Shane On Guns

Shane On Guns

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9 thoughts on “Shane On Guns

  1. Any man talking about taking the means of self-defense away from his fellow man is either a sociopath or a repressed homosexual.

    Sigmund Freud


    • Too bad his nephew got all women smoking Virginia Slims and his repressed homo co-religionists are all for taking our gones (I shoot, you’re gone; where did you go with that hole in you? lol) away and have been since forever. They’re also for culturally “enriching” us with criminals from Third Word countries.


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    Turn It Back on Them
    It’s time to turn this around and call them out, clearly and with lucid articulation.
    We can readily list event after event that they created to confirm their
    “conspiracy theories” from Pearl Harbor to the Vietnam war on to 9/11,
    7/7 and this spree of poorly executed false flag shooting and bombings, backing them up by surfacing documents such as the Gladio revelations and the like.

    The whole economic system is built on false propaganda, literal conspiracy theories regarding what is behind market trends and the state of the economy.
    All made up with scattered numbers and charts to supposedly substantiate
    their wild claims, all while every bit of it is controlled and manipulated
    from the LIE FACTORY {JEWISH} …behind the scenes.

    It’s time we fully woke up and made this very plain to all who will listen.

    Let’s turn it on their heads and stand our ground as we call them out
    …to JEWTOPIA FOR JEWTARDS…for this blatant bullshit.
    Take another look at th Manifesto of the Awakened to get a further sense
    of the need to be and act in full authority in this
    JEWTOPIA FOR JEWTARD …”cesspool society” they’ve engineered.

    Lies cannot stand up to truth.
    Let’s get the full on truth out there!

    JOHN 8:44


  4. My favorite actor as a kid, Audie Murphy, killed more people than any other soldier in real life. The ultimate alphas in Hollywood were Clark Gable (Hitler’s favorite actor), Robert Mitchum, Burt Lancaster, John Wayne and later in the 1960’s, Steve McQueen. Eastwood was kind of like a second rate McQueen that every movie role he played could have been played by McQueen but not vice versa. Eastwood and Reynolds and other “macho” actors like that could never have done something like Papillon back in the 1970s. They tried to become more serious actors later. Redford was the white collar alpha to McQueen’s blue collar. Redford in the film “Downhill Racer” is very close to a McQueen type of role. All these were male archetypes that have affected male behavior to this day and continue to do so. Of course, both McQueen and his next-door neighbor James Garner, whom he did not talk to for a year for taking the lead in “Grand Prix,” a film he had his heart set on doing, were daily Marijuana smokers since their early teens. Without relaxation and balance as foundation, there is no such thing as a successful dance of any kind, never mind “coolness” of character. Like the famous Toyes song says: “Hard work good and hard work fine, but first take care of head.” lol


      • Neither should be illegal but Marijuana should be promoted because it’s healthy and alcohol and nicotine not because, in anything but the smallest amounts, they’re both unhealthy. Getting drunk and assuming you have an excuse now to invade the space of another person by being obnoxious. That’s already illegal. It’s half-way down the road to initiated force.


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