The Rise of Trump


NONE of the candidates they have given YOU for sElecting are worth half a well-worn turd. You probably know that, even if you are raving about Drumpf, Killery or Bernie Trotsky. But you can’t help yourself. For some idiotic reason, you want to BELIEVE. Worse, you NEED to BELIEVE. It reeks with desperation and frankly, we are desperate. We are desperate for a major shift in the Wrestlemania-style events that you gobble up like Roman citizens watching a lion eat a Gladiator.

I keep telling you every sElection cycle that it is all orchestrated, meant to bring Americans to a social explosion of hate and divide. I warned you about Bush. I warned you about Obama (and the clowns that ran against him). And now I am warning you about Drumpf, Killery and Bernie Trotsky.

If you cannot understand that one of Obama’s key purposes in his being sElected for you (TWICE) was to take a smoldering race war and go live, then you are not paying attention or you don’t have the faculties to make the connection. Understand that it was to bring white America into desperate straights, looking for a Savior, then giving us one.

But, obviously, this Drumpf character is not what you keep hoping (and insisting) he is.

How can you look beyond his idiotic Wrestling stunts? Perhaps you consider this acceptable behavior for a President of the United States? Or his ignorant, non-funny smooching of that criminal Rudy Guilliani? POTUS material, huh? I could on about how he is subservient to jews, allowing jews to participate in his business and campaign and FAMILY. Or how he shills for Netanyahu and Isreal and is considered by Israeli jews as the best candidate for Israel (and their jews), even over Killery and the real jew Sanders.

In face of all of that, white nationalist types are begging him to be one of them, when clearly he is not. Yes, he will insinuate things that make you shit on yourself, thinking he is supporting your cause, but that is all in you head. Then he says some of the stupidest, non-presidential stuff like bringing back torture, nuking Iran (of course this would be on Israel’s behest) or wanting to grow the world’s largest military (for what, to invade another Iraq on Israel’s behest, again???).

And think about this: we are in the meat eating session of the sElection (meaning the he is campaigning to attract the red-meaters of the R Party). But what do you think this man is going to do when facing the other shitbag in the general sElection? You think he is going to continue the feigned, imaginary white nationalist wet dream?

Morons. Please.

He will revert back to his Democratic Party leanings and lighten this ill-perceived, desperately assigned falsity on to him by the BELIEVERS, becoming something for everyone.

How do I know? Because they all do it EVERY time, but you are too ignorant to catch on. Drumpf is no different, and possibly worse, because he is a con man and carnival barker extraordinaire. It IS what he does.

And you swallow.

Is it good?

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7 thoughts on “The Rise of Trump

  1. Yes, I too have my doubts. I have actually given up on the election process since 2008. It was over long before that but tried to give it one last chance. Trump does have certain individuals decting once again as they always have done when they believe that the other party’s candidate will be better for their “go kill some people for israel” agenda. It is pretty much” how can we deceive them for another four years?” What do we do though other than violent revolution which will get us all killed by the psychopaths? I say no one should vote but they will just vote themselves in then. We are screwed and we paid for it as well. The international bankers need to hunted down, and assets confiscated


  2. sheepdoggin’ it over here, boss….

    so why did the “Jew” worshipping chickenshit asshole
    {GOOD BAPTIST}…. cross the road ?

    to Vote for the Donald ?

    note bene….there are NO “JEWS” in the Old Testament….
    the ‘Children of Israel ‘ {White People Nations} have never
    ever been the “Jews”….100% of modern day so-called “JEWS”
    are in fact “PROSELYTES” to Talmudic Judaism…a
    SATANIC ” BAD FAITH” so-called religion/ belief system…for

    aka…two legged “JEWTARDS” who watch TAL:MUDVISION
    and cannot “THINK”….!
    but alas,
    “BUBBA” from Beulahland…will set them straight !

    isn’t it a bit curious how the ugly truth is soooo…
    freakin’ UGLY….like Barbara Sreisand in the AM ?



  3. major freakin’ oops,

    I plumbass forgot to comment on the synchronicity of your
    RANT, and the PRO WRESTLING aspect thingy to the “JEWISH”
    stageplay THEATRE of the ABSURD for the braindeadgoy ….

    {“REF, He’s pulling his hair!”}


  4. Years ago the NYC papers called Trump “The Clown Prince of Manhattan.”
    If elected he can be called the “Crown King of clowns.”


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  6. You fucker. You nailed it. These rubes. Good on you for piping up. Fuck the lemmings I’ve been working on a trump cartoon that is right in line with this. I say “hell yeah”.


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