Don’t Be a dhimmi, Dummy


As I mentioned in previous posts, understanding Islam (especially the founder and the “perfect Muslim”, Muhammad) is something we all need in order to get a hold of the problem. I don’t have a personal battle to point to because I have known very few Muslims in my life. I’ve never had a Muslim threaten me or my family (or anyone I know) personally, so when I see this crazy shit happening in Europe, it baffles me.

But Alex Charles started a website called Real Facts Media and his last two posts have been on the subject. The last one (Mohammad, Islamic History and the Bloody Future of the West) is particularly good and has a section that explained this duality phenomena in a way I’ve never heard before (and it makes a great deal of sense to me).

Dualism: Islam’s Secret Weapon

The dualistic nature of Islam is that it is both peaceful and violent.

The nice Muslim lady at work and the ISIS jihadist who beheads Christians in Iraq are both following the Islamic doctrine found in the Sira, Hadith, and Koran.

This is confusing because we assume Islam must be either peaceful or violent. And since you probably know some nice Muslims from work or school, Islam must be the “religion of peace,” right?

The answer is that Islam is both peaceful and violent because Mohammed was peaceful at first and then violent after leaving Mecca.

When Islam is weak and surrounded by a large group of non-Muslims, it is generally peaceful and tolerant (Mecca Koran).

As the Muslim population grows and strengthens, Muslims become more forceful in the implementation of Sharia law and making political demands (Medina Koran). It is the same trend throughout 1,400 years of Islamic history.

Islam is never static.

It gradually grinds on, taking over larger and larger sections of the host country.

The later (more violent) sections of the Koran take precedence over the earlier (more peaceful) sections. This is called abrogation. With every country throughout history, as the percentage of Muslims grows and Sharia law strengthens, the non-Muslim aspects of a society and culture erode away.

This process is slowly and steadily unfolding before our eyes throughout the Western world.

Under full Sharia law, Kafirs have no civil rights and are called dhimmis. This practice started when Mohammed subjugated the Jews in Kaybar. Rather than being slaughtered, they were allowed to live by giving up all rights and paying 50% of their wealth as a tax called the jizya:

“Make war on those who have received the Scriptures [Jews and Christians] but do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day. They do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden. The Christians and Jews do not follow the religion of truth until they submit and pay the poll tax [jizya], and they are humiliated.” (Koran 9:29)

Today when Muslims in Western countries talk about how we can all live peacefully together under “divine law,” this is the arrangement. It is Islamic Sharia law which eradicates all non-Muslim aspects of the culture and society.

It is the antithesis of a liberal Western democracy.

10998fd75f677198be092b26e8e18e05People like Kevin Barrett only seem to know the “nice” version of Islam and no matter that there are obviously these crazy bastards out there, he will NEVER, in a million years, come against them with any real effort. Why? Because it could cost him his head.

I’ll say it again, I don’t want Sharia Law dominating me and my family any more than I want Noahide Laws dominating me and my family.

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16 thoughts on “Don’t Be a dhimmi, Dummy

  1. Few of us have had the shocking experience of being attacked by a large mass of cockroaches. Hogwash, you say. I know, the creepy crawlers run and hide when the lights are turned on. The bold ones will lick fluid from the corner of your eyes while you sleep. And when dozens of them see you, they will come after you, running you off.


  2. If we be nice to the muslimes they will leave us alone. If we make hashtags and cartoons while group hugging and singing kumbaya they will stop their terrorist ways. Life is just like a Benetton ad and we’ll all hold hands and sing under the rainbow while riding our unicorns.
    They’ll respect how progressive and kewl we are and not bother us in our safespace while we lounge on beanbag chairs with juice boxes and Play-Doh as we color in our coloring books.


  3. “The dualistic nature of Islam is that it is both peaceful and violent. … When Islam is weak and surrounded by a large group of non-Muslims, it is generally peaceful and tolerant. (Mecca Koran).”

    Doesn’t that remind you of this:
    “When Israel is mighty”

    Seems to be quite a toss-up, doesn’t it? Except the Muslims have not infiltrated Western Govts by stealth and deception and greed, like the jews have.

    In my home state, Schleswig-Holstein, the minister for whatever wants pork on the menu in school cafeterias and various food outlets to deter the Muslims and make them go back to where they came from. What a desperate and ridiculous measure. Everybody is laughing about it.

    The invasion of Europe mostly by savages and economic migrants and less so by legitimate Syrian refugees has been initiated by the common enemy of mankind, imo, to foment strife between the peoples that are non-jews, with the goal of achieving global dominance. Illegal immigrants can be sent back to their home countries once the US of A decides to wage peace. Fat chance you think? Me too.

    I think, it’s the cadre that stays behind, disappearing into the crowds – basically mercenaries – that will cause trouble and cannot easily be identified due to the protection by the known suspects.

    I’m not sure Islam is the real culprit here. The behind the scenes manipulators are certainly not Arabic.

    But, this is one man’s opinion as Paul Harvey used to say.


    • I try to distinguish between the ones who are the catalysts and the ones who come, and in the name of Allah, do the evil deeds.

      Just because you can name the originating culprit certainly does not mean one must put down their guard against the infiltrators. It would be stupid to do so.

      So, the goal is two fold. Understand and plan for the infiltrators AND stop the culprits who organize and force the infiltrators upon us. Both must take place simultaneously.

      Is Islam a problem?

      You didn’t write anything at all that causes me to re-think what Muhammad and his followers are certainly capable of. So, in my eyes, Islam is a problem. But I’m all ears to hear your explanation why I am incorrect.


  4. Braindeadgoy “Jew” worshipping “White People” being STUPID
    are their own worst enemies…’s pretty much a synopsis of the
    entire HIStory of the Children of Israel who violate the FIRST
    Commandment and worship the DUNG “god” of talmudic judaism
    full tilt boogie….like a crackwhore “politician” at an AIPAC convention

    In the Old Testament Abraham cannot have a child with his wife, Sarah. So, she gives him her handmaiden Hagar. With Hagar Abraham has a child, a son, Ishmael.

    Eventually, though, in her old age Sarah conceives of a child with divine help.
    That child is Isaac. After the birth of her son, Sarah forces Abraham to send
    Hagar and Ishmael away from their home.
    Although, in the Qur’an, it is Allah who tells Abraham to send
    Hagar and Ishmael into the desert……or wilderness,

    While some so-called “Jews”
    {Remember that the word “JEW” doesn’t enter the lexicon until the 18th century AD}
    and so-called Christians
    {Remember ‘Christ’ admonished to “KNOW THE TRUTH” @ John 8:32}
    believe they are descendents of Isaac,
    Muslims believe they are the inheritors of Ishmael’s legacy – that they,
    so-called Jews and so-called Christians, are the ……
    “children of Abraham”. <—– {Gog & Magog *** “Israeli Jews” ASHKENAZIM***
    in Palestine are NOT descended from Abraham}

    And they believe it was Ishmael, not Isaac, Abraham almost sacrificed to YHWH….
    The sparing of Ishmael’s life is celebrated with the festival Eid ul-Adha.
    When YHWH {YEAHWAY} spared Ishmael, the boy was replaced with a ram –
    it is because of this Muslims make animal sacrifices during the festival.

    Ishmael is highly regarded in Islam for his goodness and wisdom.
    After wandering in the desert with his mother – Hagar’s search for water is
    reenacted during the Hajj each year – they settled in Mecca.
    There it is believed Ishmael built the Ka’aba with
    Abraham on a Thursday afternoon with NO BEER !!!

    All of us, as citizens of this great country, were incredibly fortunate to
    have our national security and intelligence operations in such skilled,
    knowledgeable and capable hands,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. “George Tenet is one of the most warm, gracious men any of us
    have ever met, and while I am not suggesting he conducted the CIA’s vital
    ” business” in the full glare of the public spotlight, he opened it up more than any director in its history or that of its predecessor, the OSS.”

    Mr. Foxman noted that under his leadership at the CIA, Mr. Tenet selected
    the League’s A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE Institute® to help the agency’s
    supervisors and field agents to work with an increasingly diverse staff.

    “Receiving this award is an incredibly big deal, it is right up there with
    receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom,” Mr. Tenet said in accepting
    the ADL honor. “What you do every day in fighting prejudice, bigotry and
    anti-Semitism – you should be proud of yourselves.

    The things that you do as an organization governments don’t often do
    because they don’t have the courage to say to people,
    ‘You all have prejudice in your hearts and souls,
    and you’ve got to do something to get rid of it.'”


    think about it….
    Abraham did not have a TALMUD and Hate Jesus
    Moses did not have a TALMUD and Hate Jesus…
    The Old Testament is not about Gog & Magog ‘Proselytes’ to

    see also Obadiah, Hosea 1:11, Zephaniah 3:9
    & Matthew 13:39-43….in the OVENS !!!


  5. Islam isn’t the problem. If all of the “migrants” to western countries were white Muslims, there would definitely be a culture clash, but these people could be absorbed into the general population with comparatively minimal cultural destructiveness. Their children and grandchildren would be much more likely to internalize the cultural institutions and values of their adopted country. The problem is that non-whites, regardless of whatever religion they purport to espouse, are much more crime-prone and cherish a grudge against what they see as a homogeneous European man. Actual Muslims are only a problem for the West right now for these reasons:

    They have been massacred and had their countries destroyed by Zionist manipulation of western peoples and governments, and have a legitimate grievance that might on occasion be expressed in unjustifiable ways.
    They are being invited to live in European countries.

    Take these two facts out of the equation, and there would be no reason to even discuss Islam. Leave them alone and don’t let them in. That’s all that needed to happen. Unfortunately, both of these simple guidelines have been disregarded, and now nationalistic sentiment, rather than being allowed to assert itself and set things right around the world, is being corralled and diverted into counter-Jihad idiocy and support for wars of no benefit to the national security of any country but Israel.


  6. RFM is gone:

    I was corresponding with him but now his email is gone, too.

    Cartier McCloud
    16:30 (10 minutes ago)

    to Alex
    Alex, what happened?? Are you alright?

    Mail Delivery Subsystem
    16:30 (9 minutes ago)

    to me
    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

    Technical details of permanent failure:
    Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [2607:f8b0:4003:c07::1b].

    The error that the other server returned was:
    550-5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please try
    550-5.1.1 double-checking the recipient’s email address for typos or
    550-5.1.1 unnecessary spaces. Learn more at
    550 5.1.1 s5si123653otb.21 – gsmtp

    He lives in Germany, I’m kinda worried.


  7. RFM has also been scrubbed from It’s quite strange and disconcerting. Wonder if the Germans forced it down owing to their “hate speech” law? Wonder if Alex has been arrested too. Damn shame as RFM was very informative and had everything laid out really well.

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