Things My Mama Forgot To Teach Me

I wish I had known that when I was living in that two room shack with a tin roof in Sylacauga. I went over a year without meat when I was 6, became anemic and almost died due to malnutrition.

And to think I was rich the whole time.

Nowadays, most people I know live below the poverty line. This old man is an idiot.

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14 thoughts on “Things My Mama Forgot To Teach Me

  1. Of course, Bernie is a liar. He is a commie jew. According to his words: “You know, my dad came to this country from Poland (wring a bell?) at the age of 17 without a nickel in his pocket.” Yup, makes sense, you cross the big ocean without a penny in your pocket.

    His above remark in the vid was actually funny, a white guy telling other white guys that they don’t know what it means to be poor. At least, I think it was funny because it is so disconnected from reality.

    Jewish take on jewish Bernie:

    Well, BMan, who would you suggest as the next president? Never mind, you can have our faggy Justin. Take him and keep him. Would go good together with Obombo in a bathhouse. I’m getting out of line here. Becoming too cynical.

    By the way, Sylacauga actually looks pretty nice today.


    • I’m still under the impression that Clinton will do some hari kari before being prosecuted (at least threatened with prosecution) leaving the opening for the full jew POTUS run. This means that if I am correct, it will end up being Trump against Sanders (and we might even throw in Bloomberg as an independent for extra jew goo).

      But even if Clinton hangs in there, how much difference could it be between either Hillary or Bernie?

      Nor am I not arguing that Trump ISN’T the least of all the evils. He is and if it comes down to this stinking sElection, I would vote for Trump (if I voted, but I don’t).

      Its like going to the meat market and having the butcher display various forms of rancid meat. I guess I’d pick the package with the least maggots, if I had to. But really, why pick maggots at all? If we ALL simply did not vote or write in someone else, anyone else, including cartoon characters, they would know something is brewing.

      But dreaming that we could ever get a mass of like-thinking people to thwart the system is in all likelihood an impossibility.


      • Ja, the system needs to collapse on itself. I don’t think we ordinary citizens can accomplish that. Some people say it will take major geological upheavals like earthquakes and the like to affect a change in the mindset of the masses.

        Maybe so, it is a possibility to get the populace off the TV-screens, away from the constant brainwashing and make them quit believing the unending lies. Maybe without electricity lights will be turned on (figuratively).

        But, you know what, I say fat chance. The train has left the station.

        I refuse to vote for any maggots, and if they don’t put out a ballot with the choice: “None of the above”, there are no real choices.


      • The American people are entitled to peacefully overthrow the tyrannical government.
        If the Feds use force, then we have a green light to start at the top and cull their numbers.


  2. Bolshevik Bernie can kiss my lily white ass. The ancestors came over on boats and ended up in coal mining country before relocating North to work in automobile factories and on the railroad.
    The only time that we were what would be considered rich was during the mid to late 1980s when the family owned some businesses and had multiple cars with the nice suburban home.
    Since then the living standard has dropped but we don’t whine about it or think those “evil rich” owe us anything.
    Any country stupid enough to vote for Bolshevik Bernie deserve the $20 trillion tax increase to pay for all the free shit but I still think he is there to make Hillary look centrist.


    • Yeah, Bernie is a mamzer and an old Gefilte fish. He is lousy at history and lying. Now is a good time of the year to for him to take an all expenses paid vacation.

      On Wed, Mar 9, 2016 at 4:44 PM, BMans Revolt wrote:

      > Hillbilly Jim commented: “Bolshevik Bernie can kiss my lily white ass. The > ancestors came over on boats and ended up in coal mining country before > relocating North to work in automobile factories and on the railroad. The > only time that we were what would be considered rich was dur” >


  3. Thanks to some Kenyan half breed genetic misfire cocksucker gloryhole server piece of shit my healthcare is gone. I used to get Plan A coverage through the local hospital in yearly increments.
    It expired last November. I reapplied and at first they didn’t approve it and then gave me three months as long as I would apply for Castrocare. I tried to set up my appointments but the waiting list is quite long for any specialty clinic at the hospital. It expired March 1st and when I called they said the doctor will still see you but it will be $700 up front or no visit. I’m not signing up for Castrocare. Those Yankees can eat shit and I don’t have anything so they can tax and fine all they want.
    Haven’t these democRATS been promising some goddamn golden fucking utopia paid for by someone else for almost 60 years now?


  4. Child workers at Central Mills in Sylacauga, 1910.

    One of my favorite books of all time and one of the greatest books of journalism ever written was about dirt-poor white sharecroppers in the South:

    Let Us Now Praise Famous Men – James Agee & Walker Evans

    If you can afford it, buy multiple new copies and give it as presents to your friends.

    Another great book, one of the greatest works of fact-based fictional literature ever written, and one you’ve probably not even heard about for a very good reason, is about life in Berlin during the hyper-inflation of the 1920s:

    It shows in the most delicately observed, detailed fashion and in the most poetic words how all segments of German society of the period were impoverished and corrupted by the yoke of financial slavery they were under.

    The uncensored version of this book had never even been published in English until a few years ago.

    Jews try to pretend in the blurbs of this book that the Not-sees didn’t like this book or something just because Fallada had some differences with National Socialist ideology in later days. Nonsense. This was one of Goebbels’ favorite books and he considered Fallada the greatest of artists.

    Buy it and read it, now. There is nothing more important you can do with your time. Then give it as gifts, along with “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men” to anyone you consider honorable and stand-up folks, even total strangers who give you the right vibes. For even if they only read 5 pages of either of these books, even if they just look at the amazing photographs in the LUNPFM, just that much alone will already communicate to them the value and power of a real work of art.

    “Every idea that is a true idea has a form, and is capable of many forms. The variety of forms of which it is capable determines the value of the idea. So by way of ideas, and your mastery of them in relation to what you are doing, will come your value as an architect to your society and future.” – “Idea and Essence” September 7, 1958 ― Frank Lloyd Wright

    [audio src="" /]


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