When The Man Comes Around

I’ve listened to the lyrics carefully, and they don’t make a lot of sense. But I’m getting the distinct impression that when the man comes around; we’re all f*cked.

~ SpaghettiandSauce (Youtube Commenter)

The song is about the Christ, supposedly, but I get the hankering for the white man to come around out of our slumber; realizing that the organized assault against us is real and purposeful, then standing up in solidarity to counter it. When the white man comes around to the fact that his entire race is being destroyed, supported by ignorance of the most dumbed down whites and the vicious social justice warriors who celebrate the demise of white men, in particular, maybe he’ll do like what has been done over and over for thousands of years and get mean.

Stefan Molyneau has a saying that rings true:

White Man is nice, until he is not.

(or something to that effect)

Or is it true when they say “White Men Are Wimps


But it ain’t just white folk.

When did black people become such incredible pussies?

As far as documented cases go, there aren’t that many. This is likely because—as it is with rape—we’re told most cases go unreported. Two African-American women of color at the Huffington Post have diligently gone through the cases, and at the University of Missouri alone we have: a student in 2004 accusing black students of vandalism; a cotton-ball incident in 2010; an insensitive flyer in 2012; and “just this year” alone, we have two—count them, two—incidents of swastika graffiti. One of them was even made of poo-poo! That’s almost a case every single two years! It sounds like being black on campus is almost as bad as being short, having a harelip, or having once accidentally farted very loudly in class.

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8 thoughts on “When The Man Comes Around

  1. Whenever I go to the store and the clerk says as I leave “Have a good day,” I correct them by telling them: “That’s what the Jews say. Read the Bible story of Esther.” This “innocent” phrase is the signal for Gentile Genocide.

    My little rebellion. Sigh……………….


  2. Liverpool Scene – We’ll All Be Spacemen Before We Die

    Negentropic Chronicles - Episode 9 -
    [audio src="https://archive.org/download/NegentropicChronicles09_201512/Negentropic%20Chronicles%2009.mp3" /]

    Sorry if it’s a little too short but time is limited in the pre-zone plan-net.




  3. Don’t worry those poor downtrodden useless idiot trust fund social justice warriors coming at you live from the safe space will have a stupid look on their face when the outsiders they embraced come for them.
    Their won’t ever be a rainbow utopia of vibrant diversity where we all ride off into the sunset on our unicorns singing kumbaya. Utopia is banished.


  4. Spotted a hilarious demotivational poster on the interweb tubes the other day, it showed a Shanaynay LaQueefa crying over the election of the Kenyan bathhouse queer Trojan horse and at the bottom it said….inferiority complex…when the greatest day of your life is the day a half white president is elected.


  5. I first heard this song in the opening credits of the 21st century remake of Dawn of the Dead, which uses it to appropriately menacing and apocalyptic effect. Cash, unforunately, was a pro-Israel loon and even used his TV show to promote tourism to the Jewish state.


    • I’ve never seen that movie, but remember the song from way back. It just so happens that the long time drummer for Johnny is a family friend. Although the direct subject of Jews has never been fully discussed, I can say that what we see on TV is not always the true feelings from the TV personality (at least later in life).

      There was a time that I, too, might have regurgitated Israeli accolades.

      Basically, today’s (as opposed to a century or two ago) heavily Jewish influenced Christian religion blinds its followers with that BS.

      But really, I didn’t want to make the original word meanings the focus, but more on my tendency to do what the enemy does: change word meanings to fit their agenda.

      If they can do it, why can’t I?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I certainly would prefer if the song could take on the meaning you suggest. It was used more recently in another movie, Killing Them Softly with Brad Pitt, and introduces that actor’s hitman character in an allegory about the ’08 crash and banksterism.


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