And They Will Still Follow

I’ve had several interactions with people over Donald Trump. It is a wonder that people ever believed in the first place. But that is just it. It amazes me that anyone still believes for a second that ANY candidate within either Republican or Democratic parties that is running for POTUS is not jew vetted and approved, you are bizarrely out of tune with reality. After all the previous liars that fooled you, you still believe that someone will come from within.

It’s why I always harp, “Ne’er an R or D again“.

It is all corrupt, really.

But in the case of the Showman Deal Maker Firer In Chief, he is sucking up to the Jew just like I have been insisting over and over to everyone I can (which really caused one particularly vile character extra heartburn culminating with a lot of comment vomit).

Now listen as The Donald’s peanut gallery insists that “he really knows the truth, but is just playing their game”.



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13 thoughts on “And They Will Still Follow

  1. Elevating Trump to assassination status JFK style is going beyond the pale. If anyone wants to kill him it’s probably one of his many, many neglected creditors. But his jew family of course would not allow that. After all, he is one of them . If there are any divided jew opinions it is for the drama and obfuscation. Sorry, I just can’t get myself into this game anymore. The guy is a fake and not even a particularly good actor. Words are cheap.


  2. Did you see the phony two man KKK rally for Trump in Nevada? Another camera angle proved the “klansmen” were black. I guess gloves were made by whitey crackas and waycist. DOH!
    Also milquetoast Mormon Mittens Romney the establishment rat P.O.S. is working behind the scenes to get Trump’s tax forms released.
    A family member voted for the Kenyan half breed genetic misfire rat P.O.S. in 2012 because…they could never vote for a Mormon. I love asking them how it’s working out under the muslime. LOL!
    I’ll be sitting out this (s)election like I always do and I damn sure won’t be voting for any beandips like bubbleboy Bush lite robot rat Wubio and Teddy “Maple Leaf” Cruz.
    I don’t give my consent to be ruled by out of touch government lawyer globalist maggots who live in a bubble in the district of cesspool.
    One thing I’ll give Trump credit for is breaking it off in the ass of the mainstream media whores. They didn’t make him and they can’t break him but he sure knows how to use the presstitutes for his own free publicity.


  3. Those goobers in the peanut gallery don’t know poop.
    Everyone is required to pay tribute to the Jew for fear of the Jew.
    Trump has been dealing with them forever and it seems
    he can hold his own. Perhaps he is just a puppet,
    but me thinks his ego would not tolerate that role.


    • me thinks his ego would not tolerate that role.

      I’m not so sure. Maybe outwardly, but The Donald knows who is behind his success, as it were. Without jews, he’d never have done the business dealings he has done. Without jews he would have never had a tv show. Without jews, he wouldn’t get the exposure he gets now.

      He is meant to be anti-establishment and he says many of the right things. But, like every other POTUS candidate within R or D parties for as long as I can remember, they all lie and say what the constituency wants said, then does the opposite when elected.

      Trump is no different. But there are still those that hope.

      Well, hope went out the door with Obama, if not long before then.


  4. For those that say that Drumpf (again, the real last name of “Trump”) is a hero…. I will state that if he was against the Jewish criminal elite, then they would have put a bullet to his head years ago….

    Someone sent me this video the other day, and asked that I do an article… I just completed one, and it falls in line with your thoughts exactly, Buelahman….. We do see eye to eye on this fraud Jew controlled lackey…


  5. I’ve said it ten times already: they’re going to use Trump in exactly the same way as Putin. They’re going to bait people with some limited economic prosperity through a half-assed protection of the borders from illegals, then once everyone thinks they’re hunky dory again, HOOK them with holohoax denial laws, just like Russia, which will kill free speech forever and bury the USA for good. That is what they’re going to do with Trump. Don’t think so? Wait and see. If they pass thought-crimes legislation here, we’re all Arthur Tophams heading to the slammer anytime some Jew feels “offended,” or some homo’s feelings are hurt.


  6. The good Reverem Al Sharpton and Poopi Goldberg have said they will pack up and leave Amerikwanstain if the Donald is elected!
    Lefty rat P.O.S. Noam Chumpsky says it is a societal collapse that produced Trump. If it was a Bolshevik 1917 collapse Chump would be all for it. The Kenyan dinglebarry glory hole server in the crackhouse at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue better get on that hybrid civil/race war time is running out.


    • The good Reverem Al Sharpton and Poopi Goldberg have said they will pack up and leave Amerikwanstain if the Donald is elected!

      I think Trump is little more than an opportunistic, lying asshole, but if what you wrote is true (and they take a few million along with them), I would vote for Trump.

      I would love to see Sharpton and Goldberg languishing in a hut in Africa (until the natives kill them).


      • The only way Trump can be as “good” as his supporters have romanticized him out of all proportion to be, is if he tells Israel to go screw itself once he gets in office, in other words, to double-cross the ultimate double-crossers. If he’s not doing it now, why would he do it then, unless his followers pressure him into it and hold him to something he promised? Did he promise to do anything against Israel or Jew control of the U.S. government and media? Nope. He has family members married to Jews. All he is is bait for suckers, just like the Commies were during the Cold War. Plenty of conservatives thought the Cold-War was real back in those days too. Plenty of Jew newspapers pretended to be anti-Commie as well, while their own elite had funded and were running all of communism in every country there was communism. This should have been obvious to anyone when Stalin went to war against Hitler on the side of the Jews, USA, Britain, etc. After the war, Stalin’s All-Lies gave half of Europe to their good friend and then turned around and made him the bogey-man they needed for their next few decades of duping the same billions of world peons, but especially peonic America.

        Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. People who can hustle the master-hustlers. I just don’t think Trump is that man. Trump is the bait or phony version of such a man, the straw man set up for the energies of certain large demographics to be channeled into and dissipated, similar to Ron Paul a few years ago, although Ron Paul didn’t kiss half as much Jew ass. If that wus, beanie-wearing son of his didn’t start the kosher-nostra brown-nosing, the family name wouldn’t have got dragged through the mud. lol Then maybe Ron Paul could have run on as an octogenerian and embarrassed him by pointing out to his groupies that the boy is still dancing for them shekel shackles.

        “It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” — Frederick Douglass

        “Let no man enter my home who cannot bear all shadow and bear all light.” ~ Charles Bukowski

        “We all sit in a circle and suppose, while the secret sits in the center and knows.” ~ Robert Frost


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