Maybe The Long-Haired Freak Could Use A Good Sativa Blend

Apparently, the fried egg in a pan meme was not good enough for the Aussies.

Seriously, now. It is to the point that only the most ignorant, unlearned people are still hood winked by such stupid caricatures, or alternately, those with a moneyed interest are still using such foolishness to protect their business.

Briefly, who profits from the drug war?

Police do and are generally big spenders when it comes to prohibition. But why? Well, cops (especially drug enforcement cops) are profiting by keeping a job. No brainer, right? But please consider the Federal grant money these criminals with badges get, not to mention their play-purties.

Did I mention Asset Forfeiture? Big Money is made by police departments by TAKING money, even when no crime has been committed (with a few criminals with badges sticking a roll of hundreds in their pockets while bosses aren’t looking could NEVER happen, could it?).

Did I mention that police and our government manufacture reasons to keep the scam going?

Yes, there are some cops that still believe the decades long rhetoric which has been blasted into their thick skulls/thin brains, but those numbers are waning and one can easily find cops (usually ex-cops) that understand that it is a huge racket. (I can appreciate that site.)

Who else profits?

Alcohol companies.

What?!? The purveyors of death and ruined lives pay to stop drugs? Apparently, they want a monopoly on killing people.

Of course, people who are in the “treatment” game need a slice of the life-destroying game. And we should never forget the drug-testing industry, who can work closely with the treatment industry.

The Big Money is the Private Prison Industry. But I would say that the Biggest Money is in the pharmaceutical world, where they sell poisons while simultaneously selling the world on the lie that cannabis is NOT a medicine that could cure/help many sufferers from the ravages that the chemical companies (masquerading as health related care-givers) inflict on a brain-washed public.

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7 thoughts on “Maybe The Long-Haired Freak Could Use A Good Sativa Blend

  1. I don’t know if it is true but I read online that cannabis grown in the glorious people’s republic of Australia is the strongest on earth with a THC content in the high 40% range.
    No strains were named. Headband is the strongest strain I have sampled with a THC content in the high +25% range.
    I almost feel bad for dim bulb dullards who think cannabis is some evil drug that will lead to Reefer Madness type behavior after one toke but then again any country that falls for a (s)election every four years can’t be all that bright.


  2. A sativa in the morning and an indica at night. TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) survivors will get relief after one puff with either. All the pills the good doctor (trust your mechanic!) will give you make you feel like crap even if they do relieve the migraine after a few hours.
    Now that Hussein Hopenchange the trojan horse rat has destroyed doctor patient confidentiality so he can have his kabuki theater moment of political circle jerk on guns I won’t be going back to the doctor’s office.


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