Putin calls plane’s downing
by turkey ‘stab in the back’

Russian Media claims Erdogan’s son
behind downing of Russian Su-24

Can a turkey fly?…  Or does it even
have an Air Force?…  Does a turkey
ever do anything on its own, except
fatten itself up for Thanksgiving?…
It’s doubtful that turkey could have
shot down that Russian jet
all by itself – without an OK
from the Oral Office.

And how did Comrade Obama
qualify for that venerable office?
By performing exemplary fellatios
at a gay Jewish bath-house in
Chicago.  So if you are really good
at sucking Jews’ c@cks, you can
cause a Russian war plane to be
shot out of the sky.  And you need
no flying lessons, either.

On the other hand, this treacherous
stab in the back by the ISIS-friendly
fundamentalist regime is what
Comrade Putin more or less invited
with his softly-softly approach – and
so did his still Soviet slave military.
Had the Yanks flown those missions
in Syria, there’d be no airborne
turkeys around, except in a purely
subservient capacity.

Besides, what’s a turkey’s border?…
Is Constantinople in turkey?…  Or
does any part of Cyprus belong to
turkey?…  Or would NATO wage a
nuclear war on turkey’s behalf?…

Halal porkers might fly.

If Comrade Putin is game enough
to cleanse this turkey’s egg from
his face, he could avail himself of
an appropriate opportunity to restore
the full sovereignty of Cyprus.

Secondly, ‘Sultan’ Erdogan clearly
identified himself as an ISIS terrorist
in many more ways than one.
The Yanks deal with guys like him
by way of a message from a Predator,
unless, of course, he happens to be
on their payroll – and perpetrates all
of his mass murders ‘under licence’…

And thirdly, turkey needs neither
the Air Force nor the Navy nor its
Army that’s most renowned for
sadistic murders of its conscripts

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