It Ain’t The Blacks… It’s The Niggers

Who’s more racist? Black people or white people?

Black people. You know why? Because we hate black people, too.


I don’t know about you, but I think Chris Rock nails it in this older routine. Not sure how he feels today, 20 years later, but from my estimation, things have gotten progressively worse. Something tells me that it might not be as acceptable for him to say these things now.

I love black people… but I hate niggers.


Just as I distinguish between black folk and niggers (and never let us forget the white niggers thrown in for good measure), Rock (and the crowd) certainly see the difference. So much so that he not only hates niggers, but would join the KKK and do drive-bys (even though he cannot point to any such instances in real life that white KKK members are doing such things, yet there is no problem finding niggers doing it).

You can’t have shit when you are around niggers.

He did find one area to water down the potential ill-will of the audience by calling out the rednecks in doublewide trailers, garnering the biggest laugh of the sequence. Maybe the natives were getting a bit restless and Chris felt he must throw them a bone? Take note, however, that he didn’t say anything about whites attacking, robbing, killing, or bothering blacks (or niggers) in any way, whatsoever. No, Rock was forced to use a stereotype to denigrate white people, but he cannot use any supremacy or actual instances of white on black aggression. This is telling.

Niggers want credit for shit they was supposed to do…

Not only in things like having babies and taking care of them, but also for almost everything else that occurs in this world.

I addressed this here. Vain babblings, taking credit for things others (primarily white people) have done. Instead of appreciating the progress white society has provided them, they act as if they do it all when really we can simply look to the grass huts that other blacks have access to. All we need to understand how much they have done for their own society is found in Africa.

Hellfire, just listen to this and tell me that they add something to culture:

Niggers love to keep it real… real dumb.

No, not all black people are dumb. As a matter of fact, I know some damned smart black people. But there is a contingent of them that are dumb as a box of rocks. They use physical intimidation and outright murderous threats to prove how smart they are. They even pen such magnificent, ear-pleasing songs as you heard above. You know that society must be better off for it.

Books are like Kryptonite to a nigger…

Oh-you39re-a-nigger-Please-tell-me-how-much-society-loves-you-meme-9793Fear drives Chris Rock’s attitude towards niggers, just as fear drives my thoughts in this subject. Fear that a crazy nigger that wants my stuff will have no qualms about walking up to me (perhaps as I pull cash from a bank machine), and shoot me in the head. Fear that some crazy nigger will see my daughter at some event and decide that he wants to get back at whitey for some imagined bullshit and harm her. Fear that some crazy nigger woman will exert her fat ass into confronting my wife over another imaginary supremacy they think my wife holds over them, when she has no such feeling and never has. Fear that even a multi-millionaire actor, who made his money off of the white devil, would take the opportunity to kill as many white people as possible, over some brainwashed ideas he grew up with that are totally unsubstantiated and basically lies that cause him to want justice for an imaginary assault on his family hundreds of years ago. Fear that it has (or shorty will) become acceptable for crazy niggers to assault, maim and kill whitey over retribution of lies and imaginations of characters like Malcolm X (or the race-baiting unmensch we call POTUS).

You can’t have shit when you are around niggers.

Am I afraid of blacks? No. I am good friends with black people. I work with and respect very able black people who are excellent at their job, always friendly and professional.


Am I afraid of niggers? Yes. The problem is distinguishing between the two. As Rock says, a black living next door to you may turn into a nigger tomorrow depending on the circumstance (or the new Big Screen TV you bought).

When I go to the money machine tonight, I ain’t looking over my back for the media… I’m looking for niggers!

What about when they get some idea that you, Mr Whitey, may be flaunting your privilege and asks his buddies to help bring you down from your Supreme spot in society (maybe because Al Sharpton TOLD them to)? How many go tribal and how many defend Mr Whitey? Do you want to find out if they are black or a nigger?

Niggers Are Dangerous And Do Stupid Shit

We are told by SJW’s that blacks are discriminated against and that the arrest records prove it. But the truth is quite different:

Blacks do lots of stupid shit, compared to White drug users, that makes them more likely to be arrested. To quote one study comparing Black and White drug users: “African Americans are nearly twice as likely to buy outdoors (0.31 versus 0.14), three times more likely to buy from a stranger (0.30 versus 0.09), and significantly more likely to buy away from their homes (0.61 versus 0.48).” (Ramchand , Pacula, and Iguchi MY 2006). Similarly, a report issued by the Justice Department found that Black drug users use drugs more often than White drug users, use more dangerous drugs than White drug users, and are more likely to use drugs in areas with high crime rates (Lagan 1995). All 6 of these differences will make Black drug users more likely to get arrested than White drug users. Given all this, there is no good reason to suppose that Black drug arrest rates reflect racism. It is far more likely that they reflect Black drug users’ dishonesty as well as the reckless manner in which they use drugs.

I evaluate an individual when I meet them. But when they are in a group, they can transform from one to the other and we never know frontwho we are facing. So, unless I am in a professional environment, I do not trust any of them. I hate to say it, but it is the truth. I avoid malls because they have destroyed the experience by nigging out. If I see a bunch of black people together, I avoid the situation like the plague. I hold no similar feelings to virtually any white assembly. That should tell you something, black folks.

If Rock is correct and there is a civil war going on between blacks and niggers, then blacks need to win it… quick. As he says,

the niggers have got to go!

h/t AryanSkynet

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17 thoughts on “It Ain’t The Blacks… It’s The Niggers

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  2. I thought we were going to have a glorious rainbow filled post racial utopia once we (s)elected the magic magnificent mulatto rat trojan horse maggot?
    Oh…and don’t blame me I never voted for a Kenyan half breed muslime faggot piece of shit and any people I know that did I no longer speak to or even acknowledge.


  3. it is so refreshing to see
    especially during the darkest month of the year….

    it is difficult for me to spend more than a microsecond around
    SOUND FECES or TALMUDVISION….without a reflex response which usually
    involves a 10 guage shotgun or a M-70 grenade launcher


    from Frere Hoffman in Idaho….
    {not completely off topic, but like intellectual realism for JEWTARDS}

    The ideology that wrought that evil is alive and more virulent than ever.
    It is an ideology, not a race.
    The racial heirs to the evil have long since been dispersed to the
    four corners of the earth and throughout mankind.
    We could no more genetically determine who is a descendant of the
    Pharisees of AD 33 than we can identify a descendant of the Caesars.
    The infamous statement, “Let his blood be on us and our children” refers
    to a few generations of “Jews” in the first century,
    not to the Khazars and mixed multitude who masquerade as Jews today.
    Yes, of course, there are still authentic racial Judeans (“Jews”) on earth,
    but we know not who they may be.

    The virus of the mind that killed Jesus Christ can, however, be readily identified.
    This spiritual force radiates from within Orthodox Judaism and its Kabbalistic offshoots Freemasonry and cognate occult fraternities such as
    Yale University’s Skull and Bones.
    Materially, it manifests in the intelligence agencies and secret police of many nations, including the U.S. Most of the ones fawning over Justice Scalia imagine that the FBI thoroughly investigated the assassination of our late Catholic President John F. Kennedy, and did an equally fair and judicious assessment of the attack on the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City in 1995, and the Twin Towers and the Pentagon in 2001.
    They assume that the FBI, the Department of Justice and the Federal Judiciary of which Scalia was one among the nine highest in the nation, are not the enforcement arm of the government of so-called “Israel” and its immensely powerful lobby in America.
    Those assumptions are wrong. As he traveled the nation delivering speeches to institutes of higher learning, Scalia had a stratospheric bully pulpit from which he could have called for redressment of the crimes of the Cryptocracy.
    He did nothing of the kind.

    We believe that to whom much is given much is expected.
    With great power comes commensurate responsibility to right the wrongs
    and confront not the symptoms of evil, but the core of it.

    In all of these respects Antonin Scalia was guilty of criminal neglect or outright complicity… can say that twice….a Sicilian NIGGER. {Jew Worshipper}

    The fog of evil which forced Pontius Pilate to allow the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was institutionalized ex post facto in the sacred texts of the Pharisees and those of their spiritual heirs, comprising the Babylonian Talmud, the texts of Rashi and Maimondies, the Shulchan Aruch of Joseph Karo, the Mishnah Berurah, the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, the Tanya, etc.

    Among mentally retarded Republicans there is alarm over the supposed
    “imminent threat!” of the imposition of Islamic “Sharia” law on America.
    Meanwhile, there is not a trace of awareness that Talmudic “halacha” (rabbinic law) has already been imposed on the United States; a crime against the Gospel of Christ which the recently deceased justice aided and abetted.
    ….it seems fairly obvious thjat the Bolshevik/Zionist “Jewish”
    pays all these crackwhores {NIGGERS} to worship the STOOL SCULPTURE
    that is the diety of TALMUDIC JUDAISM….at least to anyone who is
    honest and yearns for righteous JUDGEMENT on these TWO LEGGED SNAKES

    ISAIAH 13 : 14……resegregation, its almost here !


  4. Off Topic Alert-What do you think about the Scalia assassination over the weekend? The official coincidence theory states a judge named Cinderella Guevara (a relative of Che?) declares it to be natural causes over the telephone and he was staying at an obamabot’s ranch who won an award from Hussein the RAT back in 2009 just a few days after SCOTUS ruled against the EPA coal power plant restrictions. Saw a sad statistic online that 1/3 of the nation doesn’t even know who Scalia is then I remembered Hussein the RAT was elected not once but twice.


  5. Except at the end of that HBO special some white guys go backstage and say the same thing to Chris Rock: “Hey Chris, me too! I love black people, but I hate them niggers!” and Chris punches him in the face and chases him out of the building. So, even though he said it himself, “white people” are not allowed to say the same thing. lol Double Standards. He’s a talented comedian and clown but no stand-up guy as the part he played in that big anti-gun Hollywood video after Sandy Hoax proved.

    It’s not that complicated if you have a little taste in music. This is black people:

    This is niggers or “black trash,”

    and why is it that we can say “white trash” anytime we want, even on National Enemy Propaganda TV, but not “black trash” or “brown trash,” etc., again Jew-Media-enforced Double Standards:


    • “Except at the end of that HBO special some white guys go backstage and say the same thing to Chris Rock: “Hey Chris, me too! I love black people, but I hate them niggers!” and Chris punches him in the face and chases him out of the building.”

      I wonder if he would have done the same if they were Rednecks or Bikers, but then they wouldn’t be going to a Chris Rock concert.


      • It was only 2 guys and it was, of course, part of the scripted comedy, not real. Skinny, crackhead looking Chris (what is he? 140 pounds at most?) would need a black-belt in martial arts to kick any real man’s ass heavier than 180 pounds. lol Would you like to meet Chris Rock’s bodyguard?


        I don’t think any 2 rednecks not as big as Hulk Hogan or Jesse Ventura would mess with that guy, unless they want to end up in the hospital. lol This proves his hypocrisy even more. So this anti-gun Jew tool Chris Rock has gigantic and probably fully-armed bodyguards protecting him and even admits in his own routines that he has guns stashed all over his house to protect himself from “niggers” and not Ted Koppel. lol Actually, since he probably has long moved out of that black neighborhood where he says people stole shit from him all the time, he should be more afraid of Ted Koppel types, as Dave Chappelle found out when he decided to go his own way and not kiss-up to parasites.

        The way the Jews in Hollywood control out-of-control “talent” is through agents and managers. Almost all the agents are Jews or if gentiles, almost always working for huge Jew-run talent agencies. Chris’s manager is, no surprise, an obvious Jew by name (Eric Gold), as is his publicist (Mark Labov), His Jew manager must have made him do that “punch out” ending to make sure whites don’t get any ideas they can do the same!

        Hey B’man. Check this out, but only when you’re ready for lots of strong and dissenting opinions and also to roll on the floor laughing:


        • I don’t get all the Roosh hoopla. I see several blogs covering whatever it is he does and frankly, I could care less about this guy (I don’t mean that offensively towards your sharing about it here).

          Its just that in the scheme of things, it is meaningless to me.

          If white women want to bed with him, go for it. If white men want to rag him over, go for it.
          But if he comes around my neck of the woods and starts shit that others women, then he must go elsewhere. Just like the Rapefugees. They aren’t welcomed.

          As for Andre Anglin, I put him into the same “I can’t trust” category that I put quite a few people in. I don’t know their motives, but from what I see and read, I am not interested. I don’t think he is genuine. But I can say the same for Mark Glenn and a few at Mami’s.

          I am still on the fence with Renegade.

          I disagree with John Friend on a few issues, but I believe he is genuine. So even if I disagree, I can still follow (and support) his work. Same with Red Ice.

          Liked by 1 person

          • The reason Roosh V is important is because the mainstream media and the WN’s (aside from Lokteff and Red Ice and a couple of other people) are both smearing him and trying to lynch him in the court of public opinion, without even the remotest inkling of a fair hearing. Just like Trump, the Roosh affair has exposed the mainstream media and similarly unprincipled alternative media channels as two sides of the same BS pile. He can defend himself just fine though. Creepy methods of seduction or not, he’s more articulate and well-thought-out than all of his detractors, and his followers still get laid or they wouldn’t follow his ass with all the hundreds of other “PUA” gurus out there teaching “alpha game,” most of them 100% European white and not Indo-European like Roosh. Hitler considered Armenians and Persians “white,” today’s WN’s don’t. I couldn’t give a shit either way. I’m cultural elitist and anarchist. I only look for the point of synergy or tempered-but-not-compromised balance between the individual and his tribe. The way Roosh handles the press conference below, the way he juggles these mental midgets like they’re nothing, already proves he’s a badass mental sovereign with balls of steel, not just a PUA guru. Just check out how he handles these retards in the press in Washington. Just swats and bitch-slaps one after the other out of his way intellectually and with clear explanations:

            Religions provide, as Nietzsche said, allegorical references for mapping the spiritual forest in moral terms. They’re just adult fairy tales to get you to examine your core values and change them at the root if needed. Muse-ic maps another area of the psyche closer to poetry and eros, sexuality, eroticism, love, romance, adventure and all that. Beyond He’s the single most stand-up guy in that whole movement. Renegade I thought was going in the right direction but I was dead wrong. They are into smearing and broad-brushing anyone they don’t like in the most unfair and dishonorable and self-righteous fashion. John and Charles don’t belong there but Kyle did a lot of work on John’s site so he feels an obligation. Charles doesn’t know how to run shit on his radio show even after 10 years. And that’s the only reason he’s on Renegade. He’s not even remotely WN, just not for illegal immigration and flooding of cultures with immigrants from foreign cultures.

            There’s a point at which there’s no more baby to take and bathwater to leave. After that point, it becomes all bathwater. Renegade totally stepped over the line by joining the Roosh lynching party. Roosh and people like him have nothing to do with “rape-fugees.” In fact, they’re all against “rape-fugees,” and totally FOR European cultural f sovereignty.

            P.S. Daryl Bradford Smith dumped his site because of a new totalitarian French law in light of the two clown-show PsyOps in the past year.


            • Not that it matters, but you just spent far more time on Roosh than I would have ever dreamed. Its a topic that doesn’t interest me. But apparently it interests many others, if they are all ganging up on him. Maybe I can download and listen to the video on the road…

              I have not given up on Renegade over Roosh. Nor have I ever been much of a fan of Charles (I assume Guilliani). I can’t dig his style. No big deal.

              I don’t really follow any online radio, except for a few. I download the shows (podcasts) and listen as I drive. So, I only have a few sources: Friend, Red Ice, and The Pressure Project. Sometimes I’ll listen to others.

              Who do you recommend?


  6. Coversely, THIS is “White People”:

    This is “White Trash”:

    No, you don’t have to be “working class” to fit the “white trash” label. Anslinger fits it even more than those skinhead geniuses.



  7. I often go on bitter nights
    To Wotan’s oak in the quiet glade
    With dark powers to weave a union –
    The runic letter the moon makes with its magic spell
    And all who are full of impudence during the day
    Are made small by the magic formula!

    Adolf Hitler, 1915


  8. “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

    Israel Cohen, 1912


  9. You people are really intelligent. It’s truly inspiring knowing the one thing you are most proud of you had nothing to do with. Way to be amazing.


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