B’Man’s Revolt: Asserting My Inferiority

brooks-circular-thumbLarge-v3“There are others who see anti-Semitism as another form of bigotry. But these are different evils. Most bigotry is an assertion of inferiority.”
~ David Brooks

From Mike King:

Yes. That’s it David. Like our neurotic counterparts in the Middle East and Europe, we Americans who are concerned about the negative impact of Jewish Marxism and Zionism are also mentally unhinged; just envious losers who suffer from a “inferiority complex”.  Never mind the fact that sex-crazed Jewish Hollywood is corrupting our children, or that the Jewish Central Bank is debasing our currency, or that the Jewish Lobby wants us to shed blood for Israel, or that the Jewish-run media is propagandizing the public with false news, or that Jewish academia persecutes scholars who dare to question the conventional accounts of World War II and the Holocaust No. Our sentiments are all about “envy”.

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4 thoughts on “B’Man’s Revolt: Asserting My Inferiority

  1. Bearing in mind one would not trust any of these semites to run a cold water tap, manage a bank, administer a pharmacy or take any responsible position seriously unless it can be used for theft, larceny, murder or general nonce sense then what we are dealing with here is a failure to identify the problem through correct terminology.

    Since we are dealing with phukkedwitz, phukkwitz and their phukkwittery it is only natural for sensible persons with rational outlooks to display anti-phukwittizm. So to correctly phrase my first sentence it now reads.

    “Bearing in mind one would not trust any of these phukkedwitz to run a cold water tap, manage…………”



  2. Way to go, seems die Juden haven’t realized the anti-semitism card has been overplayed. Time to put a new deck on the table. But, in their superiority complex they can’t think of any other. It’s either the holohoax or anti-semitism, poor victims, who have no sense of creativity, only destruction. When the jew is mighty (Yossi Gurvitz) we all are supposed to kowtow or shuddup. Just one point in case is Arthur Topham.

    Accusing gentiles of inferiority requires a lot of chutzpah and lying. But then, that’s what the Talmud teaches them. Morons, my version of being polite.

    From the Shiksa Goddess:


  3. Evil Nazi terrorists lurk around every corner! How will we get to heaven if we don’t love the poor noble downtrodden jew? You don’t want to miss out on the rapture do you?!
    OMG! Swastikas are falling from the sky and spray painted on every building in sight! Ahhhh!


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