Are There Any Niggers Here Tonight?

(and other ways to relax your colored friends at parties)

Lenny Bruce

The slow witted will become offended, when the fact is that Bruce’s shtick was mocking injustice.

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6 thoughts on “Are There Any Niggers Here Tonight?

  1. Bwahaha! I am laugh at loud at the Teddy “Mapleleaf” Cruz Born in the U.S.S.A. pic on the right.
    Anytime that pinko commie rat P.O.S. Bruce Springsteen can be mocked it is a good thing and who needs anchor babies anyway.


  2. My instinctive Jewdar kept me from ever being interested in many artists…. Lenny Bruce is one of them. His “schlock” never appealed to me. I put him in the Lou Reed category ~ famous n all, just not to my taste.


    • I agree, Noor. Neither of the videos (jokes) are really all that funny. But he could make fun of himself, while poking fun at others’ sensibilities. Sort of an early Archie Bunker type.


  3. That is way too waycists for Black History Month comrade. We need to hear about peanut butter, stoplights, the cotton gin and other indispensable inventions from the poor downtrodden noble magic negro who makes Amerikwa a first rate super duper power along with the mexcrements and their vital contributions.


  4. I’ve never thought Lenny Bruce was that funny, but he’s right in that first clip when he says that if people were simply allowed to say “nigger” as they please, without fear of reprisal, and if people made a point of incorporating it into their daily speech at all levels of society, it would soon lose its power to shock and (so we are led to believe) deeply wound.


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