B’Man’s Piece Of Shit Watch: Cutting Nuts

I have said here many times that 911 is the nut-cutting issue of our lives.

One can listen/watch the following video of a supposed thinker and come to your own conclusions as to how much thinking this dude has done on the subject (I only made it 18 minutes before being so disgusted with him that I have deleted my subscription, believing full well that he is a shill).

The problem with Stefan is that I have featured his work here before. I have come to the conclusion that as long as the jew isn’t part of the subject, his analysis is generally pretty good, especially when it comes to philosophical subjects. But when it comes to subject matter such as this, he goes from seemingly brilliant to dunce-like. Of course, that cannot be true, so I now feel that he is shilling for someone… protecting them from the truth illumination.

Stefan is not genuine. I will not be featuring any more of his work here.

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20 thoughts on “B’Man’s Piece Of Shit Watch: Cutting Nuts

  1. What a hemmorhoid and I used to think he was one of the stand-up regular Jews (his momma is Jew, making him one by Talmudic law). There’s no way he can be this stupid. He’s just deliberately dishonest. He knows where his bread is buttered. A guy like this who has high IQ but is dishonest can easily sense 10 moves ahead like a chess player. He knows that if he told the truth of what he really has reasoned for himself in his secret little sanctuary, then a lot of his most powerful kinsmen from his momma’s side might end up in prison for 3 centuries or at the end of a rope (post trial of course, Aryans want only justice, not revenge. Sadistic revenge and that kind of shit is for Jews and other predatory and ultimately unproductive, uncreative and destructive parasites). But, even worse than that, the regular average Jews down the street, who are probably only polite to you to your face, all of these people will be either ostracized out of everybody else’s neighborhoods (especially when full free-choice is restored by force, defensive and fully justified collective force based on the unique synergetic aggregation of those particular unique but similarly principled individuals in the collective) or shipped back to their shitty country with the Palestinian borders of 1967 or maybe even 1948 fully restored, American and European military guarding it 24 hours a day and not one more red cent of American or anybody else’s symbols of energy called Mah-knee. My momma’s knee? What kind of word is that. Haven’t been able to figure that one yet, but it’s easy to see shekels is shackles and shackles is accomplished best through counterfeited shekels. lol

    Allegorical references (religions) for metaphorically mapping the spiritual forest can be a real pain-in-the-ass. Some people can read and understand H.L. Mencken and Nietzsche and Plato and Aristotle, others need fairy tales to drive some point in their heads, Jesus, Mohammad and Buddah and L. Ron Hubbard, Justin Bieber, whatever, and some use all of these figures and archetypes, take the baby and leave the bathwater in each case. But lots and lots of bathwater in the second group.


  2. I was pleasantly surprised the other night when the heeb host of AM talk radio show started naming names of the heebs who contribute to esteemed party member Comrade Bernie Sanders and mocking them.
    Just before it happened I was thinking this guy never names the nation wrecking heebs behind all the turmoil in the world.


  3. Thanks for sharing this brother. I felt the same way shortly after begining to listen to this mans work. Listen i would love to dialogue with you. Is there any forums in which we could chat? I feel its a necessity now a day to align myself with wise articulate educated honest men and women of the truth.

    Thanks for all of you discernment and diligence. Your work is sealed in history. Your efforts will never be forgotten.





    • Hi Nick,

      I don’t frequent many chat forums lately, although I used to spend time at a few different ones before I started blogging in 2007.

      As for wise articulate educated honest men and women of the truth

      I don’t know about any of that, except I do try to be truthful. Its hard when using a pseudonym, but there is far too much to lose for me to come out. But, I am genuine in my opinions and what I share, even when I go over the top for effect. I have been weighing Stefan’s genuineness and frankly, I do not think he is entirely.

      There are many people that read or listen to that I don’t always agree with, but I do believe they are genuine in their opinion. I can work with them. But if I get a hint that they are not, or are obviously shilling for someone or some entity, then all bets are off.

      Many people don’t like me, but by God I am truthfully sharing my thoughts, right or wrong. In that way, I am genuine.

      Name a place and time where we could gab…

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  4. I just simply never liked the guy cos, in politics and these issues, I have as little truck with atheists as possible. I have seen some of his work and agreed with some of his things but on the whole, I just don’t “do” folks like him. My deeply embedded Jewdar in action?

    His is a different twist on cultural Marxism. And, I will be honest, his looks creep me out for some reason.


    • I know what you mean. I have had a few interactions with him. When he is caught red handed he can show his snake in the grass persona.

      To give credit, he normally gives links to his research, which one can easily corroborate, if they have the inkling. In the case of 911, he is simply regurgitating the official narrative, which proves to me he is shilling. If he is so damned smart, why is he so ignorant of the details? What? He can study all the subjects he gets in to but on this matter, he isn’t curious or interested?



  5. I’ve never been in complete agreement with Molyneux, but he has done some great videos, and I’ll probably continue to share his work to the extent that it continues to be worthwhile; but I agree with the commenter above who suggests that Molyneux’s Jewish background has something to do with his reluctance to engage in an honest way on this topic. I also wonder if they intentionally elected to take a call from a guy who wasn’t especially articulate. The caller isn’t well-versed in the research, doesn’t represent 9/11 truth very well, and starts talking about the no-planes stuff before even mentioning Larry Silverstein. Here’s Molyneux admitting he’s Jewish:


    • Stefan seems to think that he can separate his jewishness from his philosophy. But I contend that it is an impossibility to do so.

      Even though I do continue to look for the decent jew, they are ever elusive. A “decent jew” is one that can identify the mendacious propensity of the jewish persona, call it out publicly, and leave it forever. Stefan has never done this, although he eludes that he is not jewish, except via family. But his attitude and obvious obfuscation on 911 (and a few other subjects) prove that it is not possible.

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      • I also think a lot of libertarians are resistant to 9/11 truth because the idea of corporations and evil Jews wanting to do something like this doesn’t compute with their worldview. They read crap like How Capitalism Saved America and think only government tax collectors are out to get them. A story like the privatization of Stewart Air Force Base, which appears to have played a role on 9/11, doesn’t fit their paradigm of private sector good, public sector bad, identity politics is a distraction, etc. Learning the truth about 9/11 had quite a bit to do with my abandoning libertarianism, actually.


  6. Good call, Bman. There’s NO excuse for him. Needs to be outed and shunned. They keep running these guys outs but the shelf lives are shortening.


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