Where’s B’Man?

I wanted to jot a quick note in explanation to those wondering why there has been so little activity here over the past several weeks.

There have been some challenges and changes occurring around here. Firstly, I accepted a new position, so I have a new gig I’m working. It is a fantastic job and company, but it has required some very long days. Frankly, when I return (or get to a hotel if traveling) I am pooped or have other issues to attend to and simply haven’t been able to find enough time to write my own posts, nor link to much else.

I know this schedule will change when all training is complete and will be home almost every night, but it may take another month or two.

Although, surprisingly, no one has asked me what happened to DC Dave, I decided to not feature any more of his work since the last debacle he created here, first insulting me over a difference of opinion on a particular person’s writing I featured here a while back. He went on to attempt further discord among other commenters, then sent his lapdog in to make additional nonsensical comments (he may not have sent him, but they often work in tandem). He insisted that I delete the offending post and when I tried to address the real issue (his rude and unnecessary behavior), he offended me again.

So, to be clear, after a long stint of working together, my investing countless hours into visually improving his historical related posts and even more time invested in the videos we collaborated on, I pulled the plug on both future projects (I was in the middle of making a video that my wife, Liz Dilling was singing) and decided I would no longer feature his work.

It is the way of the world, I guess.

However, I have offered an author position to a friend who has a very unique style and is in the middle of an awakening. I feel that when she is ready, she can offer a different perspective to my rantings. I look forward to her stuff. This place needs a woman’s touch to smooth out the hard edges I give it.

Also, I will begin featuring Counter Bias’s (CB in the comment section) email campaign. He always features interesting stories and links. We intend to call it CB’s Corner.

That being said, I also want to extend the offer to others that may want to write something to share here. Simply write me an email and let me know.

I don’t want to drop the blog, but it has been very hectic and I haven’t had time to dedicate to it as normal. But bare with me.

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17 thoughts on “Where’s B’Man?

  1. B”Man I lived in the US for more than 33 years and have a degree in Acctg. & US taxation from a reputed Midwestern university. My ex and my 2 kids are settled in the US as citizens. I enjoy your work and would like to lend a helping hand to keep me occupied in my retirement back in India.US is not the same country as it was in the seventies. In my retirement I am keeping myself busy with organic farming.



  2. Hi B’M. Yes, do keep your site happening. Allocating space to other like-minded writers/artists, etc. is always a good thing especially when your own work is affected by the nasty need for financial survival.

    Happy to see CB featured too. I’ve been on his list for years and always enjoy his list of compiled articles and graphics and, more importantly, his analyses of the global serpent’s club.

    Get your house in order. We’re here not only for a good time but a long time.

    Peace & Blessings,



    • Hey John,

      Just listened to the interview Gary did with you about the work situation. Totally unfair! I hope you find recourse or another good position soon!

      Dave is brilliant (and KNOWs it), which is a great part of the problem.


      • A “clash of mental Titans”? Egos and opinions can cause problems. I did not ‘see’ the squabble’ between you and Dave, but this kind of thing is happening a lot, and requires both sides to examine the situation and work through it. IF there is hope…

        But this link is something that ALL should find disturbing and reveling.

        From 1925 >>>> VERY IMPORTANT >>>> PASS IT ALONG! >>>>
        Count Richard Nicolaus Coudenhove Kalergi
        …”Practical Idealism”…
        (Praktischer Idealismus)

        The Racist and Supremacist Roots
        of the Ideology behind the European Union



  3. Dear Bman, thanks for the update. Glad to know things are going well despite the falling out with Dave. Big rally for medical weed in Harrisburg, PA recently. Sister’s friend was moved to speak about how wonderful the oil has been. Waiting to hear Elizabeth Dilling sing!!! Be well and thanks for all the great work.


  4. I appreciate, empathize with, and fully support your approach, B’Man. I myself have undertaken a two-week fast from what I call “Doom & Gloom” — all 12 fronts in the War Against Humanity, many upon which you have touched and treated here on this blog! I too have busyne$$ pre$$ing and will say only this. I echo our friend’s regret about the demise of DC Dave from your site. I too respect his work and still often visit his site and read his essays works with respect and great interest. All this reminds me of Rodney King’s plaintive question, “Can’t we all just get along?” For if we cannot get along with each other, those who come close to agreement on many otherwise divisive or controversial issues, then…??????? We have no reason to hope for solutions anywhere at any level.


    • I’m still waiting for your particular expertise on cannabis, if you ever get the notion to post your thoughts here.


      As for getting along, I do with most people. But ego disallows certain characters to see that when they hurt another, they should do something about that. If not, I have little more to do with them. Unlike a battered wife, I refuse to continually take the hits.


  5. BMan, when you wrote your article explaining why you would split the sheets with Dave Martin a while ago, can’t find the link now, you did not leave room for any comments. Which is understandable and I took everything on face value, sad but accepting. You gotta do what you gotta do and let no one interfere with your objectives. Hope you will continue with this blog and wake up some more sleepy heads. 🙂


    • I offered the man several opportunities to make amends and discuss the situation. However, that is not one of his strengths. Never say you’re sorry for harm done. Keep pressing from an egotistical standpoint. To hell with friendship or previous experiences.

      This was not the first time and frankly, long ago I should have pulled the plug when he first exhibited the bizarre, narcissistic behavior.


  6. Glad you are not giving up this fight, old buddy… Glad to hear about your job situation has turned positive…

    Too bad about your falling out with Dave….. Hopefully that will iron out and an agreement can be reached for you two to at least be amicable….


  7. We all need tea breaks B’man (haven’t I had my fair share of them). You have done plenty for the Truth ol boy. We’ll see you when we see you. Thanks for all you have done to date for the big T.


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