It’s Happening In England, Too

A film by a guilty leftist regarding race realism facts (aka ‘hatefacts’).

To the consternation of many of his complicit SJW’s intent on eliminating the white race, Trevor accidentally found what people like me have been saying for years is true… blacks are criminally dangerous (so are most ethnic groups besides whites) and that Muslims have no intention of integrating into white society (yet, they are being forced upon white societies all over Europe).

this guy

Muslim communities are not like others in Britain and the country should accept they will never integrate, the former head of the equalities watchdog has claimed.

There goes the condition upon which immigration is based.

Trevor Phillips, the former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said it was disrespectful to assume that Muslim communities would change.

They can take our respect back to the Muslim country.

He told a meeting at the Policy Exchange think tank in Westminster on Monday that Muslims ‘see the world differently from the rest of us’.

They will NOT assimilate. They have no reason to, much less the desire to become American (or any country that they invade). They will do whatever is necessary to make the invaded country Muslim… bound by the same crazy-assed Sharia style laws that dominate their backward culture.

h/t Disenchanted Scholar

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3 thoughts on “It’s Happening In England, Too

  1. Interesting and confirms what was shown on You Tube about:-
    Britain First carries out Christian Patrol in Islamist hotspot Bury Park, Luton.
    This is just about the most intensely radical Muslim area in UK
    Nearly turning into a riot, the usual Muslim hate rhetoric was spouted with loads of ‘profanity’ and threats.

    The Untied (not a typo) Kingdom will be lost unless the British government stops kowtowing to these animals.


  2. The funny thing is that their immigrant pets hate them (TPTB) even more than the natives and will be the ones to slit the throats of inbred so called elite maggots who fancy themselves the rulers of the universe.
    The globalists better build those walls 20 feet or higher and hope their jack booted goons with wraparound shades and XXXXL tactical gear don’t bail out when the paychecks aren’t worth a Weimar wheelbarrow full of fiat toilet paper.


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