The Perpetual Hoaxoco$t


“We call it the ‘Hoaxoco$t’ because it is a hoax, and it costs plenty. In addition to the jillions of dollars already paid out, directly or indirectly, in cash, goods, and services to Hoaxoco$t “survivors” and the racketeer state of Israel—with new, improved Hoaxoco$t survivor rip-offs, shake-downs, protection rackets, extortion rackets, blackmail schemes, and related swindles being invented and refined almost every week—one would need a computer to calculate the number of unprovoked air strikes, invasions, bombings, burnings, sinkings, shellings, confiscations, expulsions, tortures, book-burnings, beatings, arrests and detentions, both with and without trial, all caused by the insane delusion that we are fighting Hitler every five seconds, in the need to prevent yet another Hoaxoco$t from occurring for the umpteenth time.”

~ Carlos W Porter



“All four of my grandparents narrowly avoided the gas chambers in Auschwitz and countless of their friends met with this fate. For my father it was a daily conversation in my teens and early 20s and even though I very profoundly understood his pain, one day I had to say to him, ‘Dad, I can’t talk about this anymore.’ My father had a whole wall of books on the subject of the Holocaust – it was all he wanted to talk about, but it was so harrowing for me.”

~ Dan Glass (Jewish Swindler traumatized by ALMOST losing his grandparents)

What is sadder? The fact that these liars and swindlers have such chutzpah that they are confident the Goyim masses will swallow this malarkey -or- the fact that they are correct about said assertion?

h/t Holocaust Blackmail by Darkmoon

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7 thoughts on “The Perpetual Hoaxoco$t

  1. Archaeologist Scott Dawson interviewed by identical twin brother Ryan Dawson, well-known media-fakery gatekeeping “truther” from Anti-Neocons and WhatReallyHappened:

    100% proof that even identical twins are vastly different from each other. They even sound almost exactly like each other and seem to have the same energy levels but their cadences and accents and timbre are different enough to tell them apart. One reason is Scott still lives in South Carolina, while Ry is married to a Japanese woman and has lived in Tokyo for a while.

    the archaeologist

    the conspiracy theorist and troofer


  2. BMan…I think I understand your position now! My contention is that the Z-Jews used the Nazi movement as a cover for their own movement i.e. Zionist Palestine . Everything they did to terrorize their Jews to flee to Palestine they blame on the Nazis. The Jews have started all the world wars till now. To put it in brief. Are we in agreement?


    • Hey (I already commented at your place before seeing this). Sorry.

      But, yes, we are in agreement. But I also believe that they used each other for certain goals.

      The Germans wanted the Jews out of Germany and the Z Jews wanted them all to go to Palestine (a match not made in heaven, but having the same ultimate goal of eradication of jewry from German lands). Hitler and the NSDAP knew this wasn’t the best idea, but the only one (after the Madagascar idea failed and the other countries started limiting the number of Jews to immigrate, trying to force them to Palestine). The Zionists played all sides to force it.

      But even the idea of Zionism being a nationalist movement is not altogether true. Yes, it is what Herzl said, but at the same time the movement included Marxism which was trying to dominate the world. To me, Eretz Israel (one stated Zionist goal) is but the starting point of world domination (again, something Germany was NOT attempting).

      I don’t look at Germany and Zionists working for that same goal as them “being the same”. That, to me, is a stretch.


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