B’Man’s Hypocrite Watch: The Real History of Slavery in America


In 1651, a black Angolan slave, Anthony Johnson, freed from “indentured servitude” (the first 2/3’s of Europeans, AKA “white people”, that came to the colonies were indentured, many times kidnapped and sent here with no say or defense… in other words, slaves),  purchased a 250 acre farm and had 5 “indentured servants” of his own (4 were white and 1 was black). The black “indentured servant” was John Casor, who made claim that his 7 year commitment was over and he went to work for Johnson’s white neighbor, Robert Parker. Johnson (a black man) sued Parker (a white man) to regain his “indentured servant” in a court of law and after losing, appealed the decision and won Casor back, not temporarily, but forever.

It was the first time slavery was legally endorsed in a court of law. And it was a black man’s doing. Next time you, as a white man, are blamed for slavery in America, remember this story they conveniently forget.


See also: John Punch

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12 thoughts on “B’Man’s Hypocrite Watch: The Real History of Slavery in America

  1. For those interested in the enslaving of “whites”, look no further than the detailed, very well referenced book of Michael Hoffman (MH), “They were White and They were Slaves”. Brief description follows, purloined from a David Duke page featuring an interview of MH by Ernst Zundel, whose name some of you might recognize.

    The chronicle of White slavery in America comprises the dustiest shelf in the darkest corner of suppressed American history. Should the truth about that epoch ever emerge into the public consciousness of Americans, the whole basis for the swindle of “Affirmative action,” “minority set-asides” and proposed “Reparations to African-Americans” will be swept away. The fact is, the White working people of this country owe no one. They are themselves the descendants, as Congressman Wilmot so aptly said, of “the sons of toil.” — Michael A. Hoffman II

    This and other books by MH — which I highly recommend, having now read all of them (no mean feat!) — available from MH’s bookstore. Please support this historian by purchasing his books, subscribing to his newsletter (alwasy substantive and interesting), or sending a donation. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I myself get nothing other than the satisfaction of promoting this man’s work to others who might appreciated it!)



    • That’s funny. I don’t recall getting any of that in Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States. How could a compassionate Jew version leave it out? Howie was too compassion fatigued to give a shit about 9/11, too. Funny.


    • I have read much of Mr. Hoffman’s work, and have used some quotes in one of the articles I presented at my site. I have emailed him many times with questions, and I have never received a reply. Those questions are very important when viewed from my points of interest. I am disappointed, but not really surprised. Even the intellectual types hate having to answer questions that go against their years of ‘training’, that may show that they have over looked something, or God forbid they may have been deceived!

      It is the same with Dr. Lorraine Day, David Duke, Mr. Chris Bjerknes, etc.


      • @Edoms Thorn December 28, 2015 at 7:58 pm
        I have corresponded with Michael Hoffman for a few months. I find he replies to my e-mails when I have something substantive to ask or offer. Try, try again. You can find his e-mail on his web page, hoffman [at] revisionisthistory.org.


  2. If anyone can find the last living victim of the terrible slavery (gasp) I will gladly give everything I own (my prized Mad Magazine collection) and all my money which is exactly $0.
    Or I could contribute $0 so the poor downtrodden noble magic negro can emigrate back to the glorious motherland where they can live in mudhuts and rub shit in their hair.


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