The Pollack Joke Is On You

A Polack decided to commit suicide by hanging himself from a tree in the park. A few days later, a man was walking his dog and spotted him hanging from the tree. He asked the Polack what he was doing and he replied,”I’m hanging myself.” Your supposed to put the noose around your neck not your waist.” said the onlooker. “I already tried that,” replied the Polack, “but I couldn’t breathe.”

It looks like Pollacks may not be as stupid as the jokes indicate them to be.

Their Prime Minister, Beata Szydło, saidPoland has not taken immigrants this year and is unlikely to take them in the near future, and that “Europe isn’t prepared to take on such a number of immigrants.

As opposed to virtually every other nation in Europe (and North America, for that matter), the Poles’ main priority is to ensure the safety of Poles.

Think of that. Like Hungary, someone on high seems to be thinking about their own citizenry for a change.

Let’s wait and see if its real.

h/t WhiteGenocideProject

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13 thoughts on “The Pollack Joke Is On You

  1. A few years ago my sister and I visited East Germany, first time for me after the fall of the wall. We were about 1km away from Poland and a nice nature park. I asked her to drive across the border and go for a walk. She refused to drive into Poland and park her car there because she was afraid of her tires being gone after we got back.

    So, not so fast, Poland is acting like Israel – no immigrants for us but everyone else. Poland has been under jewish influence for a long time, mostly due to immigration from the Ukraine and Russia.


    My take is jews are not only corrupting societies but they are also thieves like in the case of the Poles. They have absolutely no good reputation. So, I send the Pollack joke right back.


    • You may have let out a cat from the bag I was unawares of. So, are you suggesting that the only reason the Poles are not allowing illegal immigration is because of the Jews?

      I’m not sure I understand your logic, since Jews run everywhere else, too, but they (us) get the onslaught.


      • No, I don’t and you’re right, BMan, there is no apparent logic to my argument. It’s just that Poland of all countries rejecting immigration while at the same time letting their citizens spread all over Europe to take jobs from the locals for less wages.

        Historically, Poland has welcomed the jews for centuries. Poland was home to the largest and most significant jewish community in the world, a centre of jewish culture. Do you think that hasn’t trickled down to the present? I think Polish and jewish goes hand in hand and I’m not giving them the benefit of the doubt. But, you know what they say, look under a rock and what do you find.

        And, it might be as simple as they don’t like muzzies. But, a govt caring for their own people? When was the last time that oxymoron entered the vocabulary?

        Will provide links if you want them.


        • I would think that you have a much better pulse on what is happening in Poland (and Europe, for that matter).

          I have no reason to doubt anything you wrote.

          Its why I ended the post with, “Let’s wait and see if its real. ” I don’t fully trust anything from a politician’s mouth.


  2. If the government of Poland doesn’t want to take immigrants from the Middle East then fair enough, but the Polish government should realise that the British government has the right to repatriate the million or so Polish immigrants living in the UK, many of whom also claim state benefits, even for their economic dependents living in Poland. It is why the Polish government is opposed to even the modest concessions that David Cameron tried and failed to get out of the EU. Brexit here we come …


  3. Yep….the Polish saved Europe from the horde twice, and probably will again.
    Keep an eye on the British talks with Poland.
    They’ll try to force feed immigration as part of a package help deal that the Polish don’t really need.


    • We don’t really need a million Polish immigrants, a great many of whom are sponging off our generous welfare state. If you don’t want immigrants then get ready to take your own people back!


  4. The globalist maggots of the EU will find some way to punish Poland for not taking in their required does of vibrant diversity aka cultural and national suicide.


  5. Pingback: Racism in Poland: Hate speech against foreigners has increased over recent months, and “racial” beatings happen on average once a week or every two weeks, said Poland’s Human Rights Ombudsman Adam Bodnar. | vulture of critique
  6. Not only can’t you speak englis or spanis you spell pollack like a hillbilly POLLOCK.
    How do you drive a hillbilly crazier then they are?
    I’ll tell you tommorow.


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