Sophistication Does Not Equal White Privilege

There is a reason beyond “white privilege” that makes the statistics about Chicago true (I would wager it is true for all population centers, large and small).


It is the fact that the white contingent of the overall population of Chicago is more civilized than the other races (Asians excluded). Even in other places where white people make up the vast majority of the city population, the other races STILL conduct more crime.

Just because white people are more sophisticated than blacks, doesn’t mean they have extra privilege. It means that blacks are uncouth, by and large, with little respect for persons, property or rights (not to mention righteousness).

I welcome the black community to make changes to correct this travesty.

h/t Nonon

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3 thoughts on “Sophistication Does Not Equal White Privilege

  1. You just hit the “Bull’s Eye” with this. All Asians want to live in a White neighborhood for a reason. Long time back (about 3 decades) when I was on an audit in a small town in Kentucky, (working for the Teamster’s Pension Fund out of Chicago), I heard an old Black guy telling us how things were much better under segregation ! I can never forget that man and that night.We were all sitting smoking weed by the small hotel where we stayed for the audit of a trucking company. Reminds me of a song by Bob Seger “Khatmandu” these days when I see what has happened to the good old USA…


    • People (especially social justice warriors) seem to not understand (or intentionally ignore) the reasons why “white flight” takes place. They want the world to believe that its because whites consider themselves superior to others. And maybe one needs a narrow definition of “superior” to continue to push the white privilege/white supremacist meme. I do not consider myself superior to any individual due to color, ethnicity, religion, or whatever. However, I do consider myself superior to the thugs, murderers and miscreants that make the whites (or anyone else) want to leave in the first place.

      If you ever read Walter Williams and people like him, they, too, will admit that things were better during segregation. And frankly, I don’t disagree with them.


  2. I am inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa because all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours whereas all the testing says not really. Despite the desire that all human beings should be equal, people who have to deal with black employees find this not true.

    James Dewey Watson, Co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, Nobel Prize in biophysics


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