Adopting The Crazy

One might think this is just the run of the mill crazy person. But what appears more insane to me are the people who embrace and perpetuate this demented bullshit by their support and by their idiotic mindset. Frankly, where I come from, this man would find himself on the harsh end of an ass-whoopin’… for he certainly does not deserve accolades or further promotion.

I feel for his children and family who are forced to deal with this via political correctness and an unhinged public who supports it. If this were my brother, I guarantee you that he would be toting an ass whoopin.

Crazy bastard.

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10 thoughts on “Adopting The Crazy

  1. Dear Bman,

    Thank you for your response. I was fishing for criticism from somewhat vague comment

    on Martinson’s confused, repetitious, inexact, emotional attack on White Nationalism.

    I will put out a response to Martinson’s bs in 3 or 4 days.

    Mark Edwards



  2. This is absolutely crazy. And he doesn’t even act like a six year old (and I know that makes no sense). He is wearing makeup and earrings bigger than most steet walkers. WOW. I think I’m going to get sick now…


  3. You can say about the same about
    those ‘celebrity’ Judas goats that
    went to the premier of J.J.Abrams/
    Disney’s The Force Awakens — and
    all its subsequent ‘adult’ audiences.
    The Jew-owned Disney is said to be
    looking forward to grossing some
    $5 billion on ‘merchandize’ alone.
    That probably requires quite some
    number of morons.


    • People would probably consider me crazy, but I am 54 years old and have never sat through an entire Star Wars movie (I tried once but couldn’t watch more than 15 minutes). For whatever reason, I have never been able to jump on the bandwagon that many other geeks jumped on.


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