You Might Be Smarter Than A 4th Grader… But I Doubt It

Dedicated to all who believe The Donald is POTUS material

h/t Aryan Skynet

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6 thoughts on “You Might Be Smarter Than A 4th Grader… But I Doubt It

  1. Trump does stick it to the media even though they made his celebrity. We’ll probably end up with the third term of Hussein Hopenchange courtesy of Arkansas carpetbagger Shillary Clintoris so the great leap forward can be etched in stone.
    The Zimbabwe utopia is the future for a dumbed down drooling dullard electorate with their hands out to mommygov and pleading save me.


  2. You might say Donald is a product of the now elusive American Dream – anything goes and I will be rich. But he is also a consummate marketer. You know, marketing being responsible for people buying stuff they don’t need.

    By reducing his speech to the lowest common denominator which most voters can relate to, of course he is capturing a big audience that does not have the skills of a ‘fourth grader’. I don’t mean to be presumptuous but isn’t that a fact?

    But, above all he is an actor with the assigned role of stirring up trouble amongst the populace, imo. Kind of like the crisis actors of Sandy Hook, Boston marathon etc. His background is quite interesting too.


    • Yes. Its why I call him the master showman or a carnival barker.

      And I don’t criticize him for using 4th grade wording. As a dumb ole redneck, I do the same. Short sentences. To the point.

      The message is basic and on track.

      But as a POTUS wannabe, maybe we should expect more. Think of JFK’s speeches (or Hitler’s). A person has to think and follow, not just be led by the nose with slogans.

      Frankly, I would be embarrassed as an American, if Trump wins as I suspect he will. But at the same time, he is probably the least evil being presented and when it comes down to the final battle between he and Sanders, it is a toss up on the evil battle.

      Neither are good enough, but that is what is being thrust upon us (and giddily gobbled up by too many that should know better).


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