DESTROY THE USA (Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus Parody)


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3 thoughts on “DESTROY THE USA (Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus Parody)

  1. From the “battle flag” skirmish to wider appreciation of attacks on “whiteys”, I counsel caution.

    We have a trap set here, especailly for those of us who might “identify” as “white”. Like Mr. Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner, who, reportedly, identifies as a female human being. Like that woman (white? crazy?) who identified as belonging to a race to which she did not belong upon birth. We have a whole nuclear-armed pariah “nation state” (ill-begotten, established using terrorism) whose occupants identify as “Jewish”. We, who may identify as “White”, MAY NOT, under penalty of Law, do that! And, reacting, we then want to do that very thing, identify as “white”, FU!.

    Here’s what I think, for what it’s worth: We be humankind, and we should be both HUMAN and KIND to each other. We should follow and apply the Golden Rule (you all know that one, correct?!). We have to withdraw our energy, our money, our resources from those who behave wrongly (Golden Rule as a first measure!). We have to get better at being together with each other with whom we can be lovingly, comfortably, and gratefully.

    Nevermind the “Jews”, “zionist christians”, and and all other labels like that. Let’s get it together, folks, time’s running out.

    Let’s band together for the sake of humankind. Otherwise, I think bacteria and viruses will inherit the Earth.


  2. Modern day so-called “Jews” do not “Pray” to Yahweh….

    the “deity” in the stool scultpture deity {“Jewish”} cult compound is not….

    The ” LANGUAGE ” is the “ISSUE”….{Zephaniah 3:9}
    Deuteronomy 32….

    No one on Earth has to believe ….lies.

    @@@@ Matthew 13:39-43 @@@@


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