Destroy Them – ‘S&M’ by Rhianna Parody

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12 thoughts on “Destroy Them – ‘S&M’ by Rhianna Parody

  1. Wow! Rihanna is the most talented performer in the history of humanity and if you don’t agree then you are a gasp waycist! I am going to rush out and buy her album on 180 grain vinyl. I heard she was very talented with her mouth. Hehe! I laughed when Chris Brown kicked the shit out of her.


    • I don’t think I’ve ever heard a single song of hers. But then again, I’m an old rock and roller… stuck in my ways… with an ear for decent music.

      However, Sinead is using the newer music to reach people that would never listen to my stuff:


  2. Speaking of marshmallow soft pajama boy skinny jean weenie fag girly men I am laughing my ass off over this Blizzard 2016 hype by some pussy yankees who think they are the center of the universe.
    On Sinead that first album was decent but I certainly don’t agree with or want to hear about her political or religious views. Entertainers should rock the crowd then exit stage left and keep quiet about their politics and pet projects.
    You’re not missing anything by never hearing a Rihanna song. It is pure audio feces for the fakebook twitter twatter me generation who think some (c)rapper with ghost written “raps” who grew up in a nice middle class neighborhood is talented.


  3. I just love it when a plan comes together… !

    {be ballsy, get yer catclaws out!!!}



    Oh, Benson…
    Dear Benson, you are so mercifully free of the ravages of intelligence.

    Oh, you say such nice things, Master.

    Yes I know, I’m sorry!

    like NEWTONIAN PHYSICS….and all.

    curiously though, the “JEWISH” so-called “STATE”
    inhabited by the GOG & MAGOG “PROSELYTES” to
    TALMUDIC JUDAISM wiil never be
    “Israel” {Gen. 49 & Deut. 32}
    & Jesus @ John 8:44…!

    the 9th Commandment forbids – “bearing False Witness”…
    which is what the entire “Jewish” narrative is,
    and curiously
    repeat the same LIES verbatim…
    like they do on FAUX NEWS…”Jew Spew” channel

    or else.


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