Watcha Doin’ There, Little Girl?

Asha Burwell cries as she tells story of racial attack

Asha Burwell cries as she tells story of racial attack by 10-12 evil white dudes

It tore my heart out as I learned of another racially motivated crime in New York. As you can see in the eyes of poor little Asha Burwell, the pain of being insulted… being called a nigger… then, to have a vicious white animal ATTACK you and two of your totally innocent friends who dinnit do nuffin, eva, to no one, eva, …

well, it makes me mad.

Who will stop all these barbarian white dudes from attacking these innocent darlings?

Answer: Hillary

FireShot Screen Capture #004 - Hillary Clinton

Is it just me, or does it remind you of


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4 thoughts on “Watcha Doin’ There, Little Girl?

  1. your JEWTARD radar did it again….dude.

    wait till all the “Jews” go onto the ovens and the poor little “BLACK” folk
    get all their just rewards….and back pay, too.

    you be stirrin’ the pot, again…..last day special, eh ?….

    some blame Hillary for Waco…who knows ?


  2. Awww did reality intrude on the precious little snowflake’s safe space. How dare anyone say anything but praise for the poor dear.
    She’ll really have something to cry about when she goes out into the unsafe space known as the real world with a worthless gender studies basket weaving critical race theory degree.
    Good thing the events of the late 1930s early 1940s are not happening now because a big loss would be in the works for the marshmallow soft selfie stick me me me generation.


  3. At least Comrade Hillary is a strong advocate, not only for those most affected by rape, and hurt feelings, but for the wife’s, girlfriends and mothers of those who almost always do those rapes. She “feels” their pain.


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