons, one to dodge the shitty way to get high smoking green leafy material.

    Nonetheless, I went on to greater things in life. I earned the Ph.D. in Pharmacology. I studied the effects of THC (you all know that acronym, I assume) on acetylcholine concentrations in diferent parts of the brain of the rat. Many rats. All told, I probably “sacrificed” (polite term in science for murdering) 10,000 rats for the purpose of gathering evidence to “prove” marijuana and other drugs ARE BAD FOR YOU!!! All funded by youyr money through the Federal Gov and the Natinal Institute on Drug Abuse.

    Mine is a longer story than this posting (or maybe even this site!) bears. Perhaps (hint hint) B’man himself will invite me to submit an essay for consideration of posting. Suffice it to say, in my expert opinion, marijuana is not bad for you; cannabis and concoctions made from it assist greatly in returning you to health from a great many illnesses and diseases. I do not endorse or recommend (not that kind of doctor, me), just my opinion, based on the scientific literature and an estimated 6,000 years of human experience.

    Now, where’s that Shanty? Great stuff.


    • There is absolutely no comparison to “ditch weed” and today’s weed, that is for sure. Even the leaves of today’s stuff is far more potent than the stuff you found way back when, even if there were buds on the stalks.

      I may not have a PhD, but I am (was, actually) a connoisseur. But even today compared to a decade or two ago is night and day difference because it has become so refined.

      We used to freak when someone brought in some exotic stuff (Hawaiian Blue, Panama Red, or their own home grown sinsemilla) because all that was available was Mexican dirt weed. I have never been to a weed shop in Colorado (or anywhere, for that matter) but I would love to, just for the sensory pleasure of the smells and sights (trying some would be cool, too). wink

      As for perceived harms, I was never convinced of all the horror stories, and the only thing one had to worry about was if the Mexican weed had paraquat or something added to it. Today, I am convinced that it not only isn’t harmful, but beneficial in many ways (which is the main reason it is illegal).

      Please do submit something for posting. If you have the background and credentials, it would be great to add here, instead of my rantings.

      buelahman {AT} g m a i l {DOT} com


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