Muhammad: The White Prophet with Black Slaves (David Wood)

Recently, Professors Fetzer and Barrett had the final fallout that I predicted last summer when they began squabbling over the Jade Helm thing. At the time, I didn’t notice Barrett’s knee-jerk defense of Islam, even though I did know he was a convert. I still believe he is quite smart, but after my run-in with the black bacon-eating muslim, I have started looking more closely at motivations, especially related to Islam, by their acolytes and defenders.

Why do these people accuse jews? Is it because jews are malevolent as a whole? Or do they focus on jews as a defense and misdirection against what muslims can and are capable of (such as mass rapes, etc). Are these people just so upset over Palestine that they feel that there are no Muslims who would dare conduct these atrocities as are seen in Europe? When it is obvious that some of these people are extremely dangerous murderers and rapists?

Something is amiss.

To understand this, I have been trying to figure out Islam, best that I can from the web, because I know very few Muslims in real life (other than the occasional convenience store clerk). And then, are they Muslim or Hindu or whatever…

So, I search around to understand where it comes from and to understand more about its founder.

I ran into this presentation and although I have some reservations about the entirety of the guy’s message, I did find this very interesting, especially the details about Muhammed.

Irregardless of the accusation that Islam is evil because it is founded by a “white man” who “owned slaves” (almost insinuating that all whites owned slaves… even the Jefferson thing), just a cursory look of the actions the founder of the religion (and his followers), I can’t see how anyone can say the guy was not an evil asshole.

White or not, the stuff he did like wedding/bedding a 9 year old, all the heads he and his clan cut off, the treatment of women, etc cannot be denied, yet people like Barret do deny it (or swear that we just misunderstand what we see with our own eyes).

Barret recently has been on a tirade of idiocy, suggesting that all of the rape attacks in Europe by Muslims are False Flags. I suppose that each and every person (including children) that are speaking out are lying about the Muslim scourge… because what? They are racist? Intolerant?

Isn’t that what the Leftists are saying? Nice company, Barrett.

Maybe Barrett is just ignorant about Islam, even though he is a converted Muslim, and doesn’t realize what certain sects are capable of. Maybe Barrett should watch this to find out:

Look, to me, I don’t give half a rat’s ass about Islam, except that I don’t want it controlling people where I live. I don’t want innocent families and children killed, whether they are Muslim, jewish, or whatever. But I also will identify the enemies who can harm me, my family, my race and my country. If I see anyone, including whites, carrying out evil, I will identify it for what it is. There is no religion, especially Christianity, that can stop me from doing so.

But with people like Barrett converting to and defending Islam (which threatens to kill anyone who converts), how can I trust him to tell the truth, if the potential of death, dictated by the very leader of that religion, would be the result of his honesty?

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14 thoughts on “Muhammad: The White Prophet with Black Slaves (David Wood)

  1. WHY WOULD SOMEONE CONVERT TO ISLAM? Maybe the cultures which are controlled by
    Islam are weak and sick. (It sure seems that way to me.) Maybe the individual who remain
    in and are attracted to Islam are mentally challenged. Maybe their cultures would suck even
    worse under Judaism or Christianity.



      Excellent question.

      Fear, most likely, but in Barrett’s case, who knows? I think he spent time in the ME and his PhD has something to do with middle eastern studies (or some such). If he lived there and was threatened???

      I cannot find any redeeming rationale to do it. All I see is oppression and an evil bastard that started the religion. Who in their right mind would worship or idealize such behavior is beyond me.


  2. Whites (the 5 sub races) make up Europeans. Other folk who look White and were once all white have been infused with other blood. Some of these folk can pass as White, others can not and frankly do not want to be considered White unless being labeled so is to their greater advantage.


  3. B’Man. I suggest that if you want to get as close to an honest interpretation of the Qu’ran and Mohammed that you get yourself a copy of it’s only known reliable translation in English by an Englishman called Marmaduke Pickthall (1875 – 1936). It’s impossible to get any translation from Arabic that close to the origin but Marmaduke’s interpretation is recognized as being the most close.

    All the recent negative propaganda vilifying the person Mohammad and being disseminated by people who ought to know better is a direct result of the machinations of the Jews and their sycophants who are consistently coming up with translations that suit the Zionist/Protocolian agenda.

    Also, a good example of real Muslims and how they live can be found in the teachings and followers of Louis Farrakhan. Everything else is basically Jew bullshit designed to create the necessary Islamophobia necessary to get ‘christians’ fighting against ‘muslims’ while the Jews carry on with their greater agenda.

    I’m surprised that you, of all people, would fall for the bs that’s being put out there for the dumbed-down goyim. Surely, by now, it ought to be evident what the game plan is for the real psychopaths operating behind the media and the controlled governments of the west.


    • Hi Arthur,
      Thanks for the translation pick. And I have no doubt that the divide is created by the jew.

      But are you saying, like Barrett, that all the attacks in Europe are false flags? Or even false? That they didn’t happen?

      Are you suggesting that Muslims cannot do the atrocities found in the second video (if one wants to ignore the first, I understand, however, one reason I picked it was that it doesn’t fit the current white genocide meme with the guy suggesting Muhammad was white).

      Here’s the rub. I am in contact with Europeans that assure me that what is going on is real. Maybe you know better from Canada or have sources that tell you differently. But I know these people pretty well (some being relatives).

      So, my point is, even if the jew instigates the barbarian into our gates, I have to sort out the good ones from bad? Not hardly.

      And using Farakhan as an example seems silly since I have heard from his own lips the call for violence and his obvious hatred of whites.

      My falling for it is a reaction to reality, not some pie in the sky wannabe Islam. Maybe there are segments that are peaceful. Just like there are segments of black people that are peaceful. But I dare you to walk through some neighborhoods in Memphis at night and see what happens. The same thing that happens to women in Europe at night.

      Bottom line is that I don’t want Sharia any more that Noahide. And if it means keeping them out of America, then you can receive them in Canada on our behest and allow us to keep our heads and women intact.


      • Europeans need to promote pork and put it in and on everything. Sing the praises of the noble pig. Grease hair with pig fat; grease door knobs and everything with the splendid fluid of the piggy. Cook the boar 24/7; street vendors sending the sweet smell of roasting pig through the air. Eschew Muslim and Middle Eastern food; love the pig. Throw pig at a Muslim, if he gives you any trouble or just for kicks.


      • Hi BMan,

        No, my comments were mainly referring to all the bs that the Jew media spreads about the founder of Islam Mohammad not what’s currently going on in Europe.

        In an abstract sense one might suggest that the events are false flags in that they are obviously being set up by the Jews in order to disrupt and destroy Western/Christian culture in whatever area they dupe these dupes to move to. I have absolutely no doubt that they’re happening and why they’re happening.

        My issue, when it comes to Muslims, is no different than when non-whites or atheistic whites or secular whites make these blanket statements regarding Christians blaming them cart blanche for all the atrocities that have been committed against other religions and peoples especially the native north american aboriginal peoples. In other words the media doesn’t differentiate between a devout and pious and peaceful Muslim and the the ones that are being insinuated into the European nations today through stealth, deception and calculated design. Those doing all the raping and related negative shit are the riffraff of the Muslim world just like they were the riffraff who joined ISIS, et al and performed all the associated barbarian acts which the the Jew media then exploited to their advantage and to the disadvantage of decent Muslims and Christians everywhere who, don’t believe in all the lies that are being spread about their faith.

        Like yourself I know people who verify what you’re saying and what I agree is happening in Europe. There’s no disagreement on that from me. My argument is that if you don’t distinguish the true people of Muslim faith from the riffraff charlatan scumbags who are nothing more than a bunch of brainwashed baboons then you are only feeding and fuelling the confusion that surrounds this whole affair and therefore, ultimately, aiding and abetting the Jew in his agenda.

        If I were the King of Europe I’d round the whole bloody lot of the Muslims up and put them through a rigorous program that would determine their purpose in entering Europe and separate the ones who show no indication of wanting to live peacefully in their new nation and send them packing back to Turkey or whatever ME country they existed from.

        Like yourself, I don’t want either of the two codes of conduct that are being foisted upon Christian nations by the Jews. But the solution is to not promote greater hatred and violence against the true believers in either of these faiths but to root out of our own governments and nations the source of all of this destructive behaviour and that means (still) keeping our eye on the ball and not forgetting who’s orchestrating the whole show from the start.

        I hope this helps clarify my first comment.

        Peace bro,



        • Hi Arthur,

          my comments were mainly referring to all the bs that the Jew media spreads about the founder of Islam Mohammad

          But I have not quoted mainstream sources. As a matter of fact, I have purposefully ignored mainstream sources when I make my argument.

          Whether or not jews are instigating anything, the fact is that whatever contingent of “evil Muslims” (as opposed to the peaceful type) are being used to infiltrate and wreak havoc MUST, by all means, be stopped. IF the “peaceful Muslims” won’t stop the evil bastards (and they won’t and haven’t and never will) then it must be someone. I’m trying to do my part by expressing what I see via my channels of information.

          You see, the peaceful Muslims will get their heads chopped off if they buck the others. And this is the nature of what they have done for centuries, UNTIL whites step up and stop them. For surely you understand this is why there were Crusades to begin with. They were not evil Christians killing everyone they could. (That is the MSM narrative) They were defending Europe from the invading hordes of Islam that were anything BUT peaceful.

          My argument is that if you don’t distinguish the true people of Muslim faith from the riffraff charlatan scumbags who are nothing more than a bunch of brainwashed baboons then you are only feeding and fuelling the confusion that surrounds this whole affair and therefore, ultimately, aiding and abetting the Jew in his agenda

          And just how do we do this, when the peaceful Muslims keep silent and don’t help us? Why bother differentiating between the two when the peaceful ones are complicit by their silence and inactivity? When they end up prospering by that silence and white countries lose?

          Its not worth the attempt, imo.

          But the solution is to not promote greater hatred and violence against the true believers

          I am not promoting hatred and violence against anyone. I am simply exploring the issue (which is obvious to me). The only ones promoting violence are the Muslims of which I speak. But I can assure you, Mr Topham, that if these bastards bring it, I can give it back. Like I have quoted Stefan Molyneux before, “White people are nice… until they aren’t.”

          I am the nicest person you can ever meet… until you fuck me over. Then I’m not. And frankly, that is what I like most about white people. You’ve witnessed both sides of me at your place (never focused towards you, of course, because you have never fucked me over. MG, on the other hand, has on several occasions, so you saw how I deal with people like him first hand).

          But back to the subject: From what I have learned thus far, it started with Muhammad. Unless you can convince me that what the guy in the first video was saying is lies… that Muhammad never cut off heads or bedded little girls, etc, etc, etc… then I am sorry, but we are not going to agree about the absolute evil that the leader of that religion was. And it is obvious that many of his followers today are of the same mindset.

          So, I am asking you directly to show me sources that disavow these evil representations of Muhammad in the Koran that Wood above quotes. (Surely you don’t consider the Wood guy a mainstream source)

          IF that is what Muhammad truly was, then of course, there will be followers that are as evil and murderous and child rapists. And the peaceful ones are guilty because they don’t stop the others.


          • Gotcha. As for Muhammad all I can suggest is Marmaduke’s rendition of the Qu’ran and what the biography it contains on Muhammad. Unfortunately, I am not at home where my library is situated. I’m about 700 km away doing a reno on a condo and all I have with me is my Mac and a couple of other books. I don’t believe Marmaduke’s book is online. So we’ll a have to let sleeping Muslims lie at this point. I’m under a tight schedule here to get this project finished before my court shit starts up again in April. Sorry. Never a dull moment around here. Arthur


      • Wishing you well and at peace. There is the truthful and honest story about Mohammad, where you will find the truth about all you want to know, at seek and ye shall find


      • I started with this entry. It is not very well written, but I get the gist of it. The Hadith is a secondary book compiled and now considered to be the “Talmud” of Islamic thought by some contingent within Islam.

        Perhaps this is so. But why are there not many more “good Muslims” speaking out against the Talmudic types?

        I contend it is for the same reason that low level jews don’t say much against the Talmud. Because they get castigated or worse, killed.

        See this example:

        It is my point about Kevin Barrett. he knows that there is an evil contingent, yet I’ve never heard him utter a word against them.

        On the contrary, I have spoken out against Christians who betray the teachings of Christ. In that case, there may be heated words and argument, but I don’t have to worry about them cutting off my head. But with Muslims, you do. And frankly, it isn’t worth my time and effort trying to figure out which ones are good and which ones are evil.


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