Men: Remove Your Pair From The Feminists’ Hands, Re-attach and Revolt

I am aghast at men of Europe (and many in America). What a bunch of pussies.

I am not a ‘bad-ass’ who looks for a fight wherever I go. As a matter of fact, I avoid physical confrontation if possible and certainly would never start a fight. To me, a fight is nasty business. There are no fair fights. It is not a competition. The first fight I was in was a “fair fight” where two school mates were chided into duking it out behind the gym at school by the rabble rouser who was always instigating these “fights” for his giggling pleasure.

I had a few more of these matches and it was always the same thing, a push; a shove; some name-calling. But none of it was really a fight.

As a man, I encountered a totally different scenario that taught me quickly that a real fight is not fair. It is all business. To me, the end game is to disable your attacker as fast as possible, avoiding death. Whatever it takes to stop the attacker, even killing him, should be the goal.

I am a big guy, but no giant. I was once attacked by a drunk giant (approximately 6’5″ and near 275 pounds) over a total misunderstanding. He sucker punched me at a bar for talking to his girlfriend (I had no idea they were together). He hit me so hard that it busted my left eyebrow wide open and knocked me straight to the ground. Blood went everywhere and I almost lost consciousness.

So this guy stood over me with this long ZZ Top beard swinging over my face and was laughing at me. As he started to pound my face as I was lying there, all I could think of was his beard. So I reached up and grabbed it with all my weight (210 pounds at the time) and pulled him down where his face hit the concrete first. I rolled over on top and started pounding him with every bit of strength I could muster, trying desperately to kill him in self-defense.

The dude’s girlfriend jumped on my back and started clawing at my eyes and face. Her long hair was hanging, so I grabbed as much of it as I could and threw her off my back and started pounding her boyfriend again. I don’t know if I would have killed him or not, but a bouncer saved his ass, because he pulled me off of him.

What is my point?

I learned that fighting is no game. It is real and I figured out quick that I would much rather stop an assault than play fair.

These raping asshole Muslims in Europe aren’t playing. The crazy niggers here in America are not playing. The Mexicans don’t play. But stupid assed white people do. That is pretty much all we do… play.

Just look at these faggots in the following video as they “demonstrate” just how massively girlish they are. I said that I don’t want to start fights, but in their case, they need a good slap upside the head to wake them up.

I am much older now and a bit heavier than my fighting weight, but I can still hold my own. However, I now carry an equalizer. I need it because things are much worse now. If I were attacked, I cannot believe that anyone would help me and now these crazies travel in packs, looking for a way to take your shit. Just like America’s crazed niggers, the Muslims in Europe have gone berserk thinking they can get away with these attacks on women and children.

What I am saying is that it is serious and you damned well better be prepared for the eventual attack on your life. But it is not just fighting for yourself. It is fighting for the women around you. It is defending your children.

I can tell you this, if anyone tries to harm my daughter or wife (or any woman I am in the presence of), I will stop it. And I will do whatever it takes to protect my daughter, all the way to dying for her. I have made this clear to her and I want her to know that she can trust me to man up.

So what is wrong with these pussies in Europe wearing dresses?

Makes me sick.

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13 thoughts on “Men: Remove Your Pair From The Feminists’ Hands, Re-attach and Revolt

  1. Bravo, bravo, bravo. Being a woman, I have yet to be in a real fight, except for a little hair pulling, verbal or otherwise. However, one thing I’ve learned from horror movies: you just don’t wack your villain once and run, leaving him to come back after you; you beat him til he’s dead.

    They may take me down, but I’ll go out with their blood under my fingernails.


  2. The fags and feminists will be in for a rude awakening when Sharia laws comes to the United States of Islam. Bwahahah! Enjoy it while you can precious little snowflakes, nothing is forever.
    Don’t look now but the government is already infiltrated by mudslimes at all levels.


  3. Hello buelahman…..enjoy your writing and understand your spear in the ground!
    It’s a pedatory world and we must choose wisely…..pissed me off when augrureye said the rebel flag was a symbol of hate and all those southern boys died for nothing! He must have been on the wrong end of some of that southern spirit during that bloody conflict in a former life. …..caii redneck


    • Hey Terrance,

      Thanks for the kind words. And thanks for stopping by.

      Not sure what got into Augureye, but I bet what I have posted lately would really get his goat. He doesn’t understand (or doesn’t want to). Whatever.

      My tact is not about hatred, just tired of the bullshit and I’m calling them out.

      Take care…


  4. Guys, you are only looking at
    a particular event or events –
    and not tracing the problem
    back to its patently Jewish –
    or Judo-communist origin.

    You need to acknowledge
    that, except Russia, all WW2
    ‘winners’ are, in fact, losers –
    and, just like Germany, all
    are under the Jew occupation –
    not entirely unlike the poor
    old Palestinians.

    It’s like looking at a patient
    that presented with some
    sort of a bothersome skin
    irritation – and failing to
    notice that he is HIV-positive.

    The HIV of the ‘free world’
    is, of course, the Jew – and,
    indeed, virtually every social,
    political, economic or financial
    problem is traceable back to
    Jew and the Shabbos goyim
    in his employ.


    • CB,

      It is obvious who the instigators are. But that does not negate the fact that these crazy bastards who are entering into Europe are, well, crazy bastards.

      When crazy bastards attack, no matter who instigated it, one MUST protect himself and his family.

      Acknowledging the jew will not save your life when attacked by the crazy bastards. But I understand your point and have shown who is the catalyst of the onslaught in many other posts, including the last one I did.


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