This Week’s Rosenblat Holocaust Fantasy Award Goes To… Samuel Pisar

How Many “Death Camps” and “Death Marches” Could You Survive?

Samuel Pisar

Samuel Pisar’s whole story is one of Holocaust denial. As everyone knows, the Jews went through a selection process in the death camps, and everyone under the age of 16 was gassed.

Pisar was sent to Majdanek, which was a death camp, at the age of 13, but he wasn’t gassed. From Majdanek, he was transferred to Auschwitz-Birkenau, another death camp. When the Nazis marched out of Birkenau, he joined them instead of waiting to be liberated by the Soviets. For some reason, he had no fear of following the Nazis to Dachau where there was another gas chamber waiting for him.

Then he was sent on a death march out of Dachau, but he wasn’t killed. His whole story is one of Holocaust denial. The purpose of a “death march” was to kill the prisoners. The first time that I was called a Holocaust denier was when I wrote that the purpose of a “death march” was NOT to kill the prisoners, but to prevent them from roaming the countryside and attacking German civilians.

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5 thoughts on “This Week’s Rosenblat Holocaust Fantasy Award Goes To… Samuel Pisar

  1. Dear Auntie, today we visited the Warner Bbrother’s Studios Aushwitz theme park with a bunch of our friends. It was so exciting! First we all got spanked with the liewhipp which left a few lesions in our flesh, then we had a ride on the cattle train roller coaster (scary but a ” must do”), after that it was off to the infamous gas chamber (laughing gas chamber) where everyone was allowed to giggle loudly about the lies of the HOLOHOAX. After this it was off to the shop where we could buy an assortment of skin soap, skin lampshades, skin wallpaper, skin sandals, skin pyjamas, skinny jeans and all day suckers. Love and kissesxxxx


  2. Perhaps Samuel Pisar is relating a dream he had when he woke up that morning of writing. The dream was one of wishful thinking. He would have preferred to have been gassed, evidenced by his being in so many would-be gassing situations. Then finally he must happen. So he ends up dreaming it did. Got out of bed, he was still alive! Too bad, ‘I must let everyone know how I faced being gassed’, omitting he was not. Fairy tale. But the motto is to gain by deception. What a morass of lies those kind of people suck into most of the world. Who indeed are the foolish?


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