Because Talent Is Not Enough

Will Smith Affirmative Action

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3 thoughts on “Because Talent Is Not Enough

  1. Turrible waycist waycism is everywhere! Segregated fountains, segregated cafeterias. There will never be an oprah, black attorney general, or half breed president. All poor noble downtrodden black athletes will play for free with inferior equipment. Colored actors will only be offered shuck and jive roles as minstrels. Supremely talented (c)rappers will never have their own labels for dissemination of their indispensable “music” or lucrative record contracts. There won’t ever be any social relief programs at the first of the month or for mothers with infants. Scholarships for the noble magic negro won’t be available at any college. Government jobs will not be offered to blacks. What a terrible waycist country America is!


  2. Nope. “Equality” before the law in order to pursue inevitable inequality of results, fair and square, is not enough for them or any other people infected with Marxist ideology. They don’t read Marxist texts but watch endless movies and TV shows and listen to endless muse-ic and play endless video games and watch endless porn infected by people who have intimate knowledge of Marxist strategies and tactics of subversion. The like nothing better than herding millions of useful idiots in whatever gate they deem appropriate to their own interests and their own interests only.

    Check this out, a wild but quite accurate pharmaceutical mafia analogy by a you tube comment poster on Alex Jones’s big anti-Immigration broadcast:
    jacob bogers 2 days ago (edited)
    +Bruce Clark rapefugees are like chemotherapy,.., you get sick,  your hair falls out,.., you shit blood,…, but.. it will kill the cancer called liberalism….or the patient will die, which in the end would have happened anyway if the cancer went unchecked

    What he maybe doesn’t suspect is that chemo and rapefugees are both promoted from the same source.


  3. A comment I left recently on Guillermo Del Toro’s (White Mexican director of “Pan’s Labrynth” and other pretty good recent films) IMDB page. This is in reponse to a guy who was claiming Del Toro is a “disgrace to his people” for not hiring enough “Mexicans,” now that he has made it as a successful Hollywood director.

    Re: Disgrace to his people

    » just now
    IMDb member since April 2003
    You’re a race-card playing troll worse than those buffoons at the Oscars who couldn’t care less about merit or talent. You’re not looking for “justice,” you’re not looking for fair-play and an “even playing field” (there is no such thing as an equality of results, there is only “equality” as basic human beings BEFORE the law to pursue always and at all times UNEQUAL RESULTS. Unequal results, by themselves, do not prove any “injustice.” Only Marxism teaches that ANY unequal results are a sign of injustice. Nonsense. No two human beings are equal in anything except their basic humanity. Even identical twins are different and almost every single human you meet can do SOMETHING far better than you. Hence why the entire Division of Labor system economy is based on inequality of all individuals in everything but their basic humanity.

    All you’re looking for is unearned privilege based on people of White European descent such as Del Toro (being Mexican doesn’t automatically make you a Mestizo or brown; there are plenty of white Mexicans with mostly European or Spaniard blood and little or no mixing with the Indian natives), feeling sorry for you because of your supposed “victim-hood” based on the BS and deliberately destructive ideology of Marxism.

    Marxism is the most destructive, anti-human and murderous political system of all time. Marxism has nothing whatsoever to do with American ideals. It is pure poison to all American ideals of individuality and small or no government. America was not even founded on the fraudulent mob-rule of “democracy.” All “democratic” organization was supposed to be strictly voluntary and signed-off on by EVERY LAST individual to the deal. No one could force you to abide by mob rule. You had to agree to abide by mob-rule EACH & EVERY TIME or it was not a valid contract. This did not last very long because parasites and unjust men know how to manipulate the prejudices, laziness, gutlessness and envy of the masses. Parasites gain a wedge to destroy a good system by corrupting concepts and especially by the simple switch of substituting “democracy” for liberty. Democracy has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with liberty. It is nothing but mob-rule manipulated completely by those who own the mass-media.

    There was no IRS or unconstitutional income tax prior to 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act legalized usury and counterfeiting for International Bankers. The entire world’s mainstream-media is now concentrated in only 6 extremely powerful hands, all of them Jews and connected to legally counterfeited World Finance and the Rothschild created state of Israel on Palestinian land, without which, not a single Hollywood movie would get off the ground. When was the last time you saw a pro-Palestinian film condemning their 60-plus year ongoing genocide? I rest my case. Everyone knows who the real elephant in the room is.

    And if it was an independent production that DID get off the ground, it would never get proper distribution because they own all of those channels too. Isn’t it odd how many things you can completely own by counterfeiting money and still have few people know about it by not reporting it in the Media you also own? lol


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