Sweetie The Jew Covers For His Tribe

The idiot owner of Washington’s Blog is allowing his pet Jew, Sweetie, to cover up for his tribe’s obvious control of America (actually, it seems that the WB ownership has changed or they have had a stroke or something). You see, the Saudis are the real controllers of America, not the ones that control Saudi Arabia and its crazed head choppers, which are the Jews in Israel.

The fundamentalist-Sunni royal family of the Sauds have bought the highest levels of the U.S. government in order to control U.S. foreign policies, especially the ongoing wars to take down the governments of Iraq, Libya, Syria, and ultimately (they hope) of Russia itself, which latter nation has allied itself instead with Shiia countries. The controlling entities behind American foreign policies since at least the late 1970s have been the Saud family and the Sauds’ subordinate Arabic aristocracies, which are the ones in Qatar (the al-Thanis), Kuwait (the al-Sabahs), Turkey (the Tuktic Erdoğans, a new royalty), and UAE (its six royal families: the main one, the al-Nahyans in Abu Dhabi; the other five: the al-Maktoums in Dubai, al-Qasimis in Sharjah, al-Nuaimis in Ajman, al-Mualla Ums in Quwain, and al-Sharqis in Fujairah). Other Saudi-dominated nations — though they’re not oil-rich (more like Turkey in this regard) — are Pakistan and Afghanistan.

All of that according to Andrew Cockburn, who, like Sweetie Zuesse, claim to be “investigative reporters”. Uh Huh. Around these parts, we generally use the term, “liars”.

Sounds like the quintessential coverup to me when it is glaringly obvious who owns who and who controls who. It is certainly not the “Saudi Defamation League”. Nor do they “own Hollywood” as idiot fat ass, Alex Jones pretends. And unless Sheldon Adelson, et al, are closet Saudi head choppers, they don’t own the media, etc, either.

Just sayin’.

Sweetie isn’t stupid, as this shite would make him appear. He is a shill. And, by extension, so is Cockburn (but who ever questioned that to begin with).

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7 thoughts on “Sweetie The Jew Covers For His Tribe

  1. Taking down Russia won’t be happening. Not with Vlad the Putinator at the helm. Did you see where Vlad complimented Trump and said nothing of the Kenyan half breed com/org trojan horse rat?
    Also those who think Russia’s military is some third rate laughingstock couldn’t be more wrong.
    Russia is now exchanging nuclear material with Iran who just tested an ICBM the other day.
    So much for peace in our time courtesy of the Halfrican Queen.


  2. This so-called ‘investigative historian’ must have some powerful backers. His articles are popping up all over the place that I never noticed before. Makes you wonder about the credibility of those other web sites too, like globalresearch.ca. Seems like most are compromised by jewgenda and are damaged goods. Can’t keep your eyes open wide enough to try and discern what’s what.

    As for the Saudis having bought the highest levels of the US government, puleeze, nice diversion from the real culprits. Who is going to fall for that? Answer: too many I’m afraid. Same thing has happened with the muzzies over the last few weeks. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but all of a sudden everyone started the muslim-bashing. Even Kirwan. He also turned up a notch on the nazis.

    So, now we have the Saudis, the Muslims and the Nazis corrupting American politics. Wow! Everyone, but the real criminals. Talk about propaganda.

    Anyways, BMan, I got carried away, but I just wanted to wish you and your family


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