Is Donald Trump Another Obama?

Is Donald Trump

another Obama?

Will the long series of America’s

traitor presidents remain unbroken?

By John Kaminski

The only thing worse than being blind

is having sight but no vision.

—Helen Keller

America will never be well until the truth comes out about World War II, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and the false flag tragedy of September 11, 2001. So, in all likelihood, until that sad day when it finally falls completely apart, the United States of America will never again be well.

Certainly none of the demagogues now campaigning for president in 2016 are willing to reveal the true history of the USA, and how over the last 150 years it has gradually been taken over and plundered by the same ruthless class of power brokers who are now funding, in one way or another, all these deceitful candidates themselves.

I’ve spent the last ten years trying to convince people that very rich Jewish power brokers have controlled every aspect of American society for more than a century — and I’ve failed.

It doesn’t matter what you say or how much evidence you have. The public clings to denial, shakes its collective head and calls you crazy. Americans have been indoctrinated too well by a lifetime of twisted information produced by Jewish media and by politicians paid by Jews to accept the contention that Jews want to totally control and murder everybody who is not Jewish or not useful to Jews as slaves.

The combined weight of slanted propaganda, virtually all of which is produced by Jews or their lackeys, and the very real fear of fatal consequences — specifically surreptitious murders that can never be solved — keep people in line, heads down, eyes closed, lips sealed real tight.

Their attempt to avoid the kosher killing machine will not last much longer.

Back in 2008, Barack Obama came out of nowhere to win the presidency over a moribund Republican named John McCain, who was so corpselike that the snazzy Obama couldn’t help but win. At least Obama had a pulse. His opponent did not.

Enthusiastic supporters cheered Obama’s campaign slogan of “Change”, with the implication being that he would dismantle and curtail the barbaric activities of his predecessor, George W. Bush, who up until that time had been seriously considered the worst president of all time (at least by me).

Too stupid to control his own government, Bush turned the reins over to the demonic Dick Cheney, who consorted with the most evil people on the planet to murder 3,000 Americans right in the middle of New York City for the simple reason to sell more weapons to everybody in the world, and to use them on people who didn’t deserve to be murdered.

With the perspective of a decade and more, the whole world can see now the suspicious actions of U.S. government prior to, during, and following the events of 9/11/2001, and then all the lies that were told to trigger the unjust invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq that followed.

Although he was too stupid to devise the scheme himself, the younger Bush was clearly implicated in the caper in what was probably the greatest lie and definitely the greatest crime in American history.

So we thought all these terrible things would change with the election of Obama, but like a Florida roofing contractor who got paid before he finished the job, things didn’t turn out that way.

Obama didn’t change anything. Following the worst U.S. president of all time, this unknown, undocumented, secret senator from Illinois, Indonesia and presumably Kenya turned out to be even worse than Bush, suspending basic Constitutional protections and congratulating homosexuals for coming out of the closet and helping to destroy the American family.

And four years later, to the lasting shame of the mental status of Americans, he was re-elected to a second term.

Totally bamboozled by media that have always kept Americans in the dark about what is really going on, after eight years in office the electorate still barely realizes that nothing concrete is really known about Obama, other than that his hatred of white people, which suits his Jewish masters and his Muslim advisers just fine.

The birth certificate he produced was a fraud, people suspect he is married to a transvestite man, the colleges he claims to have attended refuse to release his records, and the circumstances of his rapid rise through the corrupt Illinois political scene have not been concretely documented, or if they have, not widely disseminated.

Obama’s negative impact on the moldering carcass of the American republic is incalculable. Bush the Younger began the gutting of Americans’ Constitutional protections, but Obama — who concentrated mostly on playing golf and wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on expensive vacations for himself and his family — created unprecedented egregious offenses against the American people, foremost of which was his Executive Order declaring that he could kill anyone he wanted to without charges or a trial, vaporizing the main cornerstone of American freedom.

Moves to arrest Bush and his demonic vice president have been started in the state of Vermont and the nation of Germany, but after the next election, the treasonous behavior of Obama is sure to kindle similar efforts.

And what can be said of the American people who remain so disturbingly hypnotized by their corrupt media apparatus that they have allowed four mentally deranged misanthropes to serve in their land’s highest office for a almost 30 years? What does that say about the psychological condition of the U.S. population?

Manipulated and demented

Americans can’t take anymore reality-erasing medications because they’re already maxed out, and are unable to focus on the fact that their food supply has been poisoned and their medical profession is working assiduously to assure future generations of Americans will be born and raised defective and retarded, making them perfect workers and recipients of welfare who will forever keep quiet in order to receive their benefits.

We can blame the media as much as we like for not telling us the whole truth about these men and what they’ve really done, but what kind of blame do Americans deserve for allowing Barack Obama to disgrace the office president while the citizens whom he controls do not demand answers to his own false history that he has presented to the world.

Along with Presidents Bush 2, Clinton 1 and Bush 1, their legacy in one of total damage while turning a serviceable republic into a destitute and deranged garbage dump that is falling apart with many of its residents facing starvation, disease and homelessness.

Which leads us to Donald Trump, blowing us kisses from the runaway train he is riding to the White House.

There is still the matter that he could face Hillary Clinton in the general election, and she would definitely represent a continuation of the lying oligarchs who continue to rob and kill us with increasing rapidity were she to win the election, which is entirely possible due to the vote counting corruption that renders the votes of all Americans meaningless relative to the final tally.

Another key fact in Hillary’s continuing eligibility for the White House is that a long train of criminal actions by her have been arbitrarily dismissed by our corrupt law enforcement system.

And then there is the thought that it really doesn’t matter who wins the general election for president, as Al Gore and John Kerry would have done just as much damage to the world and America as George Bush Jr. did, and John McCain and Mitt Romney would have been just as corrupt and sadistic as Obama, the foreign born man without a history, has been.

Donald Trump doesn’t have any of the same issues as these aforementioned criminals have had, but he has many of the same relationships with the top level of the world’s power brokers.

Scariest of all, this TV show of a campaign has created the same kind of irrational enthusiasm that bubbled up when the unknown candidate Obama first ran in 2008.

Sure, Donald Trump seems to be a nice guy (although to others, he seems to be a complete fake), and he speaks to some issues that resonate with the downtrodden and disenchanted Americans feeling that their government is enveloped in a giant and smelly cloud of lies. But that’s the way everybody felt about Obama in 2008. And look what happened.

This not to say Trump is the same as Obama. But it is to say that closely examining a person’s history and credentials should be mandatory for selecting the so-called leader of the free world, particularly since America has turned into (or perhaps always been) a raving monster who does the bidding of the Jewish bankers no matter how many innocent people need to be murdered.

More people are noticing that none of these candidates are speaking about the real issues, which involved tyrannical aggression against people both at home and abroad. Sadly, with the possible exception of Kasich, Trump seems to be the best of a bad bunch.

So that’s the case with Trump. Sure, he’ll tease around the edge of the 9/11, make fun of Dubya as a totally incompetent liar while his little brother twists in the wind, but now that Jebbie is out of the race, The Donald has set his sights on jailing Hillary, in trapping her in as many of her egregious lies as he possibly can (and good luck to him in that quest), but I’m not sure that’s not what America needs at this precarious moment in its disintegrating history.

First and foremost, we need a no holds barred investigation of the 9/11 which will pretty much destroy the American government, because every public official in every office of every branch of government knows it was an inside job, planned by Israel and facilitated by the neocons. It aimed to make the Jewish financier Larry Silverstein a lot of money with the help of Jewish judges and lawyers, and it was designed to give carte blanche to the American military to invade any country it wanted to, all in service to Israel’s demonic designs.

And Trump boasts he’s going to make America’s military stronger, when it already dwarfs the defense forces of any other country in the world? That’s Trump promising more mass murder, more collateral damage, more pathological criminality in service to Israel and the rich Jews who control the world.

We have become so deluded by the misrepresentations of our media, our schools and our government that we think a good candidate for president is someone who can ridicule all other candidates out of the field, build a wall along the Rio Grande, and continue to ignore the problems of environmental disaster and the deliberate sabotage of the systems that keep us alive, adhering to the priorities of the Jewish destabilization template by getting ridding of all these proles who are cluttering up the world.

All of America venerates a man who has been backed by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers throughout his life and gotten rich through bankrupting casinos and following orders to turn America into a giant gambling mecca while its people starve in the streets (a Jewish wet dream if there ever was one).

He is the American dream personified, but owned by the nightmare outfit that has ruled and abused the world for more than two centuries.

Lots of people are going to vote for this fun guy who makes them forget that the USA is long dead, a subsidiary of the UN and the IMF. He’ll probably still be president when the rest of us are penniless, dead and gone.

Think clearly about our recent history. After 30 years of Jewish hit men in the White House, are you really expecting a white knight to ride into Washington and clean up our country.

Are you smoking crack? If Trump were such a towering figure, don’t you realize he’d be dead by now, assassinated just like Kennedy was, if he tried to make headway against the powers that be and stop the madness. He is owned by those people and will not fight them.

But hey, don’t let me stop you from voting. As George Carlin once said before they killed him, the people who vote are the ones we can blame for all these problems.

See also

“Who Towers Behind Trump” 

by the late Michael Collins Piper


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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13 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump Another Obama?

  1. I have the same fears expressed here. Trump does have certain cretin (the usual suspects)running scared though recently but I am not very sure this matters at all. It has got me to pay a bit of attention to him though. I still am just so cynical of everything voting and government wise that I can not trust any of them and know that computer voting will just change the results to what certain groups want in the end anyhow. Maybe not even needed though as it could all be another hope and change ruse to buy another eight years of doing what the enemy demands by proxy of a liar they tricked the public to vote for again. It is amusing to watch this comedy show though . I guess I should enjoy the laugh while I can. If not I might just tear up instead. GOD help us cause the adversary is certainly helping our enemies.


  2. Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.
    ~ Denis Diderot


  3. Rubbed the wrong way because you sound as if you have given up all hope. HOPE is all people have to keep them going. WE all can’t just sit back and die. You have no fight in you ! You are totally negative, and yes, just thinking of OBAMA can make you that way, but you must learn to rise above it. Trump is nothing like any of the Chicago gang, and for those who don’t know, Hillary is part of that Chicago gang too as she was born and raised there. It’s the pits of hell apparently. Everything that comes out of there is pure EVIL !

    To answer your question of your bashing title – NO Trump is NOTHING like Obama !!
    He is the OPPOSITE !!
    And we who are real patriots thank God for Trump and this last chance for America !!
    WE need to use this last chance wisely and not slap God in the face for this last opportunity.
    Sometimes I think we could be starving and God hand us some bread and butter, and we’d complain about it that it was not a steak ! WE are an ungrateful people !
    I hope we do not waste and hang ourselves messing up this last chance with our pettiness and demand for perfection. This is Earth – we are human, you will not get PERFECTION here at this time, so stop demanding it and neglecting what we do have offered to us ! !

    It’s either Donald Trump — or another Elite OWG Communist Establishment person in office – do you really need to THINK about that choice ?

    Trump is a breath of fresh air and you need to change the title of this write It’s so nasty it sounds as if you want to shoot him yourself ! DC would be happy to do it for you, but to have two assassinations so close would really get the people to rise up against the real enemy we all have = DC !

    DC is a pit of vipers ! Did they tell you to write this hit piece on the Donald ? Just curious. They must have done some real high pay offs to get so many “conservative” online medias to do hit pieces on him – but of course, they are losing their readership for it ! WE no longer trust them ! Now this one included. Anyone who can be bought off are not real ‘conservatives’ and cannot be trusted.
    Titles tell it all.


    • HOPE: the word morons hang their hat on. every year. Time after time. Election after election.

      Hope is used to sway the dull of mind into complacence.

      And we who are real patriots thank God for Trump

      Oh, so you are one of those “real patriots”. And you bother commenting on this patriotless blog. How dare you?

      Do you know how many people thanked God for Bush, Clinton, Bush2, Obama (and now the idiot Trump)? Do you feel special by falling into the same category as all those other hope chumps? Don’t you think that by doing what all the other idiots have done every election makes you seem just a tad bit gullible to jump on yet another of the same bandwagons?

      Trump is a breath of fresh air and you need to change the title of this write It’s so nasty it sounds as if you want to shoot him yourself !

      I grew up on a chicken egg farm. I know the smell of fresh air and I also know the smell of shit. Trump’s lies smell like shit, because he will cater “1000%” to Israel, and might nuke Iran. He will certainly continue to feed the military, just as all his predecessors have done.

      No, as much as you “hope” and “pray” that he is different, he is only actually different in that he has been able to totally bullshit you.



      Patriots don’t kiss the ass of TV show magnates who are surrounded by Jews and who are willing to continue the Jewish domination of the world.

      I call them morons.


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  5. As I have said before, I think the Trump is a fake and a clown with a nice jewish family. Michael Collins Piper (may he rest in peace) in his 2004 book “The New Jerusalem: Zionist Power in America” has some insight on the back ground of this guy as a front for more sinister ongoings behind the scenes by spooks, mob and your govt.


    • It baffles me that smart people are too dull in this respect to get it. We’re not dealing with a political campaign, we’re dealing with a cult of personality. Just like the others before him.


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