I don’t know about the motivations of the people she highlights, but you gotta admit that many good points are made in this parody.

I think Sinead is pissed at white men, especially those in these white identity movement leadership roles, who are blaming white women for the demise we are seeing in white cultures of Europe and America. In many cases, they won’t explain the jew connection (some to the point of attacking white men for even pointing out there is a jewish connectionproblem). It goes without saying, Sinead took them apart in her video.

(Of course, there were many others who do NOT think of women such and are vocal about the JP)

Sadly, the ultimate problem is that “hate whitey-woman” argument is causing a rift within the movement which may lead not only to isolation for the outfit she is a part of, but unnecessarily more for otherwise agreeable allies. Already, John Kaminski and Renegade had a falling out over details surrounding this issue (Kaminski will certainly call out the jewish problem). And not that I know why John Friend stopped producing radio content for Renegade, it came on the heels of an interview John did with Sinead that was a bit heated/emotional (with both sides making good points). Again, John Friend has no problem calling out the JP (nor does he blame women, in general, for white mankind’s woes). But he did attend the NPI (National Policy Institute) conference and has some good things to say about many of the contributors there. (To me, the Trump worship at the conference was sickening)


Whether or not John and Sinead addressed this between themselves, there is a loggerhead of sorts.

On a technical note (admitting up front that I despise the music genre), I am impressed with Sinead’s ability to write and perform, with the noted technological expertise required to make these videos. Doing this kinda stuff ain’t easy.


As for my opinion on white women’s roles culminating into today’s woes? They are no more to blame than white men. We have allowed the forces to separate us, making us more vulnerable apart. There is a perception (perhaps real) that men treat women like shit and women are reciprocal. Maybe so, but it is Marxist division at its best. Attack the family unit. Destroy from within.


Throw in a few ugly crazies, ranting about oppression from men, abortion on demand, and equal rights to add a fake penis if they want…

Or men that treat every woman as a whore meant to conquer and cast aside in a bukake mess, use her for her money to buy skinny jeans and sport faggy hair cuts, and maybe slap her around after he gets smashed (showing how much of a man he really is)…

…leads us to today.

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6 thoughts on “M-e-o-w

  1. Well done Sinead, more divisive material for the already fragile movement. Sinead you’re nothing more than a watered-down misandrist. You screeched in a comment about John Kaminski’s fine article that you have never felt so hurt (or words to that effect). Drama drama. More female emotions like a spoilt little girl having a tantrum. Claiming you were going to start up your own women’s group. What’s this new group going to be called ‘The Drama Queens’ Misandrist Truth Group’?

    You are a classic example of why men resonate towards mgtow and exactly what JK was highlighting in his article. Woman you need to do some serious growing up if you want to have any credibility in this movement.


  2. Hello B’Man,
    I have never heard of the …”white identity movement”… After doing a google search I found one reference(?) to it, but all the other results lead to the “Christian Identity Movement” which is a MEANINGLESS term, created by JEWS™ in my opinion, because an Asian or an African can be a Christian.

    It is OBVIOUS that the JEW PROBLEM is primarily the white mans problem. I am certain that you understand that multiculturalism, forced open boarders and race mixing is not being implemented is non-white nations. You are also aware that the so called ‘JEWS’ are responsible for ALL of these things in the west.

    Understanding “ISRAEL IDENTITY”(white NATIONS) and EDOM (JEWS) is the KEY to understanding WHY…

    I have tried to get you and many others to give thought, and research what I have presented, but it appears that half truths and JEWISH FABLES and the ‘JEWS’ indoctrination is winning out over sound research and the in your face, unavoidable FACTS!


    • The CI movement is not what I was talking about.

      The “white identity movement” is a take off from the “identity movement” but focused on white people and the active genocide.

      As for your subject, I was not even broaching it.


  3. Sinead can go live in Africa with the natives and enjoy vibrant diversity as they have her roasting on a spit like a kebab after brutalizing her.
    OT-Did you see where that Kenyan RAT P.O.S. sobama is trying to nominate an anti-2nd amendment fellow traveler to SCOTUS?! Those super duper conservatives Bitch “Turkey Neck” McConnell and Paulie “the Beard” Ryan will put a stop to this…yea right.


  4. Sinead’s a trained singer. It’s just simple kareoke in these parodies, so the images are probably harder to do than the music, but if she stops that vegan nonsense or at least starts eating some cholesterol through dairy, she’ll have an even better voice. I was wondering when these extremo-vegans at renegade would burn the bridge to Kevin MacDonald too, pretty much the top intellectual of the WN movement today with already-classic books like “Culture of Critique” to his credit. I didn’t have to wait long. This is a case-study of neurotic and extreme individualism right here, fronting as some kind of “uncompromised integrity” for white “tribalism” or group solidarity.

    All balance or even attempts at temperance-without-compromise and mutual understanding, something Sinead was very willing to do with a few pro-white black people a couple of months ago, are dispensed with as “unforgivable compromise” with anti-Judaic, pro-white white people like Angelo Gage, Kaminski and now Friend too? What the hell? All Friend did was go to a friggin’ meeting! lol Roosh is a “mud,” for being half-Armenian and half-Persian? Why don’t they call half-Persian Dave Gahary of AFP a “mud” too, next time Kyle interviews him? lol You see where all this collectivist, tribalist, racist BS leads? Nowhere but the bozo land of completely unnecessary silliness and petty-assed absurdity. They’re much better off being cultural elitists with very high standards and expertise on methods of temperance-without-compromise like Nietzsche, Jung and Schopenhauer.

    Throwing out all babies with any and all bathwater does not good strategy make. You have to use all babies that the bathwater has not drowned yet. Gage vaccinated his kid? Does that mean he’s drowning in bathwater now? You don’t have to compromise your own position on the dangers of vaccines, you can clearly state it to his face every time you have him on without insulting him. That is the way of the experienced warrior, the way of temperance.

    As an analogy, if instead of being a follower and “fan” of WN movements, you were a follower and “fan” of prog-rock music, you wouldn’t say, like some people did in 1979, that Pink Floyd is a sell-out “Disco” band and traitors to “Rock” because they used a disco beat on “Another Brick in the Wall.” You say “I don’t like that song because it has a compromised ‘disco’ beat and therefore is more Saturday Night Fever than rock,” but that album and that band are both still too brilliant to ignore and throw out in their entirety because of some bathwater creeping in that if allowed to rise might drown the baby.

    Of course, all of this would have worked a lot better if Sinead and Kyle hadn’t jumped the shark on all the “Flat Earth” mumbo-jumbo out there, most of it likely to be PsyOps along the lines of the gigantic fraud of NASA itself. The same no-compromise or rather lets-confuse-all-temperance-with-compromise /take-no-prisoners attitude is now being used against them by all sorts of dipshits who never had the talent to make “Hellstorm,” just by labeling them as “flat earthers” out to discredit “us all,” whoever “us all” are supposed to be. lol

    [audio src="https://archive.org/download/NegentropicChronicles09_201512/Negentropic%20Chronicles%2009.mp3" /]



  5. It’s just simple kareoke in these parodies, so the images are probably harder to do than the music

    Its not quite as simple as that (believe me, I know).

    I don’t know what to make of these people. I try to allow dissenting opinions here, as long as people are not attacked or the Richard Noggin cannot seem to help themselves. There are about 5 or 6 people who are in spam hell. Only one is permanent (the Jewish Priest stalker who keeps writing here attacking me and everyone else). The others, although in spam, I review and post.

    The only person I have fired was the Jew from long ago before my awakening. Others quit as I took the jewbag journey. But they are all welcome to comment and if they want me to post something for them, all they have to do is ask.

    Your comments are always excellent!


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