Don’t Ban The Guns: Ban The Niggers

Tommy is singing the same tune I am singing:

Banning Niggers would stop 80% of crime in America.

Niggers show up to fuck shit up. They don’t build anything.

Niggers need a slave master to get niggers to do what niggers are supposed to do.

Look at every country on the planet. Niggers fuck it up.

Blacks don’t get on a bus full of white people and think, “I might get shot (or robbed or punched)”.

Any rational black person knows you don’t hang with niggers.

Niggers is fucked up!

Ban niggers and America will be great again.

h/t Grey Enigma

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10 thoughts on “Don’t Ban The Guns: Ban The Niggers

  1. The government or the power behind the elected stooges, prefers niggers to fuck things up.
    The federal government uses black thugs to fuck up black communities and intimidate whites.


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