Evil “A” or Evil “B” is STILL Evil

Although I believe that Clinton will crash and burn (maybe I should say “Bern”), I am confident that what we are seeing propped up before our brainwashed eyes is the same old sElection tactics of offering a gaggle of idiots to sElect from, leaving just a few “lesser evil” characters that are purposefully given us because the PTB know that they will carry their water wherever they want it carried. So, in the scheme of things, it doesn’t matter if the sElection brings us Trump (Drumpf) or Clinton (or in my estimation, the final victory, a jew known as Bernie Sanders).

The ultimate victory for the jew is a jew as POTUS. But really, what would be the difference if Cinton or Drumpf were sElected? Because, really, they are all connected in some way, to jewish power and their love for Israel.



Marc Lasry is a billionaire Moroccan-born Jewish American hedge fund manager. He is the co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Avenue Capital Group and the co-owner of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks.

He ‘s also closely linked to BOTH the US Presidential Front runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton


According to the New York Times Hilarys donors met Clintons gay Campaign Manager Robby Mook at the office of one of her main donors Marc Lasry

In 2015, when Clinton announced her long-expected second bid for the White House, Lasry promised to raise $270,000 for her as a bundler in the very first week of her campaign. And as his involvement in hosting last week’s key meeting suggests, he continues to play an outsized role; presumably if Clinton is elected in November, he will find it easier to get a meeting at the White House than he did during the Obama/Jarrett years, if that’s possible.

Nowhere is that nexus more apparent than in the hedge fund called Eaglevale Partners that was co-founded by Hillary Clinton’s Jewish  son-in-law Marc Mezvinsky, and where, according to a March 2015 report in the New York Times, “Tens of millions of dollars raised by Eaglevale can be attributed to investors with some relationship or link to the Clintons.” Not surprisingly, that list includes Marc Lasry, who told the Times that he invested $1 milliion in the Mezvinsky fund and urged a close relative to also invest, adding: ”I gave them [Eaglevale] money because I thought they would make me money.” Other early investors in Eaglevale include Goldman’s major partners including the firm’s controversial CEO, Lloyd Blankfein.

Over the last year or two, as oil and natural gas prices began to plummet and many energy companies found themselves in fiscal hot water, Lasry and his Avenue Capital made a huge bet  on companies tied to fossil fuels — oil, gas, and coal.



Trump Entertainment Resorts and its predecessors have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection four times, in 1991, following construction of the $1-billion Trump Taj Mahal, and in 2004, 2009 and 2014.

The casino group filed for bankruptcy again in February 2009  owing $1.2 billion. Two sets of debt holders eventually proposed reorganization plans for the group in U.S. bankruptcy court.

Trump initially made an agreement with banker/high-stakes poker player Andrew Beal, owner of Beal Bank, which held $500 million in the group’s debt, to take over the resorts. However, citing concerns about the bank’s experience with gaming, he dropped them in favor of the hedge fund Avenue Capital Management,(Marc Lasry’s company) a plan favored by other bond-holders. Beal then partnered with investor, Carl Icahn, who had worked on restructuring another Atlantic City casino, the Tropicana. In court, Trump argued that he would fight the Icahn/Beal team if they sought to use his name and likeness on the group’s properties.Instead he signed an agreement with Avenue Capital in which he would receive 5% stock in the reorganized company and another 5% in exchange for the use of his name and likeness in perpetuity.

In 2011 The New Jersey Casino Control Commission has officially gave Marc Lasry and the hedge fund Avenue Capital Group (ACG) oversight of the three Trump properties in Atlantic City. Lasry now becomes chairman of Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc.

Thus Marc Lasry is Donald Trumps business partner


Alexander and Samantha Lasry

Lasry’s son, Alexander, worked for White House Senior Adviser and Obamas closest political associate  Valerie Jarrett. Lasry’s daughter, Samantha, was a staffer for Jewish congressman Rahm Emanuel.


h/t Wide Awake Gentile

B’Man: The obvious question to me is does Sanders have any connections to Lasry and family? But does it matter when the ultimate jew victory would replace these jews with others to bring a jew into the POTUS office?

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6 thoughts on “Evil “A” or Evil “B” is STILL Evil

  1. Whatever happened to Ariel Sharon?

    I mean whatever u think of that shyster-he did point out rather astutely that Israel had no need to worry about what the US was going to do next.

    Why not?

    Well, that’s because lil’ ol’ Israel controlled the US anyway.

    Sharon’s been on a life-support machine ever since.

    That’s what happens to the real whistleblowers!


    • People were far too quick to commit themselves to Trump. Hungry for a new POTUS Messiah, because the last black one failed to fulfill, as did every other POTUS Messiah that comes along. When will they ever learn? It is embarrassing, actually, watching the lemmings fall AGAIN.

      There will NEVER be one from either of the corrupt parties. Had this Kabuki been unintended, Trump would have been picked off long ago. And not with bullets, but with the plethora of skeletal remains in his vast closets.


  2. B’Man, I agree that the “candidates” are fully picked and in the jewish pockets, of one section of that mob or other. That includes Trump (and, probably Putin, too). Here is some information about the activities of one of the sects of those jewish mobs. I’ve seen their ads and wondered who they were until I came across this.

    “Some jews pretending to be Conservative are running attack ads, and running them especially in the Southern States of REAL America.

    Just a few of the names behind this jewish PAC, operating under the name, “Conservative Solutions PAC”, when they run their attack ads. WATCH FOR THEM.

    “Another anti-Trump spot complains: “He praised Russian gangster Vladimir Putin.”

    That is a very Jewish complaint, since it is Putin who has thwarted the Zionist-Jew plan to overthrow Bashar al-Assad and create chaos in Syria.

    The following names were reported to the Federal Election Commission as having donated $200 or more to this PAC. Note that there are no donations of less than $50,000. This PAC certainly represents the interests of some very rich people, many of whom are well known to be Jews.

    The name at the top of the list, Paul Singer, is that of a Jewish hedge-fund manager who promotes “gay rights.” Is that really conservative?”.”

    Just a few of the names behind this rich jewish PAC, operating under the name, “Conservative Solutions PAC”, when they run their attack ads, which you really should WATCH FOR. The link has many more.

    NEW YORK, NY 10019 ELLIOTT MANAGEMENT CORP. 11/25/15 $2,500,000
    CHICAGO, IL 60603 CITADEL, LLC 12/14/15 $2,500,000
    MIAMI, FL 33165 06/29/15 $2,500,000
    MIAMI, FL 33137 BRAMAN MOTORS, INC. 06/22/15 $2,000,000
    WALNUT CREEK, CA 94596 ORACLE 06/24/15 $2,000,000
    LAKE WORTH, FL 33460 NOT EMPLOYED 06/08/15 $2,000,000



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