Tommy Sotomayer Tells It Like It Is

It’s one thing for an old white guy like me to address niggerdom (as opposed to the black folk: they are not the same). Its another when a black man does it:


Just because I love my folk doesn’t mean I hate yours. Now get your act together and change the perception you’ve earned by following the Jews’ divide and conquer strategies. BTW: that goes for the white niggers, too.

h/t WhitePanzer

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6 thoughts on “Tommy Sotomayer Tells It Like It Is

  1. “You will never get real freedom and recognition between black and white people in this country without destroying the country, without destroying the present political system, without destroying the present economic system, without rewriting the entire constitution. It will be a complete destruction of everything that America supposedly stands for.”

    Malcolm X


  2. The magic chocojesus messiah will lead us to glorious victories. All the world marvels at the glow coming off his divine right of kings scepter. He will fight the evul globull warming and save all humanity! All hail the Messiah! The magic chocojesus!


  3. lol

    He spoke the truth. I hope he has concealed carry and a mirror to see behind his back because I can only imagine all the death threats he’s been getting. Lenon Honor says he got so many death threats for doing his videos critizing hip-hop as being very harmful to the black community that he had to shelve the whole series. Check out the Peter Tosh interview towards the end of this pod right before the Duane Allman interview. Check out how smart and knowledgeable he is.

    Negentropic Chronicles – Episode 5 –

    [audio src="" /]


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