Have Gravitational Waves Been Discovered? And What Difference Does It Make?

I’ve shared with you my Electric Universe sources before. Basically, it explains much within the universe, but simultaneously tears apart Einstein’s stolen “theories”.

Last week we heard all over the net that Einstein’s theory has finally been proved by measuring some sort of vibration 1,000,000 Light Years from Earth. This happened in 2014, as well, but was quickly shuttered when they admitted that it was not from Black Holes colliding, but from a cloud of cosmic dust.

And the jews cried when their saint was denied again proof of his stolen theories.

Is any of it important enough for us peons to care?

It is for me. For the Electric Universe Theory, if understood by mainstream science, would turn this world upside down because we may FINALLY learn more about what Tesla figured out (and the government stole and hid from us).

When all the hoopla was raised about this, I didn’t write about it because I felt that it was another flash bang of jewish desires being thrust upon the masses. I am not convinced and until, these guys admit it, I will continue to doubt.

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8 thoughts on “Have Gravitational Waves Been Discovered? And What Difference Does It Make?

  1. Spot on. I called the same thing the second I heard it–BULLSHIT.

    The filthy jews will not allow their fabricated cosmology to be replaced by the Truth- THE ELECTRIC UNIVERSE.

    Good work. No such thing as ‘gravitational waves’ just more jew LIES.


  2. If gravitational waves have actually been verified, it is an important discovery because (if they do, indeed, exist and can be measured) then they can be harnessed. The next step would be devising such things as artificial gravity, anti-gravity vehicles and space ships that can travel using the push and pull of gravity waves.

    Although it is true that Einstein plagiarized his “original” ideas, the various physics that are derived from those ideas have been pretty well substantiated. So, no matter WHO discovered E=mc2, to finally prove that gravity waves are a real phenomenon, is an important discovery.


    • That’s a Big “if” that has been touted before by the same MSM that was forced to squash the meme last time.

      I contend that it will happen again.

      the various physics that are derived from those ideas have been pretty well substantiated.

      Not according to Wal Thornhill and the Electric Universe proponents.


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