Safe Versus Dangerous


What is the difference between the 10 safest cities in America and the 10 most dangerous cities in America?

Safest Cities

No. 1: Hibbing, Minnesota (95.9% White)

No. 2: Upper Providence Township, Pennsylvania (91.83% White)

No. 3: Zionsville, Indiana (94% White)

No. 4: Ridgefield, Connecticut (96.12% White)

No. 5: South Park Township, Pennsylvania (86.5% White)

No. 6: Wayland, Massachusetts (87.2% White)

No. 7: Norfolk, Massachusetts (88.97% White)

No. 8: Lindenhurst, Illinois (92.83% White)

No. 9: Clinton, Massachusetts (88.2% White)


Most Dangerous Cities with populations above 200,000.

No. 1: Detroit (93% nonwhite 2010)

No. 2: Memphis, Tennessee (67% nonwhite in 2010)

No. 3: Oakland, California (75% nonwhite in 2010)

No. 4: St. Louis, Missouri (57% nonwhite in 2010)

No. 5: Birmingham, Alabama (79% nonwhite in 2010)

No. 6: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (67% nonwhite in 2010)

No. 7: Baltimore, Maryland (72% nonwhite in 2010)

No. 8: Cleveland, Ohio (67% nonwhite in 2010)

No. 9: Stockton, California (78% nonwhite in 2010)


This might explain the white exodus from the big cities they built, now invaded by miscreants and thuggish monsters.

h/t The Burning Platform

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15 thoughts on “Safe Versus Dangerous

  1. Let me guess-The unsafe ones are majority Amish? I can’t wait for Immaculate Dear Leader Messiah Imam Hussein to build the utopia modeled after Detoilet and Detoilet east aka Baltimore!
    But seriously here is the list from 2012 for worst cities based on violent crime and drug arrests:

    Riverside, CA
    Oakland, CA
    Santa Ana, CA
    Stockton, CA
    Detroit, MI


  2. I buy the St. Louis Post-Dispatch nearly every day to read. One page has the listings of yesterday’s violent crimes, the shootings, stabbings, drive-by shootings, etc. Most of the listings have a pic and damn near everyone is a black male in the mug shot, with a look of surly hatred on his face, as if he’s PO that the cops had the gall to interrupt his fun of shooting up some apartment building.

    When asked why there are so many black men arrested for these violent crimes, apologists will shriek in horror and scream that you are a racist if you don’t blame it on their background of being poor, raised fatherless and in foster homes.

    To that I say Bullshit. I came from a poor family. And was in three foster homes between the age of 6 and 16. And only met my father once after he split. But I didn’t turn out to be a homicidal maniac that gets pleasure from stealing and shooting other people.

    I’m guessing that it was because I was taught to work at a young age, being on a stock and grain farm that always need tending. The one stepfather that mistook me for a punching bag always preached “If you don’t work, you don’t eat” and he wasn’t kidding.

    Compare that to many of the black predators roaming the streets of our cities, looking for someone to steal from or just shoot for the hell of it. They were raised in a home with an absentee father who booked as soon as he found out his latest ‘Ho’ got knocked up.
    Their mother would sit around all day, maybe drinking and or getting high while bitching about ‘whitey’ and how the white race has held them down and oppressed the blacks.

    Instead of getting one of those shitty, low-paying jobs in the fast-food business (and working your way up or using some of that money for an education) or some similar place to get some money, they get hold of Glock and look for some ‘chump’ to take down and rob. Maybe shoot him/her for some kicks.

    Decades of government treating the blacks with free handouts, free food, free housing, free medical care and usually a monthly check to help them buy some malt liquor has produced several generations of mindless savages who think that since whitey owes them something, they’ll just take it from others who went out and worked for a living.

    This might sound racist, but the truth is usually harsh.


    • This might sound racist, but the truth is usually harsh.

      It only sounds “racist” to the brainwashed masses falling for the “poor blacky” propaganda. I’m sick of it.

      Great comment!


      • Would kneejerked my Jewish “racism” implant a few years ago, but not no more. No and more libtards, like myself, are coming out of the programming.


  3. One comment from Germany under the news clip from your side bar:
    “Why shouldn’t the negroes shit on their beach? After all, it’s their beach. But now they are shitting in our front yards. They should all be sent back so they, once again, can shit on their own beach!”

    “Europe will soon have designated shitting streets. Enjoy your diversity.”
    by Richard Balls

    And I thought the scatological part was an obsession with the jews. Of course, shitting on the beach is not a crime. But, in my opinion, it is a sign of arrested development or not enough toilets to go around, lol. Does civilized behaviour has something to do with shitting in the right places?


  4. Creative people create, they win if their creation is beneficial, other people win when they trade them their creation for other people’s creations, goods and services.

    This is the operating principle of all successful civilizations. The more of this principle is operating, the more of a civilization you have.

    Uncreative people wait for creative people to create, then they find some excuse to take the creation by force or fraud (indirect force) and “win” while others lose.

    This is the operating principle of all successful parasites. The more of this principle is operating, the worse off your society will be in every way and the more miserable the creative hosts infected by parasites.

    Paris “La Casa Nostra Cafe” Psy-Op – SMOKING GUN Proving it Was a STAGED HOAX

    Negentropic Chronicles – Episode 8 –

    [audio src="" /]


  5. Breaking-mass shooting at social services building for people with disabilities in San Bernadino. Internet says muslime suspects armed with military style rifles and tactical gear. MSM will go into white male domestic terrorists ban the second amendment mode any second. Politicians already milking it on tweeter twatter twitter. More false flag action for the gun grabbers? If you don’t hear any mention of the suspects race you will know who it was. Why can’t Dear Leader make the world a gun free zone safe space and keep us all safe?


  6. Greasy presstitute media whores are trying to drop the California “mass shooting” agitprop like a hot potato since it wasn’t a white NRA member teabagger Trump supporter.
    How bout that Kenyan half breed P.O.S. dear leader calling it workplace violence. Bwahaha!
    This country deserves whatever it gets for electing that bathhouse queer rat.


    • This country deserves whatever it gets for electing that bathhouse queer rat.

      Uh, Archie, do you frequent queer bathhouses very often? And no, I’m no Obama fan, but calling the president names doesn’t help the situation, you’re just turning off anyone who might want to open their eyes.

      How about this Tweet that was the first issued BOLO for San Bernardino:

      #BREAKING: Reports of an active shooter in San Bernardino. Police looking for 3 white males dressed in military gear. At least 20 injured


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