Sheeeeeeeeeeeeit: The Real Black History Your Grammy Didn’t Tell You About

And to think that I held white people in such high esteem, when it was black folks that did everything.

h/t Renegade Tribune

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9 thoughts on “Sheeeeeeeeeeeeit: The Real Black History Your Grammy Didn’t Tell You About

  1. Although I found this video to hilarious , it raised a question in my mind early on. Why does everyone want to be the “real” jews”? It appears that even the individual who put the video together wants to be the “real” jews. The jews are an abomination even in their own texts known as the bible. This never makes sense to me. The christians claim they are the “true” israel. Why would anyone want to claim this is beyond me. Hebrews, israel and finally the jews were murderers, theives, idolators and every abomination spoken of in their texts. If it was wrong and forbidden they did it. This is who all of these groups want to usurp the identity of? Damn, are we in trouble if these groups do not demand a better role model than this.


    • Agreed. It is why I steer far away from the Christian Identity movement (not to mention that the theology is bogus). CI’ers seem to claim that they are the real jews (or the Israelites). But to me, why would anyone want to be the murderous thugs the OT portrays them to be?


    • Israelite: a descendant of Israel or Jacob: a Jew: a member of a Christian sect that observes the Jewish law. [Gr. Israelites – Israel, Heb. Yisrael- perhaps contender with God__ Sara, to fight, El, God.]
      From Chambers 20th Century Dictionary 1983. ISBN 0 550 10234 5
      W & R Chambers Ltd, 11 Thistle st Edinburgh EH2 1DG

      Yep, a legitimate text book claims that Israel probably means “At war with God” in Hebrew. Of course it has probably been removed from all following editions of the dictionary coz, you know, we goys keep misinterpreting everything the damn Jew says. Talmud anybody?
      And so much for that Christian sect.


      • Yeah, christians are a very confused group. I do not know who I blame more for the worlds woes, the stupid christians (jews who worship the jew god in the name of Jesus) or jews who confused them. The god of the jews is the adversary/ aka satan. That makes christians satanists. If they could simply grasp this: CHRIST IS GOD(the jesus in the gospels is not CHRIST though but they can not grasp this) and reject the jew god/satan, we might have a chance at living in a more peaceful world. Christians love and support anything hebrew, israel or jewish because oftheir misunderstanding of the jewish bible. It is all the jewish bible, old and new testament. Throw the heretical jew book away that confuses them and just say “CHRIST IS GOD”. Done deal, no need to complicate it, no need for any stinking jew texts that lead them back to judaism. Silly christians, jew texts are not for kids.


      • Word meanings are ALWAYS changed to fit the jew. They are the masters of manipulation; changing language to fit their needs.

        I took lessons and decided that they aren’t the only ones that can change word meanings, hence my constant usage of redneck in an amicable way. Or Nigger can also be white, because it is how a person acts, not their color, that makes one a nigger. (This is probably the same meaning black people have when they use it with each other)

        As for CI, not only does it not make sense, but frankly, the ones that propagate the stuff more than anyone else are some of the least trustworthy individuals I ever heard or read. Fink, the Tru Tube morons, and many more have duped some very smart people that I respect and it simply blows my mind they are so gullible.

        Like I say, if being a Christian means being CI, then I want no part of it.


        • As you say, it’s how a person acts that counts. I recently read a piece on a reformed Jew’s site which he concluded with, “people don’t hate Jews because of who they are, they hate them because of what they do.” You can be almost certainly pick a Jew because of what they do.
          And ,yes lolathecur. If Israel really means to fight God, and we know that Satan is the adversary of God, then the Jews are Satanists and Christians are their unwitting accomplices. But sheeple are easily led and led to the slaughter. Burnt offerings for the God of the Jews. Yes it’s confusing and confusion is the work of the Jew.


  2. Blacks done invented everything you wayciss! The Greeks have nothing on the glorious civilizations out of Africa. Nietzsche? Kant? They have nothing on all those great black philosophers. Edison? Tesla? They stole all their ideas from blacks. Karl Benz making the first combustion engine? Nope that was Rastus Frisbeelip the great African inventor who made the internal combustion engine. Beethoven? Mozart? Wagner? That is noise compared to the glorious and uplifting (c)rap music. Why does the magnificent magic mulatto messiah sobama have to steal all his political ideology from a 19th century German bum named Karl? Willis Carrier inventing air conditioning? Nope, it was Jerome the Pimp who invented that. The Wright Brothers got their ideas from Fly Tyrone and LaShontavius Wing. How bout that Stupor Bowl last Sunday where Superman and the (black) Panthers got spanked by an old white guy and rugged defense. Bwahaha!


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