We Need A New Crusade

In this presentation, Stefan shares a wonderful synopsis of history regarding Muslim Invasions (and their ensuing caliphates), the brutal onslaught that culminated in 1,000’s of years of murder and forced conversions, and the subsequent European Christian cultures’ response (known as the Crusades). Think what you might about Christians, but there was a time that they saved the world from head choppers like the radical Muslims we see today.

He ends with a very inspiring request that Europeans and North Americans (aka “white people”)  be proud of their history and to stop apologizing. Stop this incessant complacency when being attacked and stand up for yourselves.

What he doesn’t dig into is how much of the self-flagellation that white people do to themselves is not so much an inherited fault (as he seems to contend), but is brainwashed into us by the Jewish media. It is not innate, but a learned behavior which we need to change. We need to be proud of our heritage and what our race has done for mankind.

Apparently all the other races agree with that assertion because they obviously feel the need to be a part of what we constructed. If not, why in the hell do they want to be here in the first place?


This is one of his best presentations that I have seen.

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4 thoughts on “We Need A New Crusade

    • I wonder what the connection was with Jews that inspired the Muslim invasions of old.

      Frankly, what this country does on behest of Israel/Jews is not the same type of “crusade” as the old ones. There has been no real Christian connotation to what the US military has done over the past several decades in the ME. But, I would be remiss to not point out that many Christians were duped into believing it and joined in on the killing.

      What I am saying with this post is that history is full of tidbits that help me understand better the predicament that Jews have gotten us in to. The history of the caliphates/crusades is probably NOT what we were taught in school, nor by the media today. I am not sure if Molyneux has it down perfect (for he distances himself from the Jewish quotient), but I agree with much of his presentation, especially the last part.


  1. It won’t be happening with a Kenyan half breed muslime queer com/org P.O.S. in the whorehouse at the district of cesspool. All the carpet munchers, penis puffers and feminists are in for a rude shock when sharia comes to the United States of Islam, ahahaha!
    BTW-someone changed the searcher to worthless google on this shared machine and this page doesn’t even show up in the blog name search results and a news aggregator page was listed as “unsafe” by the doing no evil (LOL!) comrades at google. I have changed it back to non-gov spy search engine and this page shows up in first results. Also the kulak thoughtcriminal aggregator page has no “unsafe” warning in the search engine.


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