Two Days Left To Subscribe To John Friend’s Realist Report at The $75 Lifetime Rate

If you read this shitty little blog, you know that I simply offer what I consider interesting content, usually surrounding how we are getting screwed by jews and their minions, including the objects of their divide and conquer strategies… everyone other than jews, in most cases. But I am no writer, much less a journalist and with my job I cannot commit full time to making what I do any bigger (or better). And frankly, I am not sure I have what it takes.

There are others whom I feel are genuine in their desires to take what they do to the next level.

John Friend has shown me over the years that even when we don’t agree, he means what he is doing. I respect that. But the truth is that he and I agree on most of the subjects and I think he is a brilliant, good-natured, very talented individual who has a dream and is setting forth to see it happen for real.

Because he is real in my estimation, I became a lifetime subscriber to his blog, in order to support his efforts. The lifetime subscription option for $75 is a deal, but it is only being offered through the first of March. His goal was 100 subscriptions and he is at 90, so this is doable over the next two days. I felt I needed to give him a little hand here, in case others felt the same way about his work.

I hope you consider becoming a member.

He is using the money to build his dream and take this to the next level of professionalism.

People who hang out here know that I never ask for money, especially for myself. But John is constructing something that is much more viable than your host’s shitty little blog.

Please join John and help him move forward. I did.

Are you tired of being lied to? Are you sick of the cultural Marxist, anti-White propaganda poisoning the minds and souls of our children, friends, and family? Are you looking for honest, objective political and historical analysis? Subscribe to today!

Now is the time to support independent media! Subscribe to The Realist Report today, and help us compete with and eventually replace the mainstream mass media and “entertainment” complex headquartered in Hollywood. We have the ability, knowledge, dedication, and courage to stand up for the truth, for our race, and for our children’s future – help us do just that in a major way!

Your subscription will grant you access to Exclusive Members Only Content, which consists of hard-hitting and truly unique political and historical commentary. Much of the content on The Realist Report will remain freely available; however, many podcasts and some written commentary will be categorized as Exclusive Members Only Content and will only be available to subscribers. Get your subscription today!

*Please note: subscribing members’ personal information will remain confidential. No information will be shared publicly or with a third party.

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4 thoughts on “Two Days Left To Subscribe To John Friend’s Realist Report at The $75 Lifetime Rate

  1. This is a site more for Robert Mitchum types, “Redneck Intellectuals,” people from working class or lower-middle-class backgrounds with high-IQs or more upper-class intellects. Or people from middle-class or upper-class backgrounds who are smart enough to value more working class perspectives to more fully map their own perspectives, not exactly “the strength of street knowledge” as NWA would say, but closer to the jungle or the strength of a more direct relationship to day-to-day reality and possible violence. B’man is quite an excellent writer with his own style. Just having the command of the language that he does and the economic way he uses it already shows his brain is working on all pistons.

    John’s site is a different breed altogether but again, it’s John’s talent as a writer, plus his honesty, integrity and fair-play that makes it obligatory for me to support him. After 5 years of visiting thousands of so-called “truther” sites and “WN” sites and combinations of truther and nationalist, etc., John Friend and Red Ice Radio remain the best and most honorable examples of how a so-called WN or nationalist, pro-White-European site should be run. That area of the truther-sphere being very close to tribalist and collectivist perspectives, requires a very keen judgment to keep from sliding down the slippery-slope of sacrificing individuals to groups and ending up unprincipled and scoundrel-friendly. John & Red Ice both understand that it is not about the tribe vs. the individual but the synergetic (wholes greater than the sum of individual parts) point of balance between all individuals and their tribe or closest wider kin-folks and collective, whether organized racially, ethnically or culturally. Being neurotically out of balance with his group and his possibilities for wider synergy is not beneficial to any individual and it is the very difference of all individuals, including identical twins, in everything but their basic humanity that is the reason a division of labor economy and modern civilization even exist as a means to an end.


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