An Ode To The Tax Payer



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5 thoughts on “An Ode To The Tax Payer

  1. Lisa, dignity is the LAST thing these people think about. Here’s the true story of how I woke up to how corrupted the entitlement system is.

    Years ago I was a regular at a restaurant where I befriended a young waitress. She was personable and very intelligent and over time I came to think of her as the daughter I never had. I eventually suggested that she attend college and offered to pay for it myself, so that she could improve her station in life. She sat me down, said she didn’t need my help, and gave me a wake-up call.

    She started by telling me that despite having no education her income was much higher than mine, and for a lot less work. She explained that although she made close to $50,000 a year in tips, she only declared about $20,000 and kept the rest hidden. She had two out of wedlock boys, each by a different father, and each bi-racial because she got more money each month for a bi-racial child. She lived in government housing where she had almost no rent and got free water, electricity, phone and cable tv with internet, a free computer, food stamps, day care, medicaid. She got a federal tax “refund” each year that was somehow based on her number of children if I remember correctly, and ended up being more than her withholding, so what she called a refund was really a net gain.

    When she sat there and added up all her “benefits” it came out to close to $80,000 per year, tax free. Not included in that number was the value of her “free” car, one that her mother owned but let her drive. She was supposed to keep it insured, but didn’t and wasn’t worried about it. When I asked what she would to if she got hurt in an accident or someone else got hurt and sued her, she laughed and said, “Don’t you get it? First, they would sue my mother since she owns the car, and they wouldn’t get anything because she is on disability and welfare. Second, I am lawsuit proof because I have nothing on paper that anyone can take. As for getting hurt and needing medical care, since my boys are on medicaid, I too am on it so I’m not worried. She explained that if one person at any given address is on medicaid then ALL persons living at that address are on it too. (We were in Florida, and I don’t know if that is true for other states. I later was told the same thing by another entitled “single mom,” a label they like to milk for sympathy.)

    I finally asked what she did with all her disposable income and she said she spent between $500 and $1000 a month on porn and sex toys, and weed, that she and her boys took two 2-week vacations twice a year, and she didn’t really keep track of the rest. She thanked me for the offer of a college education, but told me that she didn’t want to spend the time or energy on college classes, that she would have a lower lifestyle if she earned an “honest” living and thus couldn’t afford it, and said she already had all the education she needed. And in a way she did, because she had learned well how to work the system. Although her income was not “earned” for the most part, she did indeed have a higher annual income than mine, worked far fewer hours each week than I did, and had no financial worries whatsoever.

    A few years ago I found out that she was in the penitentiary for home invasions — the new career she shared with her latest boyfriend. They pulled off quite a few in order to support their heroin addiction, before they got caught. At that time she was in year 3 of a 25 year sentence and her boys were old enough to be incarcerated in the juvenile justice system. By now they are probably serving long sentences as adult offenders. Undoubtedly, when the boys get out they will “hook up” and impregnate someone just like their mother and we will have yet another generation of welfare cheats to support.

    I have a feeling that if there were any transparency in the entitlement program industry, we would see that when all the benefits from local, state and federal programs are added up MOST recipients have more to live on than most of the taxpayers who provide those funds.


  2. Welfare for private corporations costs more. Anyway, it is the politicians who created this system who are to blame, not the recipients.


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