When Being a Flat Out Unapologetic Racist Makes a Lot More Sense

As it turns out, being a flat out unapologetic racist makes a lot more sense than being a gun control advocate.

Sources linked in the original text at http://christophercantwell.com/2015/10/07/disarm-black-males/

h/t Renegade Tribune and John Kaminski

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5 thoughts on “When Being a Flat Out Unapologetic Racist Makes a Lot More Sense

  1. Lies, damned lies, and statistics! Correlation does not necessarily imply causation. Full disclosure: I have greatly enjoyed applying statistics to discover structures of complex “issues”. Nonetheless, as a come-back to equally superficial arguments FOR gun control, Mr. Cantwell excelled!

    The video includes the “false flag” shooting of a reporter, that “incident” debunked thoroughly, not a particularly well chosen splice by Mr. Cantwell. Mr. Cantwell might consider reviewing the many gun-related false flag events (e.g., Sandy Hook, possibly Charleston, many others) if he has not already. We ALL might want to consider when, how, and why “black folks” — not sure here of the proper, politically correct, non-racist way to refer to persons with skin color darker than the average, well-tanned white woman — got where they are today. Surely, they did not ALL choose to descend to the depths at which they now live to survive in this (former republic) USoA, most likely born deep and kept down there, supplied with guns and drugs by TPTB. Always handy to have an “underclass”, you know!

    Let us love each other. Can’t we all get along? (Thx R. King.) If you count genes, then we have way more more in common than any other difference could possible make. Reptilians the exception that proves this rule for humankind! 🙂


  2. “Democratic ideals among an homogenous population of Nordic blood, as in England or America, is one thing, but it is quite another for the white man to share his blood with, or intrust his ideals to, brown, yellow, black or red men.
    This is suicide pure and simple, and the first victim of this amazing folly will be the white man himself.”

    ~ Madison Grant-1920 in a forward to the book The Rising Tide of Color by Lothrop Stoddard ~



    These juvenile Negro gangtas
    armed to the teeth are not
    there by accident.

    That’s the state of affairs
    that suits the Jews to a tee.

    If it didn’t, all these gangstas
    would have been labelled
    ‘Islamic terrorists’ – and
    shot on sight.

    Don’t miss the Jew forest
    for some colourful trees.

    Besides, hardly anyone
    bothers to take notice
    of the gross humbag,
    whenever the words
    ‘American nation’
    are uttered.

    In fact, there are at least
    four different nations
    inhabiting the U.S. of A. –
    whites, blacks, Hispanics
    and Jews.

    And you probably don’t need
    to be told which (smallest)
    nation is actually in control
    of the ‘American nation’…

    However, getting back
    to the original subject –
    for example, had the
    Farrakan’s Nation of Islam
    been allowed to police
    its fellow blacks, those
    gangstas could have been
    simply machine-gunned
    out of existence, if that
    was the price of exercising
    the real political power
    amounting to black
    national sovereignty
    in some shape or form.

    However, letting the whites
    to be equally sovereign –
    and free of the fear of
    the blacks – is not what is
    suited the Jew parasites –
    and that’s why it won’t be
    allowed to happen – not
    while the Jews remain
    in total control.


  4. Yes, Black Lives Matter, but only if they’re human.

    Black Crime Matters.

    We are constantly told that we need an honest, open, discussion about race. Well, then, let’s start that discussion. Here are some facts about American blacks:
    13% of the population
    50% of all murders
    40% of all violent crime
    40% of all welfare
    number 1 cause of death for black males between 18 – 35: homicide
    highest abortion rate of all races: 31.8 per 1000 live births
    out of wedlock births: 72% –
    All of this comes from : http://www.fbi.gov/about-u


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